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hi all,
computer broke AGAIN!!!! so mad so came into work this morning to use this one and told them bout beig preggers.... they excited some more than others but you get that now it out in open no more yukky jobs for me!!!
going to buy another booster seat for nan and pop car cause the law is changing again (bolt putter onerer man told me) that all booster seats from end of year must be secured to the car independent of the seat belt - will be $125 fine and 3 demerit points(thats for all the aussies not sure bout the kiwis!!)

clare and mummy2jayden&hunter - have also been having slight discharge but mw siad not to worry all normal!!
hope everyone is well am going to do some more gardening and shopping before it rains and then some housework - busy day today
good luck for any upcoming scans this week
chat soon

Hi ladies,

Well my DS#1 started his first day of school today and I managed to hold back the tears I am so proud of myself :)He looked so cute in his little uniform.

I am a bit unsure of my midwife I was meant to have an appointment last week but I cancelled and went away so she told me to text her when I get back which I did on saturday and never heard from her so I text her again this morning and still nothing. Im 12weeks and 2days and I still havnt had my first check with my other 2 I had first appointment at 10 weeks not sure what I am going to do

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Hi all,

Today hasnt been too bad. My MS seems to have calmed down a little so not coping too badly. I have blood tests to be done in the next few days and then early next week my 12week scan.

Today has been a great day so far. We finally recieved our Owner Builders Licence today so we can start construction of our home. It feels like a weight has been lifted off however I know that more is only going to be put back on soon when we actually start building. Everyone asks when the house is going to be finished and I keep saying christmas but just realised christmas is only 4mths away so we had better get out buts moving. Hopefully all this house building will help with the weight gain this time round.

I have been craving salads lately so have been enjoying a large salad for lunch every day it has been so delicious.

Well had better go my two DD's are suppose to be sleeping but arent yet so have to go and sort them out.

Oh as for discharge I was told by my Sil that it increase dramatically with pregnancy, mine not so much but apparantly it can so I wouldnt worry.

Sorry to hear about the cold lozwots hope it settles down soon, ahh the joys of pregnancy saline does nothing.

Hope everyone is travelling well.


MollyandChloe''''''''s Mum - Building a house sounds like fun! We are trying to find a new place at the moment (in a rental) and I am struggling with the frustration. Already had 2 contracts fall over. Wanting a few acres, may end up building.

mummy2jayden&hunter - 1st day at school how exciting, hope you enjoy your day and don't stress to much. Easy for me to say DS has yrs before school!

Well i still feel sick most of the time but want to eat crappy food all the time. Looks like I will put on 30kg like last time! Oh well.

I have started to wean DS off the breast (he only has 2 feeds a day), feels strange not offereing it. But atleast I will have another bub to feed soon.

Oh and DS is pulling himself up on things and starting to crusie around the furniture, v excited!

Thats all for now, hope all is well.


Hey everyone

Sorry I've bene MIA it's been hectic here and now ds has come down with a seasonal cold since the weather has decided to pick itself up and start warming up a bit. Toddlers seem to catch every little thing!

I'm having really bizarre dreams, and morning sickness still in the morning though not so bad I throw up in the morning before brekkie and then usually I'm right for the day. Usually. Hope it ends in the next few weeks, only 2 weeks until 2nd trimester.

My dates changed again to 22 Feb so I'm not actually 12 weeks and 1 day, but end of the day this bub will pop out when it wants!

Tina I hope weaning off breastfeeding goes smoothly and well. I really hope I can breastfeed longer this time. If you put on over 30kg it will eventually burn off. smile Plus it's all good for bubs and the milk production smile

The discharge thing is normal...gross and annoying but normal. If you have it already panty liners will help, but it usually comes more into the second trimester. I had a bit with ds but it would sort of come and go. TMI I know but it's just one of the many joyous pregnancy symptoms

mummy2jayden&hunter some midwives can get so busy! My mw is always extremely busy and forgets peoples names if you are one of those have a breeze pregnancies (so she always knows my name LOL). I hope you find someone else soon and get in for an appointment. How are you feeling otherwise? I'm still quite jealous of your no morning sickness!

