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Jei I am on a hunger binge too! Its the first day in three months i havent felt as sick and i've been eating since i got up. I was still sick first thing but that soon passed and i've eaten heaps, which is a good thing cos I lost a fair bit of weight when I was ill.

Jamie hope the scan went well for you smile

mummy2jayden&hunter isnt it weird how things you love start to taste funny or things you never liked before suddenly seem appealing.

I would really love to hear about peoples birth plans and experiences of before. I really havent started thinking of my plan yet. I have my first midwife appt on August 14th so I'm looking forward to booking into that.

Personally I am terrified of the birth, which I know is bad but I'm hoping to have a natural birth and only resort to drugs if I really cant handle it. Is it crazy to be scared of the birth??

Also when is the best time to attend birth classes? Has anyone ever attended them before? Are they helpful? Is it better to do it a bit later so you dont forget everything lol.


hi all
jamie - hope your scan went well and all bits are in the right places!!!!

rka- your birth sounds absolutely wonderfull!!!!
my birth plan is for a shorter labour this time around!!! my dd was born after 27.5hrs in labour and everything that was availiable ending in a assited birth in theatre prepped for a c section!! so for this one less drugs and shorter time would be fabulous~!!!!!!!!

clare - i am so vague and really badly today that if my head was not attached i'm sure i would have lost it!!! i frequently catch myself standing around wondering what it is am meant to be doing also why i am on here at the moment jus got home from work and for the life of me cant remember what i was going to do!!!

st go noe and wonder round the house till i figure out what i was going to do
has anyone else started nesting yet??
my bin was emptied thurs and it nearly full already from cleaning things out!
chat soon

ClareMoore - I think it is perfectly normal to be scared and petrified of the birth. I was first time round. Just remember no matter how horrible it may seem at the time it is the most amazing and wonderful experience of someone's life. There is nothing to describe the pain but then the immense joy.
Like someone else said, tears well in my eyes just thinking about the labour and birth (and not for the pain but for the good memories). It is the worst pain, quickest forgotten!
Hey Jaime I added you as a friend on face book, Clare I couldnt workout which 1 was yours there were a few with the same name if any1 wants to add me my name is marlene maynard and if there are a few on there look for the one with a pic of a girl in wedding dress and thats me smile

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Hi smile

All this talk about births is scaring me! I am the same as you Clare, I am not terrified but I dont really want to think about it yet as I know it's gonna hurt!
I was with my sister when she gave birth to her first and luckily she had a good experience, so that didnt frighten the crap out of me. But now that I know I have to do it, it's a bit different wink
But I am really looking forward to the experience, I know its going to be just amazing and so special becoming a family smile
As for birth plans? I wouldnt even know where to start! Of course I am hoping to have a natural birth though, not a csearian (sp?)

later smile

Hi ladies,

I have so many pages to catch up on!
Hope all you pregnancies are going well and you're all getting rid of the ms!
Wow so many twins! I don't know whether to be sad or glad!
And congrats to all the mummies who have reached and are reaching 12 weeks! Isn't it amazing that a third of your pregnancy has already flown by?!

Oh and for those on facebook, I'm on there too, Sarah Markham if you want to add me!
Hope you all have a lovely evening!
Hi jonrah

I was going to add you on face book but didnt know which one you were if you like you can add me my name is marlene maynard and if there is a few on there just look for the girl wearing a wedding dress and thats me smile

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Oh my pic is of the scan I had last week smile

I have added you clare smile

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Good morning

Jayne and Clare it's perfectly natural to be freaked/scared/not wanting to go through the birth. Like my antenatal teacher told us on our first night with ds, you aren't here to have a labour, you are here to have a baby.

Clare I'm quite happy to share my birth story, it was fabulous and couldn't have gone any other way than I wanted it. The main thing to do is keep an open mind about labour, because things can change quickly and the best thing is for you and baby to be safe and well at the end of it. When I was half way through my pregnancy with ds I told my mw I would have a c-sect because I was too scared of giving birth, she told me it was out of the question I didn't want to experience that pain, I'm so glad I went through natural labour myself, yes it was painful (to be honest I can't remember how bad now and it's only 15 months later) but at the same time it was amazing, I cry thinking about it!

This is going to be really long so sorry!

