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DUE FEBRUARY 2010 Lock Rss

Hi girls, well I rang the hospital i want to go to and they have booked me in for my first antenatal app. BUT get this they don't do appointments till after you are 12weeks. Apparently because its a public hospital and some other reasons. The midwife who did my booking said if i wan the neaucal translucency scan done at 12 weeks, i'll have to go through my GP ad have the ultrasound done privately. So my first app at the hospital will be wed 12August and i will be around 14weeks.

Gosh what a wait.
Wow that is a weird system you have in Aus. Here in NZ I will just go on a MWs books and then she will probably see me for my first appointment around 10 weeks and the send me for a scan at 12 weeks to do the nuchal fold thingee. Well that is what happened last time. I haven't even rang my MW yet. I'm still having trouble believing I'm actually pregnant after bleeding like I did!!!

How is everyone else? Any MS? On and off I have felt a bit sick but nothing bad. Anyone else having vivid dreams? I remember getting them when preggers with DD so not surprised about them and sometimes when I wake up I think "wow that seemed so real!" Getting a few aches and pains down below nothing too bad though. Sore boobs on and off and some nice blue veins appearing on them. Feeling a bit fatigued, especially climbing stairs or walking up hill. Oh and I can hear/feel my heartbeat really easy, I remember having that last time too. Anyone else like that?

A friend told me that I might start popping out around 8 weeks because its my second time, so thankfully its winter and I can wear jerseys to hide it!! Going to try and do more exercise this time as I put on 18 kgs last time and lucky I have lost it all plus a few extra kilos recently....just in time smile
hi girls!!!

lozwatts i sympathise i have worst cold ever thanks to generous sharing husband!!!
serves me right for braggin never been sick this year
this jelly bean is making me nauseas all day every day and so tired doc even ordered iron tests they all normal lucky!!
hope every one is well and looking forwaed to chatting!!
im due 10 feb this will be no2 my little girl is 3 in october

Good afternoon girls.

Don't mind me for commenting but I was reading someone's post about not getting in to a scan for a good few weeks. I reside in australia too, and the longest I have to wait for a scan is two days max. Dr orders blood tests/ultrasounds ect and I can usually have them done that afternoon.

Is that cause I'm a private patient - private dr and delivering in a private hosp??

Anyway have first dr's appointment this afternoon. Dreading the whole pissing in a cup each visit, the blood test's, blah blah - (forgot all about that horrid stuff - aren't we game going back to do it all again?? ) LOL

Only preg symptoms I have is tingly BB, a peeing heaps. Totally different to last pregnancy. Are you girls finding this preg different or same as last one/s? Interesting to hear your experiences....

Well sorry for the ramble girls - DD is at day care and I'm board.

M xx
Hi girls,
well i seem to have started something and there has been some confusion over my hospital app post. What i wrote isn't an australia wide thing. With Ds#1 I had my first app early like at 8weeks, that was a public hospital too.

This time i'm going to an antenatal clinic at a public hospital that is brand new and they don't take patients before 12 weeks. Thats the only difference to my old hospital. my 20 week ulttrasound will be with them, but i think i'll go private and pay for that one too as i want a 4D scan this time. A few of my friends have had them done in the last couple of years and they look fantastic. They also increase the chances of knowing the sex by ultrasound accurately by like another 5% making it almost 100%.
hmmmmm, not much to talk about at this stage is there? Hope everyone is feeling well and not too much MS. I just got the sore boobs (sooooo sore!) and a bit of nausea every now and then, but no vomiting smile

So bored right now. It my sister's birthday and I'm waiting for her to get home so I can go visit. Should be doing something productive but nah... hehehe

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend!grin

Hope everyone is doing well.

When do you plan on telling everyone you are pregnant?? 12 weeks/after 1st scan?

We decide to tell my 2 sisters (very close to them and live near 1). Anyhow I told her (one I live near) yesterday and she was very excited, about 2 hrs later she than proceeds to tell me she is also pregnant!!! She is due in January, already has 2 and this was a bit of a suprise.

Very excited to think we will be pregnant at the same time, only thing is I have to give her all the baby stuff back. So we will be going shopping for a cot (was planning on buying hers), baby capsule, nappy bag, pram, maternity clothes and a selection of other bits and pieces.

So it is a bit like having number one all over!!


Hi girls,
Something wierd that never happened with Ds happened to me this morning, I got up and was really really hungry but decided to have a shower first. When i was getting dressed i suddenly gagged and thought i was going to throw up. I couldn't control it, didn't feel sick or nauseous just gagged and was gonna throw up, with no warning. I just dry wretched over the toilet bowl for a minute and then it passed. Was so wierd, I was very glad i hadn't had my cereal yet.

Has anyone had morning sickness that sounds like this before??? With DS i never threw up, just had a constand motion sick queasy feeling for a couple of weeks.

Tina, congrats on your sister being preg. bad luck about not being able to use all the stuff.
We went and looked at a new pram and car seat today, to get a quote. I'm going to get the middle range Phil and teds pram with the second child attatchment. As the ones where you have a pram with a toddler seat aren't appropriate as DS is approx 15KG now and they only hold 18. The phil and teds one hold 25KG so thats what we are gonna go for. I'm excited as I love looking at baby stuff. Not gonna buy the pram for another three months of so, but the one i use now has had its day so it will benice to have a new one to use before the second bub is born. And getting used to using it, folding it up etc will be good too.

Sorry for the essay girl smile
Hi all,

Hope you dont mind the intrusion but I though I would join you. We found out yesterday that we are expecting #3 due approx 22 Feb (after come confusion thanks mummy2paige) which makes me 4 weeks at the moment.

We have 2 other daughters aged 2yrs 8mths and 14mths so this time I would love a little boy but really whatever we have will be fine.

I will be calling my GP tomorrow to make a Doctors appointment to confirm everything later in the week.

I look forward to chatting with you all.


HI Kelly congratulations on your BFP. I am the opposite i'm hoping for a girl this time as I have a DS and would like to stop my family at one of each. Becuase if this one is a boy i'm definately going again to see if we can get a girl smile

Has anyone else had spotting? Mine is pesistent, only when i wipe though. I think i have thrush, so i bought some canesten cream to see if thats what it is, but its quite sore and uncomfortable. Another lady on here said she had light spotting in her early preg for a number of weeks that was caused by her thrush. ANY thoughts ladies?
hi everyone ... not sure about anyone else if they've had a ceasar or not but this pregnancy I seem to be getting a few little pinches in the pains every now and again.
Also wasn't too happy someone the other day at our playgroup wreckon i was jumping the gun for telling people at 5wks..

off to doctors tuesday for all tests oh yeh here we go again..
hope all having a good weekend


Hello i would love to join you ladies. Just found out today got a BFP! It would make me due on the 20th of Feburary, this will be my 4th baby, would love a girl after 3 boys but what will be will be!! Was so sure i wasn't this being our first month of ttc so all still sinking in.

Look forward to talking to everyone

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