Liz - I think we will probably get the same law requirement about bolting booster seats in. It's sad seeing some tv programmes with 4 year olds not even in booster hard can it be to spend 90 odd dollars on those cheapy booster seats to save a childs life. That's a great idea though on getting a booster seat for their car though! Hope your computer stays functioning! smile

jen - I live in Wellington. How are you enjoying the weather the past week? Bout time we had sunshine huh! Glad to hear you aren't so sick anymore and that baby is doing well in there.

Lozwatts - Happy 1st week of the 2nd trimester! How are you feeling? Get well soon with your cold if you still haven't shaken it off yet.

babyafterdepo - glad the ms is almost gone I hope it stays that way! smile I hope the baby bump keeps on popping out. I hope your ds had a lovely birthday

(really sorry if I miss anyone I'm in a bit of a rush so sorry!)

We never got a change table for ds, we have a sheepskin (well now we use a portacot matress they cheap to buy) and change him on the floor with a cloth down by his bum to keep things "tidy". I think if I had a c/s we would have gone out and purchased one (well definitely) but got it off an online auction website - trade me for nz or ebay for aus, because I don't see the point in spending over 100 on something that you may not even find works that well. And I change ds in the lounge, and the change table would have lived in his room. Just my thoughts.

Our scan went well, bubs slept pretty much the whole time so had to keep jumping off the bed adn doing a little jig and we would catch it waving then rolling back over and showing us it's bum and going back to sleep! Cheeky monkey, I'm hoping this means for a placid bub LOL because ds 12 week scan he just wouldn't stop moving the sonographer found it hard to measure everything! We are really low risk for downs and spina bifida, my mw called last night and discussed the results and said they were fantastic so we both agree I won't take the extra blood test because it's so low already, and I see her again on the 19 August. Can't wait to hear the bubs heartbeat for the first time, it's always the nicest wooshing noise.

I've felt a few little tap kicks every now and then, not often, maybe once a day if I'm paying attention. bubs looked really different to ds at 12 weeks, will be interesting to compare 20 week scans.

I hope everyone is doing well and all the bumps are growing well. I'll try and get back on again this week. Sorry again if I've missed anyone but I've rambled heaps.


Hi Jei,
I am still feeling quite good although I am getting a few headaches and really tired in the avo A bit nauseas every now and then too.

As for my midwife I have spoken to a couple of people about her and havnt heard anything good about her. So dont really know what I should do sad

Going for my scan on thursday cant wait then I will know there is actually something there, when I went for my dating scan it was like looking at a little speck lol.

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Hi All smile

Well happy to report I was 12wks last Saturday!

So much to catch up on as I haven't logged in for a bit, & silly me didn't take notes!

Well maternity jeans all the way for me now, lol. My tummy is rapidly expanding although I am not putting on much weight, just changing shape. Happy with that as I am carrying excess anyways as I never lost the weight I added with DS1 or DS2. As this is our last baby I have vowed to get back in shape & back to my pre baby weight - will need lots of motivation & willpower but must do it for myself!

Someone asked about nursery furniture - I did get a change table, but I've also had 2 c/s's so it was a great thing for me. I do like my change table as it keeps all the nappies, wipes etc in one spot (although with little hands I don't keep any creams etc on it anymore lol). The other things I couldn't live without are my portacot, it is great when I need to contain DS2 while I hang out clothes without chasing him all over the yard. Plus when he was little it separated the boys so DS1 couldn't jump on his brother whilst I wasn't looking, especially if I needed to go to the loo, lol. Also the baby carrier with DS2 was excellent, that way I didn't need a double pram & still had 2 hands when out shopping. Thinking of getting one of those buggy boards that attach to the pram this time as I really love my pram & don't want a double one if I can avoid it - my thinking is DS1 can use the buggy board, DS2 in the pram & bub in the baby carrier.