My hind waters broke at 7am. Contractions started at 9am. By 10 they were 5 mins apart 60 sec long, we went to hosp at 1pm (takes 30 mins to get there left at 12.30). My mw is amazing she's strong and tough on me when I need her to be (why I chose her). She did an internal and I was 6cm dilated and I told her ds would be born by dinner LOL (he was!) jumped in the bath and at 2.30 had to get out because contractions were 3 mins apart 70 sec long and every contraction I tried to push because ds head was so low. Internal was 8cm and mw had to break my full waters and a bit of my cervix was stuck on ds nose so she had to stretch it over. That hurt like hell I remember almost being in tears and she kept apologising but it wasn't her fault! Had to lie on my left side until I was ready to push because otherwise I would have internally torn myself. Transition contractions started about 10 mins after getting on the bed and they were really painful, I didn't notice the contractions as much until they were 3 mins apart. Dh was amazing he held my hand and coached me to breathe, kept telling me and doing it with me. My mw did accupressure on my feet while I had a contraction it was amazing how much it helped. Transition contractions were on top of each other, meaning they never ended one would die off another would start and they were about 90 seconds long. I got a bit crazy and said I wanted to go home I wasn't in labour, and then after I asked my mw could I please have drugs. I tried gas but started laughing, and then had pethidine but tried to talk her out of it saying no not through a contraction (for some reason I thought it would hurt!) once the pethidine kicked in (I had this 1.5 hours before ds was born) I could smile between a contraction, all the pain was there I just felt happy to get through them again. I drank so much water my mw didn't stop me, I think I had 3 litres all up from 1pm until ds was born. By 4.25 I said I wanted to push and remember couldn't move only roll onto my back. My mw said to dh come look you can see his head and I asked to feel it and did it was amazing there was all this clumpy hair and a hard lump that didn't feel a part of me. When I tried to start pushing I yelled (screamed) and my mw said stop using my energy in yelling and push, I yelled at her saying I was pushing and she said no cause now I'm talking. After being told off (thank god she did that) dh kept coaching me through breathing, holding my head down with every contraction (mine never stopped I kept going) and I remember pushing ds was so painful, but I couldn't stop I had this overwhelming sensation that I couldn't not push. Another mw came in to hold up my other leg, and I remember my mw saying push, pant, push, pant as ds head slowly came out. THere was a minute as she first said pant that it burnt like I was on fire, then it quickly went away as every quick little push things got easier. All of a sudden there was a relief his head was out, then my mw put her hands up and got his shoulders (now that's weird feeling) and I pushed, panted his shoulers out (tore but didn't know or feel a thing) as his shoulders were too big and then the most amazingly odd feeling of his body coming out with the last big push...this long warm hard lumpy body and then I was lying on my back all the pain gone and staring at the ceiling thinking omg it's over I did it! I was completely naked which I had no care for by then and ds cord was cut straight away (I was given sintocin just before he was body came out to get the placenta out quickly) and he was put on my chest. He was so warm, slippery and crying and oh god I'm crying, he was beautiful, amazing all this black clumpy hair and his tiny hands touching me I was so in awe of this little person who had gone through so much to be born and he had the darkest blue eyes when he opened them. That feeling made any pain I had just gone through go away and I remember an hour after ds being born I said to dh I can do that again easily. It's a miracle alright. I had a second degree tear, which required quite a lot of stitches that my mw did and I remember when she had to give me 2 locals to numb the area I freaked out thinking it would hurt, even though I had pushed out a 8lb 4.5oz baby 40 minutes before!

I hope this hasn't scared you but honestly I'd do it again in a heart beat, I found ms harder than labour and the feeling you have of giving birth to your own baby is something no one can ever top. There is absolutely nothing like it in the world.

So I want my labour to be the same! It was 6 hours of contractions start to finish and oly 32 mins of pushing.

And yes, we did antenatal classes you start around 30 - 32 weeks depending on how many weeks your classes are. It was a great learning curve. I learnt to think that every contraction is one step closer to the end, and also the lady told us that sometimes holding a piece of baby clothing helps, which I did during transition. Ds first one piece suit I clung to until pushing and it reminded me that someone will be arriving.

Ok this is so long sorry everyone! smile Hope all is well and ms is leaving us all soon!

Ladies i am crying while writing this and have been crying since i came back from hospital yesterday. I have nothing to report due to the fact i will feel my baby before i see her/him. Unfortunatly i get my first scan at 20 weeks which i think is wrong really wrong due to the fact i am not going to know if i have twins or not until 4 months before birth. I swear i am going through drepression right now and hormones arent helping what so ever.

Jamie what happened??? I thought you were having a scan yesterday did they not do one? I hope you are ok honey baby you're just doing so well they think you dont need one?! I am pretty sure you can get your GP to refer you to a scan place which is private that you have to pay for (thats what my scan on Monday is). Maybe you can ask?

Jei thank you for sharing your story with us!!! It sounds both terrifying and the most amazing thing anyone could ever go through. I'm really looking forward to meeting my baby so I know it will be worth it, still scared though hehe =)

MummytoJaydenandHunter I added you to facebook too smile

Well I went to see my GP today about the bleeds that I have been having all week. He was concerned at first till I told him I had had the ultrasound Sunday and also when I described the bleeds. He said they are actually very common but that it was good that I got it checked out. He then used a Doppler machine to listen to the babies heart beat, and there it was swishing away strongly so the baby is still doing really well. Little tyke must be a fighter alright. I am SO relieved to have heard the little heartbeat. He told me to rest up until my scan Monday when I'll get to see him or her again.

As for sex preferences, I would really love a girl but for some reason feel like I'm having a boy. Thats my totally unscientific guess anyway hehe.

Take care all.


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