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hey all

Wow congrats on the twins ktjs! I hope you are settling well into the idea of having twins and a busy household smile Thanks for updating the list and I've gone back and updated more. February is going to be so busy, especially for all these twins that will be born! smile

Jamie have you tried sleeping with a pillow between your leg? I know it's good to do when you have a big preg belly, but it can help to make you get more comfortable on your side, lying on your back can make you need to pee more. And that sucks! I hope when you have your scan soon it shows a nice healthy baby or babies smile

Savannah welcome and congrats on pregnancy. Hope your pains stay away. It's not fun having pains and scares of miscarriages

Elizpeters hope your acne clears up it's the pits! We not only feel gross with ms but get to be pimply too! Jackpot! I am cleaning my face with gentle face cleanser for pimples and it doesn't do jack!

Jayne Your bbq baby shower sounds so good. You'll have a blast!

nearlymum23 I'm sure you'll see what sex the babies are with your frequent scans. Lucky in a way getting that. I hope the placenta grows well and strong to look after both babies.

mummy2jaydan&hunter it's going to be ok the scan will be alright it's ok to have a smooth pregnancy you are lucky. Sending you lots of positive vibes because you definitely need them. I can't believe your ds is nearly 5 how exciting and sad at the same time...they grow so fast!

Lozwatts - You will have an enjoyable party near your edd smile it's not about the pressies is it, it's about the get together of friends and family before a new addition arrives smile
Yes the pains are like my previous pregnancy, I'm prone to it from all the scar tissue I have from my endo, not everyone gets it but I'm a lucky one and I do. A lady at my ds music class has endo and had a wonderfully pain free pregnancy, so I guess everyone is different. I was really hoping I would not get pains so early or at all this time since everything has stretched before, but I'm thinking now I will be in for a rough ride again. I just pray there are no prem labours this time.
And that is FANTASTIC about your scan!!! Oh bubs is long I'm guessing head to toe 7cm? Heartbeat is so good and glad there are 2 arms and 2 legs.

Flymum so good to hear your ms is almost gone. Wow 14 weeks tomorrow well into the 2nd trimester for you woohoo smile Glad you are all excited about having a bub after seeing your friends new born. They are so so tiny!!

Anyway I have rambled and I'm sorry I've missed some I'm just so tired now. The pains are almost gone and my midwife has been in touch and I know the drill, call her asap or send her a text and organise where I should go. I know it's not miscarrying, but right now I'm pretty down about having pains this early on in my pregnancy. I am praying like hell I won't have it as bad as with ds, I don't want to end up in hospital for days at a time going in and out of labour and given drugs and shots to stop everything. But I know I will do it if I have to if it means keeping bubs in. My body sucks at pregnancy sad Sorry will stop being a downer.

I've updated the list sorry again if I've missed more people.

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hi all

busy day today!!!
cograts loz on your scan good to hear everything where is should be!!
flymum - i have a giant belly alreay dh thinks i further than i am so cant wait for first scan so can prove to him i'm right!!
jamie - i completly agree with jei about the pillow between your legs it helps me helps!!
lots of twins in feb it going to be very busy month i'm very excited for all of you and your rapidly expanding families!!!

have taking dd bottle off her today cold far so good touch wood and as many things crossed as possible. she has kindly donated them to the new baby very cute!!
finally not feeling sick very much just starving all the time!
any who better go or dinner #2 and some houswork
take care of all growing bummps

Thanks ladies for the supportive messages it really means a lot. I rang the hospital today to talk to them about the bleeding and they said that it sounds pretty normal. If it gets worse or I have pains I just have to go back and see them so touch wood! Looking forward to the scan Monday to see bubba again.

Jei I am glad the pains have stopped and hope they don't come back for you.

Can't believe there are so many twins!! I had a dream I was having twins but then the scan showed just one bubba must have been wishful thinking lol.

Sorry I can't remember who else said what and I didn't take notes so just thanks again to those ladies with reassuring words. Have been in touch with hospital and gp now just a matter of waiting till my scan Monday. Soooo glad it's nearly the weekend that is for sure!