Tina, I am also at the stage of weaning DS2 from the boob but he is still having more than 2 feeds a day sad I don't think either of us are ready but I know I need to give my body a break in between. My problem is he doesn't like cow's milk, just some more persistence required as DS1 hated it at first as well but now drinks it like it is going out of fashion. Good luck in the weaning process.

Molly & Chloe's Mum, I don't envy you owner building whilst pregnant. We are currently renovating & do 99% of the work ourselves & it is the pits at times. But the end product is worth it, just hard to see the light sometimes.

I am going to need to look at booster seats, we have 2 car seats now & I am hoping DS1 will be heavy enough for a booster before this bub is born. He has never been a big kid. But in saying that I will probably hire a capsule from the ambulance service for 6mths so just have to hope all the seats/capsule fit across our back seat in the car!

Well I have rambled heaps, the washing machine has stopped again so should hang out the next load of clothes & go get the boys weighed.
Chat again soon,

DS March 06 & DS July 2008 & Due Feb 2010

Hi all,

Busy here looking after my 3yo niece while my sister catches up on her sleep. She is doing night shift work and doesn't have anyone to look after her DD. Gives me a look into the future, having 2 to look after.

Gee I was sooooo cranky last night, poor DH, he tried to cheer me up, but my hormones were all over the shop. Then I burst into tears just before bed, no really reason, oh well. Wasn't like this with DS.

Kelly - Yeah I want my body to have a break too, but I will miss it. DS isn't really into the cows milk but does drink some of it.

Furniture - I don't have a change table only an old desk that works really well, especially in the early days. These days DS tend to be changed on the floor in the lounge room. Use my portacot heaps, very handy.

Still just feel fat, not pregnant.


Posted by: mumma moo
Well maternity jeans all the way for me now, lol. My tummy is rapidly expanding although I am not putting on much weight, just changing shape. Happy with that as I am carrying excess anyways as I never lost the weight I added with DS1 or DS2. As this is our last baby I have vowed to get back in shape & back to my pre baby weight - will need lots of motivation & willpower but must do it for myself!

I have promised myself I am going to get to my goal weight after bubs too. As I didnt get there before getting pregnant.
Was just thinking the other day, might start a thread on here for everyone trying to lose baby weight and hopefully that help to keep motivated!
But got a while before I have to worry about that anyway wink

Hi ladies,

Well I havnt been on for a few days. Have been sick with a cold and busy with DH home and work.

Apologise in advance if I forget anyone...

mummy2jaydenhunter- Congrats on reaching 12 weeks with no MS - lucky you! smile

Lozwatts- Hope you are feeling better soon. I have a cold too, and had only just got rid of the flu! I hate being sick when pregnant.

Congrats to everyone on their good scan results!

I think the MS is easing off now, yay! And I think if I didnt have this cold I would be feeling good and have more energy too.

Just over 2 weeks until we go on our holiday, (we are going now, if I didnt mention before) my friend booked accomodation so I told DH we have to go now. He is making me wear a mask on the plane though, haha
I am looking forward to having a week off work, I am so over it at the moment! (only a few more months to go, I keep telling myself!) We are going to Broome, so it will be real nice to soak up some sun grin
I am going to treat myself to some new clothes to take too, so hopefully I wont feel so fat. I dont think I will be getting the bikini out though.

I hope everyone is doing well. I better go get some stuff done before I have to go to work. Day off tomorrow - woohoo!

Take care smile

Hi ladies,

Hope all is well!
Went for my 3 month scan today and it turns out I'm 14w 2d today so they couldn't do the nuchal fold test.
My dates have been moved again to the 7th of Feb

Keep well!
hi ladies just thought i would share big w is having there baby weeks starts thursday but prices are @ sale price on wednesday arvos as i have friend who works there she said there prices always are always dropped the day before.I am ok my morning sickness has almost gone,have another dr appiontment tomorrow,i am growing so fast this time around ,never got 1 strech mark while pregnant with my other 2 kiddies but this time i dont know if i will escape them ,i guess with twins i will be twice the size ,i only put on 10kgs with ds & 7with dd so will be intersting.
[Edited on 11/08/2009]

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