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Hi ladies,

Ok interesting question for the ladies who have had babies before. Have any of you done the ring test where you hang it over your belly to see which way it swings for a boy or girl. I think its a bit of fun I did it with both my boys and said I was having boys and thins time I have done it it is saying a girl I know it was probably just a fluke with the boys but I can dream its a girl cant I hehe

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Hi All,

DS (savannah that means Darling Son, will send you a list when I get home next week) are having fun on our holiday although missing my DH. Have few mins on my sisters comp.

mummy2jayden&hunter - With DS I thought he was a boy and so did the ring test, think this time it said girl, but will re try.

Jei - thanks for your birth story. Did bring quite a few memories back. Mind you it was only 11 months ago! But you do kind of forget the pain. No matter what this bub has to come out one way or the other. I only had a 3 1/2 hr labour, waters broke and the was induced 36hrs later. Will tell my story later.

Jamie - What happen with your scan?? You poor thing, I really do feel for you. Can you get one done privately?? Keep us up to date. Maybe you need to visit your GP if you are feeling depressed. Our hormones really are just all over the place at the momment, it does get better.

Jaynie - Unfortunatley they haven't come up with any 'easy' way to get bubs out yet LOL. Try not to think about it too much yet, but it is going to happen. I was a bit worried 1st time, but the thing is the pain only lasts for such a short period of time compaired to how long you have bub for. Trust me you are stronger than you think! I tried to fous on how I was going to care for bub when he arrived.

Okay now that I have written a noval I had better go. DS is having his lunchtime sleep and have visitors oming over this arvo.

Sorry for those that I have missed, hope all is well.


hi all,
jei - thanks for sharing your birth story!! i missed out think on the feeling of of my dd coming out but can remember feeling a strange pulling sensation. all the wonderful memories of the afterwards and the birth came flooding back - strange how you really dont think about it untill someone asks. any way is was a really touching story that bought more than a tear or to to my eye!!!

mummy2jayden&hunter - i did the ring test with my daughter and it always started being a boy then started going round for a girl so it worked for me. have done it again this tima and it swings for a boy!!! guess we will have to wait and see but will be nice for you to have another girl in the house!!!

jamie - hope you a feeling better today!!smile i have my first app mon so am going to ask for one cause i think i would cry to having to wait!! with ny dd i asked for one and got private but you do get some back on mmedicare - or at least you used to!!

day2 of not bottle for charli we packed them up together for the baby and had sleepless night last night - dh said get used to it!!! thaks for the support honey!!!
i really have a poppd belly now which looks less fat and more bump - how is every one elses bump going??
time to change sheets and do washing
chat soon

Hi All smile

Hope everyone is having a good weekend so far!
I feel like a sloth today as all I have done is 3 loads of washing, but only hung out 2, lol. The housework isn't going anywhere in a hurry so why rush it I am thinking.

I was actually feeling really faint & woozy this morning so had a lay down whilst the boys played. It was the oddest feeling & not one I wish to happen again in a hurry. I fainted once with DS1 & came close a few other times, hoping it was a once off today.

Loz, great news on your scan! Yay for 2 legs & 2 arms!

Jamie, if a pillow didn't help with your sleeping do you sleep on your left side? If your a right hand sleeper it could be your body telling you to move as there is a major blood vessel that runs down the right side & when pregnant (especially as you get bigger) things start to press on it. & hugs to you about the scan, if I didn't get my dating scans I also wouldn't have gotten one until the 19wk mark. As Clare suggested you can go private, hope you can sort something out x

Liz, congrats on DD donating her bottles to the new baby, that is cute! & Yep I am nesting to some degree already, have been sorting out crap & filling my bin, lol.

Clare, the vagueness has started here! Well I'm more vague than normal, lol. & your not crazy to be scared or unsure of the birth, it's all apart of the pregnancy.

mummy2jayden&hunter, I'm on facebook & will go through & add everyone once we have told the family this weekend!

Jei, my birth plan will 99.9% certain be another c/s as I've already had 2. The first was cause DS1 was breech & stuck under my ribs. The second I almost got a vbac, up until the late stages DS2 was also breech but turned - although he wasn't coming out, they let me go until 41wks & he was taken out. It was lucky DS2 didn't try to come naturally, there was a reason he was staying put, as the cords were wrapped around his legs,arms & neck, so everything happened for a reason, although try telling a 41wk pregnant lady that!
Thank You for sharing your birth story, I had tears reading it x

Can't remember who asked but with antenatal classes I did them with DS1 at around 30wks. Although we had to book early as they did fill up quickly. It was good as they not only talked about the birth but also did a tour of the hospital labour ward (not that I needed it in the end) but it made the hospital a bit more familiar & we knew where to go if anything was to happen at some ungodly hour of the morning.