Hope everyone is well


Oh of course I meant to say to Loz that that is awesome about the scan smile

preg brain seems to be getting the better of me tonight so I think I gonna go to bed lol. Is anyone else already really vague???
[Edited on 30/07/2009]

hi ladies.

Well I have the most horribly taste in my mouth today that is making me want to gag every now and then YUK.

My brother and his gf are comming up from napier tonight to stay for the weekend really looking forward to it as I havnt seen them since my wedding in may.

Is anyone here on facebook would be keen to add anyone as a friend if so let me know smile

Anyhow I must go DS#1 Is being really naughty today at the point where I dont know what to do with him sad

<a href=""><img src="">http://lb1

Oh yeah and I finally worked how to do the ticker smile

<a href=""><img src="">http://lb1

Hi mummy2jayden&hunter

I am on facebook as Clare Moore if you want to add me smile


Jei, the 7cm is from head to rump, the don't take into consideration the legs.

I am feeling so tired today, I have a full teaching schedule today and it is so ehausting to go from one class to the next to the next, its one of the only days that makes me feel like i am in high school still an not a teacher. By session 6 i am as antsy as the kids for the bell to go.
Hey ladies keeping it short and sweet at the moment.

Wow have my first scan today soooooooo happy been smiling all morning so far smile.

Tried pillow between legs did not work well bf is going to flip the bed adn see if that works well. Think i havent ben sleeping well because i have got the scan today and been so excited and the fac bf is sick and been keeping an eye on him.

Jamie Liana Hasted <<<<<<<<< name if you want to add me on facebook for the people who have it smile

Anyway gotta go ganna get a feed and drink some of that great bladder filling water for ultrasound :|

Hope you guys have a great day today cyas

Wow loz 7 cms, just to think at the start of 11 weeks my little tucker was 4.5 cms smile They grow so fast! hehe

Jamie i added you on facebook hehe

Wow Lozwatts I can't remember how big ds was at 12 week scan but I forgot how they shoot up between 10 - 13 weeks. smile I knew it wasn't head to toe until after 20 weeks but even then it's too hard to do so. How exciting nice healthy bubba.

Clare it is so good to hear yuo are still improving smile

jamie sorry to hear the pillow didn't work. Hope the scan went well and things are all good. let us know!

I am on a hunger binge again today, I can't stop eating and I'm only finally feeling full after 2 pasta dishes and 2 pieces of toast for lunch. I'm getting really over eating! I never ate this much with ds. The morning sickness seems to be easing, I haven't felt the 24 hour nausea for a good few weeks now, and stopped wearing sea sickness bands a couple of weeks ago, and 2 days now without my nausea spray, but am throwing up still on occassion depending on what i've eaten. That's ok I can handle the puking because it's such a relief afterwards, the feeling of maybe or maybe not puking makes me feel awful.

mummy2jayden&hunter the awful taste in the mouth is gross hope it's gone soon for you.

I know it's early but anyone started thinking of their birth plan? I loved me labour and birth of ds, and would like something similar. I've heard consecutive births can be quicker so I'm more concerned about getting to hossy on time for a bath! I'm scared like heck of needles and had pethidine as last resort with ds about 1.5 hours before he was born, and will take again this time if I feel I need it, otherwise I am intending to try drug free. Peth was great though, it took none of the pain away but helped me breathe through transition contractions.

Well that's my speal, sorry for blabbering. I still can't believe I am (and some of you are already!) over 1/4 way through the pregnancy already. EEEp time is flying by! And everytime I look at ds birth pictures I bawl my eyes out because I know I'll be back there so soon and it's the most perfect moment. Ahhh getting teary already.

See ya!

Twins Twins and more Twins... I am so jealous!
Morning sickness has been the worst this week... last hope its the last of the bad before it starts easing!
Birth plan. I had a natural, drug free and relatively short (5 hours from 1st contraction to birth) water birth with my daughter and am praying and hoping for one exactly the same. I loved every minute of my daughters birth. Amazing. Hoping to be strong enough to do it again. Although, my daughter was 8lb 6.5oz so by no means small and they say they get bigger with each consecutive baby so I may be needing the drugs this time round. Am also worried about making to the hospital on time as we live an hour away from the private hospital where I will be having bub.
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