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DUE FEBRUARY 2010 Lock Rss

Hope the scan goes well today Jayne smile Even if they move your dates baby will come when ready. You'll wonder why you got so impatient once the baby is here! hehe. One bit of advice, do lots with your partner before baby is due because it's hard to get that time back for a while.

babyafterdepo woohoo onthe kicks and hearing the heartbeat. smile That's awesome.

Leia that's also great on your scan well done and yay 163bpm is awesome! Nice and healthy

Liz shopping is always fun! Everything was baggy and flowy with ds pregnancy which was nice, and it is good to not wear just maternity lol. Hope she enjoys her new booster seat! Ds will be moving into a bigger car booster seat but 5 point harness, sounds similar to what you have with the head restraint that moves. Our car seat takes 18kg max and he's near 14kg plus he's starting to out grow it.

Better go get my washing out it's beautifully sunny and I've been stripping the beds again LOL I have to stop!

Good luck for your scan Jaynie!

And also to everyone else having scans today or tomorrow, good luck for tomorrow Jei! Stripping the beds again?? Didnt you just do that?? LOL!

babyafterdepo that is so awesome that you felt two kicks i really cant wait till i can feel the baby move it will be so reassuring.

Leia so glad your scan went well. My bub was 165bpm and they said that was good and in the normal range so 163 is great too =)

Hope everyone is well, MS has been staying away for me mostly. I still get a bit of a crap feeling and of course tiredness but I am eating far better now and not having to force myself to eat finally. Also work pants with a stretchy waist rock! I cant wait to pop properly though right now it just looks like i ate too many donuts grin


Just checking in,

Had 12 week scan on Tuesday and everything was perfect......
My risk has been reduced even more know so thats awesome to hear...

there seems to be noone from NZ in here so might try find another forum that there is more Kiwi Mums smile

hey girls, just got back from the doctors and i have a 1 in 43800 risk of Downs so very very low. Yay smile

Also got my doctors cert for not being at work the last couple of days due to this cold thingy. Feel like crap just want it to stop hanging on and let me get better.

Yoda 18 congrats on having a great scan smile
Hi everyone

I had my scan today. Was so awsum!!!

Baby was asleep for most of it. i Had a 20 min scan first, but the baby was perfect!!! Got to look at all the the parts, and everything is deveolping well and all the parts as they should be. I didnt get told what the heartbeat was but the baby was definitly up to speed and doing well. I was then told to go for a walk as the baby was still asleep, so the baby would wake up and move around so she could look at the back of the neck and was told i have a very slim chance of having a downs syndrome baby!!! I wasnt told any of the figures but she reasured me everything was perfect and doing well. The baby was moving around and waving its arms about and we got some awsum photos!!!

I have had some crazy cravings of late. Crumpets with golden syrup, egg samies, and peanut butter. My fav.

Hope all the other ladies scans went well and let me know how it went for you.

Have a great night!!!

P.s at 12.30 at night last night the baby was up with its bubbling noises for a good half hour last night. was so kewl to hear it lol.

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YODA18 - just wanted to say im from NZ, i live just out of tauranga, how bout you?

Awww yay so much good news congrats to all the ladies who had scans and had great news!

I'm so tired we went to Toys R Us today they have SO much baby stuff and its all heavily discounted woohoo! Wish tomorrow was Saturday, oh well one more day till the weekend.

Take care all


Hi ladies,

This will be quick as I really need to go to bed. I just wanted to let you know that my scan went well today smile

Bubs was rolling over and moving around alot. Heard heartbeat and saw everything is developing perfectly and very low risk of downs, so we are very happy. Got a couple of pics, but I thought we should have got more... He gave us one in 3d and one normal ultrasound pic. I have added them to my album smile

I was so happy almost started crying tears of joy to see everything is perfect and nothing to worry about, esp to see he/she moving around and listening to the heartbeat brought a tear to my eye a couple of times. smile

Anyway, I am glad everyone else's scans are going well too.
Bye for now.

Morning all,

Well I have finally got around to booking my appointment for my scan. It is not until Mon 17th. But have to get bloods done on tuesday or wednesday according to the scan place. That is great everyone is coming back with low risk and that you are all happy with the scans. I just love looking at them.

As for cots, changetables etc we brought ours from a baby shop when pregnant with DD#1 and cost us about $900 for both the change table (including mat) and cot (including matress). Since then I have been looking elsewhere and I really do wish I looked at toys r us as they have great specials. I do love my cot however as is it one of the one handed ones and it makes it so easy when I have to put a sleeping child in and didnt put the sides down when I last got them out.

My youngest has come down with a cold and a little cough the last few days so will be keeping an eye on her to make sure nothing else develops.

Well must head off, have a few things to do around the house before we head out and about. Off to the park today and then off to the shops as it is my fathers birthday on the weekend and have to buy him a present.

Catch up soon,

Kelly we saw a Cot and Changetable at Toys R Us last night for $530 instead of the usual $1000 so i'm pretty sure we are going to get that. They had a few different combos and some were really cheap and some really expensive (like $1200 which was half price lol). Wish I could afford that but sadly I am not that rich! Damnit! hehehe

Glad everyones scans are going well, someone has bought chocolate cake into work and I am eating it at 9am lol oh dear


Posted by: nearlymum23
YODA18 - just wanted to say im from NZ, i live just out of tauranga, how bout you?

Im in Chch smile

Hi All,

We are back from hoildays, had a great time. DS was the star of the show and very well behaved. Slept really well in all the strange beds he had. Even had one morning where he slept til 8am (from 7pm, normally wakes just after 7am).

Oh and he is now standing up! V Exciting!!!!

Pregnancy is all good, tummy getting bigger, but still in normal jeans. Still feeling nauseous (sp?) most days but nothing like I was.

I too have to buy another cot, maybe 2nd hand this time? Although the one I have cost around $350 new and has been great. Will get the same if I can find one. DS will still be in cot when this one arrives. We used a spare desk for change table, works really well.

Oh and on other exciting news, my brother has just got engaged and is getting married in November this year. That makes it 2 weddings this year! So sister (the pregnant one) and I need to go maternity dress shopping.

Hope all is good.

Tina H

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