I also can't stop eating today, I'm off to eat again!
Chat soon,

ps I am going to phone my mother soon & tell her the news, then my dad. Will be telling hubby's dad tonight when he rings. I think then it is only hubby's younger brother who doesn't know then. As mentioned before I'll go through & add everyone on facebook once we have told the family!

DS March 06 & DS July 2008 & Due Feb 2010

Hi Everyone,

I haven't been on for soooo long!! I have tried to take a few notes to respond to some personals so sorry if I miss anyone!

Flymum - we haven't told anyone we are pregnant yet either.... My brother & his fiancee have recently told everyone they are pregnant with their first(15 weeks now) & have found they have cysts on the umbilical cord & should find out the outcome of that next week. Didn't want to take the focus off them and there issues at the moment by telling anyone so will wait till we've had our first scan - I am bursting to tell everyone tho, even though it's our 2nd I'm still just as excited!

Jei - Sorry to hear you are having pains and your body & pregnancy don't agree!! At least you know the reward at the end and it makes it all worth it!

Clare - Pleased that your bleeding scare turned out to be all ok - it's so hard not to panic with everything when you are pregnant - especially your first time when it's all so new.
And it's perfectly normal to be terrified of giving birth!! I won't lie it hurts but well worth it and forgotten soooo quickly its unreal!

Jamie - Sorry to hear you didn't get a scan! That sux, so different in Aussie - here in NZ it is standard that you have scan at 12 & 19 weeks and others if needed due to any issues....

So someone was asking about birth stories?? Can't remember who - baby brain!! smile

I had my show Friday night (due date) Saturday morning my hind waters broke at 6.45am, we went to hospital at 1pm by which time contractions were 5mins apart.... Had a cup of tea when we got there then got into the shower... that wasn't really working so got into the bath - was aiming for a water birth... After about an hour and a half of active pushing and no bubs arrived yet the midwife said I'd have to get onto the bed as bubs wasn't budging.... Got onto the bed and Maddison was born about half an hour later.. She was born with the fore water bags over her head (which is apparantely very lucky) but explains why she took so long to arrive as I was pushing against water!! Anyway my midwife is one that doesn't interfere unless bubs or mum are distressed and neither of us were which is why she didn't break the waters and I wouldn't have wanted it any other way! Maddison was 8lb 12oz and I used gas for about 3 hours during labour but not once I was pushing... Once we transferred to the birthing unit I just stared at her for about 4 hours and just could not believe my baby was finally here!! Makes me want to cry thinking about it. It honestly is the most amazing thing that two people can create!! So sobby!! wink

Well as for me I have been feeling really nauseaus lately - only been sick once though which is really different from my last pregnancy... I am also still soooo exhausted!! I don't remember being this tired last time! Although I wasn't looking after a 15 month old last time!!
Last night was the first in weeks that I didn't have to get up to go to the loo during the night so hoping that bubs is moving up slightly and giving my bladder some relief!!

I have a little tiny bump which I notice but I'm sure no one else does.... I didn't show till about 5 months last time and know I'll show way earlier this time but still in all my normal clothes etc so still hideable from everyone! lol

Well I have rambled on enough I'm sure - will try get on more regularly from now on!!

Hope everyone keeps well - jealous of you all having your scans! Can't wait!!

Take care
Lizzie smile

Also forgot to say Maddison was born at 6.37pm so from waters breaking to her being born was pretty much 12 hours....
Pretty text book birth really and will be hoping for the same this time - have the same plan anyways although hopefully this time I can have bubs in the water.....

Cheers smile
Thanks ladies on reading and hopefully enjoying the birth story I shared.

Clare yes it's still scary, I still get scared now thinking that I'll go into labour again eventually but it is only a day in your life out of the countless memories you will have with your child. Not going to lie to you, it hurts, but there are ways to help manage the pain, and it doesn't last for long. xxx You will be ok and it's very much ok to be scared by it.

mumma moo - I suppose the good thing is you know when your baby will born. Thank god your ds2 wasn't born naturally. Going over has to be the most annoying thing!

