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DUE FEBRUARY 2010 Lock Rss

Sorry to intrude on your thread ladies but I just wanted to say to Jaynie81 congratulations! At the risk of sounding like a stalker - LOL - I was in the TTC March thread with you and I remember the troublesome journey you had had. Saw your name in this thread and just wanted to say best of luck. I wish you a happy healthy pregnancy!!

To all you other ladies due in February - congrats and best wishes. My birthday is the 8th so hopefully there will be some lucky little bubs born on the same day LOL LOL!

Take care.


Hi Everyone,

Can't beleive I am writing in here but it looks like I will be having a baby on 6th Feb!!! Did the test this morning and yep we have done it again. Very excited, nervous, scared??

This will be our 2nd, my DS is 9 1/2 months. We were also planning on building (on 100 acres), don't know if I can handle it all but I don't want to stay in the rental either.

Morning (all day) sickness has kicked in, it was the 1st clue I might be pregnant! I have been BF so my cycle has been all over the place (upto 42 days).

Congratulations to everyone else and look forward to the journey with you all.


PS Someone mentioned they were a school teacher? Me too, well haven't taught since DS arrived. I stopped teaching at 20 weeks as financally we didn't need me too and I was worried about the extra stress (not a very nice school!).

hello girls,
welcome to the new couple of ladies who have joined us.
Tina- I'm a high school teacher, I have year 8's and 9's. some days they are fine but others i feel really stressed out with them. I have worked out i should be 31/32 weeks when term 4ends, but that week is nothing but holiday workshop stuff. The last three weeks will be exams and reports and stuff so really i finish up the classroom teaching and lesson planning by 29 weeks so shouldnt be so bad.

I feel so sick, have a yucky head cold, its getting worse too sad

I'm loosing my appetite at dinner, wierd. I'm not feeling sick, just like i'm not hungry at all and just wanna go to bed. How is everyone else preg sympotoms goin?

Welcome Tina smile

My symptoms so far... sore bb's, peeing all the time, nausea on & off, so tired. Funny thing is I just want them to get worse and lots of MS so I know that PG is strong! How sad is that? I'm sure I will be cursing myself when I am hanging over the toilet bowl!

Still getting mild cramps on and off - anyone else getting these? I'm hoping its normal. Somebody pls tell me it's normal, hehehe

Hi Ladies,
Just want to introduce myself. I'm Mel and after a very funny last week and a half my doctor has concluded that I'm pregnant. On May 30th I started to bleeding which was around the time AF was due to arrive. The bleeding happened for a day and then turned to spotting for 3 days. At the end I did a HPT as that was not normal for me. I got a faint positive. My doctor did a blood test and it came back with very low HCG so he assumed an early miscarriage. But the second bloods it tripled and then continued to double! The HCG levels would put me around 4-5 weeks preggers and we are guessing the embryo implanted late. I will go for a dating scan in about 3 weeks as the moment we are just guessing EDD the moment (early-mid Feb).

I have also had some brown spotting over the last couple of days which I told my doctor and he checked my tummy for soreness and just doubt checked that it was brown spotting (mainly just brown when wiped) and just said its old blood and didn't seemed phased by it. I'm just hoping its the little embryo making itself comfortable for a long stay!!

Jayne last pregnancy I got mild cramp on and off. MW and doctor told me it was probably the uterus stretching or ligaments or the uterus stretching. You may also have a tilted uterus (which I do) and in early pregnancy it has to move to get in the right positive and that can be a bit painful!

Still seems a bit sureal that I'm pregnant!! Haven't told any family or friends, not sure wether we will wait till 12 weeks, did last time. What is everyones plans on tell people??

As for cramping I have some and did last time as well, I also had nausea for most of the 1st trimester with my DS and so far its about the same.

I am a bit concerned (silly I know) about putting on to much weight, I put on 30Kg with DS and have only just got back to almost pre preg weight. Will have to make sure I am very careful, but I crave anything fatty or sweet, also helps the nausea!!

Hope everyone is travelling ok. Just made my 1st Dr appointment, have a 2 week wait.


Hi ladies,

Thanks for the replies about cramping... I have been trying not to worry about it, but I still hold my breath when I go to the toilet hoping to not see blood! I truly believe that this one is meant to be though and it will stick smile

Congarats mummy2paige, I remember your posts from the TTC threads. Glad you have gotten a positive from your DR smile

I am going to ring for a Dr appointment now. Will prob have a week or two wait as well.

Take care everyone grin

Hi Everyone,

I have had a little cramping too, just now and then but seems to go pretty quick. I worry alot because of the two miscarriages and check for blood all the time. I havent felt sick yet but my boobs are really sore and im so thirsty so im drinking heaps and going to the toliet heaps already, i hate to think what i will be like later.

Glad to hear everyone is going well, i also had a bit of a cold but i have been dosing up on vitamin c tablets and it seems to be doing the trick im feeling better.

hey everyone i am sooo stuggling with the head cold i have, maybe i shoul try vitamin C tablets as will.

Well I have another doctors app tonight and hopefully they will give me my referral so i can ring up and book into my hospital.

I can't remember when I had my first app with DS#1 i think i was about 8weeks, it was just a book in and give them information appointment that lasted for 10mins.

When did everyone else have their first app?

I have my first appointment with OB booked for 2 July. 3 weeks from today, so I will be 8 weeks then.

Hmmmm, got a long wait.

Hope your cold goes away soon lozwatts!

Hi All,

Can't wait to tell everyone that we are pregnant again, will be interesting to see what people's reaction is.

I think with DS my 1st appointment was at around 7 weeks, we had just moved to a mining town in Qld (mind you I had to give birth 2 hrs away!).

I am constantly nauseous, worst afternoons and night time, but I am taking it as a good sign that everything is ok. Still find it very exciting being pregnant, I only got around to packing my maternity clothes away a few weeks ago!

Hope everyone is well.


Hello to everyone

I've just found out we're having our 2nd due 10th Feb. I'm 5wks and have had no morning sickness yet. I have a 23month old whos 2 this july very full on little boy.


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