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DUE FEBRUARY 2010 Lock Rss

i think kids are hossible no matter what when they don't wanna be at school. BUT yay smile geting my weekend off to a productive start, 1/5lots of exams marked and entered into laptop. 2/5classes worth of report comments written. Whoo hoo.

I had my second doctors app today, had another blood tests, they told me i can ring and get them Sunday morning between 9-12. She also gave me a refferal for another ultra sound. I must admit i was putting on the amount of spotting i had at the beginning of last week just a bit. I can't handle knowing i won't get to see bub untill 12 weeks. So she put on it dating as the reason and i am booked in for the 18th of this month which should put me between 6-7weeks so should actually be able to see a heartbeat by then.
Hi ladies,

I hope everyone is having a nice weekend and feeling well.

I am feeling great, apart from very sore boobies ;P A little bit of nausea every now and then too.

I am finding it a bit easier not to worry now. Just keep telling myself that everything is going to be ok.

We went fishing down the beach yesterday, which was fun and nice to do something different. Didnt catch a thing though! We also told my sister and her husband yesterday. I tell my sister EVERYTHING so it was too hard keeping this one from her! (Plus if anything did go wrong she is the one that would be there for me), but thats not gonna happen grin

We are going to the inlaws for dinner tonight, so we shall see how that goes. I just know I will be offered a glass of wine as soon as I step through the door, so already trying to think up an excuse that wont give us away... My SIL will be very suspicious and will be the first to yell out 'are you pregnant?' hahaha. I do want to tell her but she has such a big mouth, she would just have to tell everyone she is going to be an aunty! smile

Anyway, I am going to go make the most of the beautiful sunshine here today grin

Take care!

hi girls, i got my second lot of blood tests back and HCG was 3852 so perfect for about 5weeks. yay.

well i had my first encounter with sickness this time round, i was in the city last night for our wedding anniversary and we walked through a food court filled with aisan foods. I had to put my hand over my mouth and run through it. I could shake the erge to vomit for hours after that. sad oh no i have a bad feeling i'm not gonna be so luck this time as with DS i had no vomiting only a constant motion sick feeling for a few weeks and that was it.
good morning girls, I can't get my ticker to work sad do the girls who have them know what i'm doing wrong?

Anyway 5weeks 1day today and i woke up with some really yucky brown spotting it was only a little bit but it still makes me nervous.
yay got it to work smile
I wouldn't worry about the spotting. That could just be implantation bleeding. Took me ages to work out the ticker too!

Feeling good. Hope everyone else is too.

Cheers Leia

Mum to Eli, Darcy and Noah!

Hello ladies! How is everyone feeling? Hope you all had a good weekend!

I had a quiet weekend, looked after my eldest nephew yesterday and DD absolutely adores him, she just followed him around everywhere! So cute to watch.

I'm still feeling pretty good sick wise, haven't had too much nausea and my fingers are crossed so tightly that it will stay that way! I'm so tired all the time though, I'm having a sleep everyday when DD goes down! Yay I'm 6 weeks tomorrow!! Can't wait til next wednesday and my ultrasound!

lozwatts the spotting probably could just be an implation bleed, I had one with DD and thought I was getting my period, but just a little bit late, as I recall I think I would have been around 4-5 weeks. With my miscarriage that I had which was between 5-6 weeks the spotting I had at first was bright red and I had a back ache. If you're worried, if it gets worse or you have any pain take yourself off to the doctor just put your mind as ease. I know exactly how nervous you must feel. I'm sure everything will be fine gasp)

Hope everyone is well. Take care
Kiki xxoo

HI , Kiki, I wouldnt say this spotting is bleeding more like a rown discharge, it has happened all day when i wiped but i have no aches or cramps and the colour hasn't changed and is not red at all. So I'm not too worried yet.

I have an ultrasound next thursday, its exciting isn't it. we should be able to see a heart beat by then smile
Hi Everyone,

My name is Tracy and i have just found out im expecting my third on 13th Feb 2010. I have two boys 7 and 5 that i had no problems with and then i have had two miscarriages since so i am very nervous, one was at 5 weeks and the second at 8 weeks. Im hoping its third time lucky, i have been going through a specialist that has given me fertility tablets and injections so im hoping this time is ok. I will be having a blood test to see how things are going, so fingers crossed. Hope everyone is doing well and feeling ok.

Hi ladies,

Hello and congrats to the new ladies who have just joined in grin

I have been feeling good. Boobs are sore and have the motion sickness every now and then... I havnt had any bloods done yet. I am a bit scared in case my HCG levels are low - I think I would rather not know, it will just make me stress more. On the other hand it would be comforting to know they are in the healthy range.

Anyway I best be off to bed... Take care everyone smile

good morning guys, I have a head cold sad totally blocked nose sad its not fair i always get sick whn i need to be focused and well.

The spotting has completely stopped, no trace of it today. smile That does make me happy. I have another doctors app on thursday arvo, so i think i'll ask for more bloods to check levels again.

lozwatts - glad the spotting has stopped smile Must be a relief.
Funny how we always end up sick as soon as you are PG and can't take coldnflu tablets isnt it?

I just told my best friend the news this morning... Not worried about telling her as I know I can trust her not to tell anyone else. She is due Dec, so our bubs will be 3 months apart grin
She is so excited for me. She was the one that gave me the magic baby booties to help us fall - and what do you know, they worked on the first cycle of having them up! (I am not taking them down til I have bubs safely in my arms too!)

I think I might try get an apnt to see OB soon... still need to find out my blood type so prob should get onto that.

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