Liz - Isn't it amazing thinking about after the birth, and the smell of your baby. I remember thinking of how ds just smelt of me, and the first feed and how wonderful it all was.

Tina your birth sounds lovely and quick. I look forward to one day hearing it. I love to hear about others births it's really a special thing sharing it and reliving the moment.

mummy2jayden&hunter no I never tried the ring thing but I will! It would be interesting to see what it says.

Jamie - If they have told you you don't need a scan due to your age classifying you as low risk demand one with your doctor anyway. It is your right as a parent to do so because if there is anything wrong you can make decisions now instead of at 20 weeks. It is your body, and your child. I would kick up a fuss if I were you.

We saw a friend and their 3 week old baby today. I forgot how TINY they are! I held him and burped him and poor thing isn't getting enough milk as mum can't produce hardly any, so he's losing weight more then gaining, and they are about to try formula. Good on them for going 3 weeks straight trying. I'm clucky now, but thinking howon earth I managed to look after a baby that small. I can't remember ds being that little, all I see is him being big and boisterous and making so much racket! Ds loved the baby, and watched him with lots of curiousty and smiles. It was lovely.

I better go dinner is ready and if I don't eat again soon I'll start gagging away. Ms is worst at night now, I find I throw up at night because i'm so tired.

Hope you are all well sorry if I missed anyone xx

Oh yes who asked, I've popped more, I'm about 2 weeks bigger than I was with ds so showing about 13 weeks size. It's nice to see something! smile

Hi ladies,

Elizpeters - Its funny how yours went around for a girl with both my boys it went round and this time its going side to side.

Yay have my 1st midwife appointment tomorrow so exciting

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Hey ladies,

i am new on this site and am looking foward to chatting with you!

My name is Kylie and im due on the 15th of feb! i already have a 12 month old, she is sooo clever, its amazing how fast they learn things at this age!

i have my first scan on tuesday! cant wait! hoping everything is ok! Lord willing!!

i found out that i was pregnant at only 4 and a half weeks, and it has gone by so fast, im guessing its because i already have one to look after, shes a bit of a handful! lol, so energetic, her name is Laura.

Hopefully it will stay at this pace!

Feb seems like a long way away, but it will come faster than we think!

hoping for a reply!

Welcome Kylie smile

I'm due on the 15th of February as well! As are I'm pretty sure two other ladies on this thread smile Congrats on your pregnancy!

My scan is tomorrow morning and I'm really nervous but cant wait to see bubba


Sorry am in no happy mood today so here comes a wee vent. I'm so over throwing up, I'm so over eating like food is going to completely disappear off the face of the earth, I'm sick of having this pulled nerve in my back, I am so so sick of toast, I am so nervous about my scan on Friday and I feel so huge that my maternity jeans don't fit well right now because i'm in between a round belly and just this bulge like thing.


The only good thing is ds has learnt to kiss lips and has spent the whole day running to me, kissing my lips and giving me a huge grin then running off. God I love him. I know it's worth it, but when throwing up and crying in the toilet randomly through the day I really wonder how to survive this.

Welcome to Kylie congrats on your pregnancy. smile

Clare hope the scan shows some good and happy news, though if you can hear bubs heartbeat then things seem to sound perfect!

Heya ladies

good luck for your scan tomo clare!! hope everything is going smoothly for you.

Ive had a full on weekend. I was at a Tae kwon do tournament over the weekend, had to wake up early and do the whole microphoning for the event. By 6pm i was so so tired, but still the night went on. We went out for tea and i ended up being sober driver for my family and friends. After this they still got on it and had to drop off others, which they carried on as idoits lol and had to wait for my dad till 3am. I got home and fell asleep straight away and only got up 1pm. Still not long enough, so looking forward to going to bed very soon and catching up on loss sleep.

I had a bad experience with tea. I didnt throw up but pretty close to it. I had batterd fish for tea, halfway through eating it, there was raw fish and raw battter. I was absoloutly digusted by it!!!! Ended up having a go at the staff, who didint apoligise very well and acted like they didnt care at all.!!! No respect what so ever to a pregnant women!!! I wont be going there again.

Sorry for the lil rant feeling a bit down today. Got 4 days till my scan on Thursday so am very excited evening DP. I have invited his sister to come also, as she is looking forward to it being a bit more real to her lol.

hope everyone had a good and safe weekend!! Hopefully this will be another good week for us ladies too.

good luck for the all ladies that have a scan this week.

Talk to you soon.


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