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oh a day away from Huggies and so much reading gasp)

Mareetina, thats great about you brother getting married.

It was really great to hear all the scans went really well for the ladies having scans ! gasp) and nice to hear all the feb babies to date are nice and healthy.

well touch wood, ms seems to have gone, but the tummy seems to have popped, looks more like a fat roll than a baby bumps LOL but it will be nice to see it start to grow again.

Wish i could be of help on the funiture but we got our stuff for ds in england, not much help gasp(

Mum and dad are up, so that is good having some to keep ds busy. Ds birthday 2morw he is turning 3 and a part of me is really sad about it as he isnt my little baby anymore gasp( but he is a great checky monkey instead.

hope everyone is well and eating lots gasp)

hi all,
got new booster seat installed today and cause dd wasnt with be the lovely man showed be hoe to adjust seat belt etc so i didnt have to take her back and get him to do it - saved me $30. such nice man.
not sure bout other 2nd or 3rd timers but what is everyone elses opinion on buying change table? i had fold up one and never really used it or any other things that they found they didnt use or wanted to get maybe?
\this time round im definately getting one of those baby bjorn carriers so i dont need double stroller also thinking of getting one of those skateboard thingys that go on back of prams.
yoda18 - i originally came from ch-ch and all my family is still over there. heard you having pretty dry winter this year.

sad news for victorians today as sam the bush fire koala died.
hello my hormone do you think i could stop crying!!!!
clare - also love ;love love toys r us they have some of the best stuff!!
hope veryone has nice weekend i have girls cocktail afternoon tomorrow thats when most of friends will notice(can't not notice!!!) that im pregnant as havent officially told most of the world yet - scard of second time round unexcitement!!!

any who enough rambling dd has finally falling asleep on couch reading a book. take care eeveryone

ps ordered the book theres a house in mummys tummy today - cant wait till it arrives!!
[Edited on 07/08/2009]

Hi Ladies,
How is everyone doing? Yay I have hit the 12 week mark to with not one bit of morning sickness wooohoooo smile.

Didnt end up having my MW and scan appointments this week as I decided to have a holiday before my son starts school on monday I am so going to cry when I leave him I know it.
Have to text MW today and let her know I am back and I now have my scan next thursday still really nervous about that dont know why.

It is so cold this morning much warmer in napier where I was staying.

Anyhow ladies I must go and get DS#2 some brekkie before he gets upset.

Bye for now

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Hey girls,

just a quick note b4 goin to work,congats on the awesome scans and goodluck 4 those coming up smile

Im so xcited to say this time round our scan was perfect smile stong hearbeat low downs risk just perfect and just 1 bub this time but it was awesome smile

YODA18-i live in blenheim smile

Il be back later to write some more,will be on here alot more now smile


Hi jaynie

Just letting you know I have joined the group on facebook my name is marlene maynard smile

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Hi Tracey.

I also live in blenheim too. Good old sunny marlborough, luckly we have a few nice days where the sun has actually come out!!!

How has your pregnancy been? I had my scan this week just gone and everything was fine. Such a relief.

Hope to hear back from you soon.


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Hi ladies,

I know this is probably to much info but I have been having this weird feeling in my tummy all day and went toilet before a have all of a sudden got alot of discharge has any1 else had this problem? I dont remember it with my 2 boys even though my youngest is 9months.
Any replies would be good

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Hi jen,

I agree with that sunny marlborough deintley looking out there today its beautiul.

Apart from the constant MS and tiredness not to bad a!!!
Im only just starting to hold down meals and water,
How has ur pregnancy been so far?
I had my 13wk scan on thusday 2nd scan so far,it was awesome bubs was booting like mad waving and what looked like headbanging lol and very low risk of downs which was the cherry on th top smile and a big relief

Have you lived in blenheim long???

anyway i beta shoot off my washingmachine keeps stopping tryn to wash a duvet inner bugger it lol

Hope to hear from you soon


mummy2jayden&hunter I havent had that exactly but (and this is also TMI) I have been having a lot of discharge! ew!

I'm just glad its no longer bloody which it was for about a week but fortunately everything turned out ok


Hi ladies,
Hope everyone is having a good weekend.
I have just been to famers and brought a baby tad leapfrog for my 9 month old, my DH told me I was naughty but I couldnt help myself it was so cute and hunters face lit up when I pushed its hand and started to sing.

DH and I decided to go out and play swingball with our 5yr old and since he got bord with it DH and I decided to play eachother and now I have a very sore back not sure how I used to play it for hours on end as a kid lol.

Well I better get going and sort dinner then get my sons things ready for his first day at school tomorrow.

PS. since everyone is saying where they are from I am from Rotorua smile

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Hey girls, omg i can't believe how fast this preg is flying, second time around is definately going by quicker. I am 14 weeks today smile

I still have a cold unfortunately, been feeling this way since last weekend and normally i would struggle though life with sudofed but we pregnant ladies can;t take anything to help with colds except saline nasel spray. So hopefully I can get the better of it soon before all my sick days at work are used up.

Anyway I'm from Melbourne.
Hi tracey

I have been in Blenheim on and off since i was 11. I am now 20. How old are you if you dont mind me asking? I came back to Blenheim when i was 16 and been here ever since. I dont like much of people, so many are judgemental which really has gotten me down. But anyway...

My pregnancy has had its ups and downs. I had 2 scans by 9 weeks to check if everything is ok. They thought it might be eptopic but it wasnt so thats relief. I had my twelve week scan Last thursday, i took my partner of almost three years yay lol and his older sister. Baby was asleep at first and then had to go for a walk to wake baby up so we could look at the downs syndrome risk , which is very low which is another relief. I have had baby blowing bubbles lately but havent heard anything this weekend. sad so i hope everything is ok!!

How has your pregnancy been? The sickness for me was the worse, and am so glad now i can eat anything i want without it coming up again lol.

Hope all is well


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