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DUE FEBRUARY 2010 Lock Rss

Mummy2paige, I am so sorry for your loss. Thinking of you and wishing you lots of baby dust for when you try again. You sound really strong and in good spirits considering, so that is positive for you.

Well no I still cant get my hot water system to light. Had to go down the road to my sisters this morning for a shower, thank god she lives close by.

I too cannot be bothered doing anything, especially going to work, blah. Cant wait to leave. Have made a start at cleaning the house and washing today, but really cant be bothered doing anymore. I have a day off tomorrow but have to go to a work meeting in the city for four hours and 2 hrs drive each way in peak hour traffic. Mostly spewing because DH flies in tomorrow and I cant pick him up from airport or see him til the arvo. I hate work.

Then we have to go to the inlaws for dinner tomorrow night for MIL, FIL and DH's birthday celebrations. So we dont even get his first night home to ourselves.

Anyway, I better go do some more cleaning before I have to go to work in a couple of hours.

take care everyone smile

Mummy2Paige - I'm really sorry about your loss. I hope when you are ready to ttc again you fall pregnant quickly and the next baby sticks in the right spot. GBH keep well.

ClareMoore - when your appetitie disappears don't worry too much, just eat whatever you feel like at the time and make sure you try and eat something small every couple of hours to keep your sugar levels up.

Jayne hopefully your hot water is fixed soon. Such a shame! I hope you get a nice time off and the travelling isn't so bad.

If no one minds I could take on the list?

Up the duff again - It could be teething if she's really unsettled, check out the gums but usually the most time they are in pain by teeth is the day or a day before the tooth will appear, when you can see the white mark and it's sharp but still under the gum that's when ds is usually the most crankiest and in pain. They are all different though, I know some babies that have popped molars out without any fuss and the mums didn't even know. Lucky!

RKA - hope the hcg levels are rising quickly now.

Am tired, still have that awful metallic taste in my mouth and peeing like there is no tomorrow. Am looking forward to the scan, 9 days to go smile

oh mummy2paige, i am so very sorry to hear your news, that is so sad that your little bubs was nice and healthy and you had to loss him/her (((hugs)))

Sorry to hear some of you are having prob' with the 'other half' hopeful all will be ok soon.

nothing to report here, other than been tired like all the time, m/s is still not bad (so far)

so sorry to hear bout your little angel baby mummy2paige
sending best wishes to you and your familyxoxo

nothing much to report today started some washing but didnt get as far as folding and putting away so have big pile of clean washing on pool table feel everyone can help themselves!!!
mostly all can eat is greasy takeaway although tonight had vegie pizza with lots of cheese so thank you to the mummy who suggested that!!!!!
my dd has attitude plus today but in the upside she slept in her bed all night!!! yay
going to try get her to bed now
sticky baby dust to all
liz xo

Hi all...
Well i had a few hours sleep...
It is teething but when are they going to fully come through???

So when i got up after a hour sleep i asked the partner to get the clothes what was dry off the line coz it was going to rain any second... "yeah i will in a min" haha yeah right not even 30 secs later it started to rain i asked him again.. "oh its a good thing i didnt go and get the clothes off hey i would have got wet" omg well hello. boy i got mad then. i virtually threw the laptop (our only computer) on the floor gave him our daughter and i went and got a few off the line... i came back in and he had a smart ass remark oh its a good thing i was in the loungeroom hey to stop the computer from burning.. I HAVE MELTED THE TOP FLIP PART IT IS SO BAD... there is a burn mark on the screen... i am so angry... $1700 down the drain...

He then told me that i can never look after anything at all that is why he dont get me expensive things.. he bought me this lappy for our 1 yr of being together... i felt like throwing it at him...
We are talking again but man when i look at the lappy i think... its all his fault lol....

Anyways enough of me whinging...

Oh jamie i think it is...
It sound like ur partner has alot of growing up to do... He is already a father u say??? Poor excuse of one if u ask me.... I wonder what he is going to be like with your baby.... Anyway that is my opinion... No offense to you...
take care everyone xx

ok so still no hot water for me sad
I managed to get the pilot light lit this morning, YAY, so turned the knob to 'on' for the system to start heating up the water for my hot shower, and whoof, big flames out the front of the bloody thing and over the controls, so had to run and get the hose and put the bloody fire out!!! argh! so it is out again now and I havnt had the balls to try light it again in case the same thing happens.
Told DH about it tonight and he says 'oh well we need a new hot water system anyway' so he gonna organise it with one of his mates (luv mates rates, hehe) tomorrow.
So will be showering at my sister's again tomorrow. I hope it doesnt take long to get it sorted.

haha that story about the laptop is so funny smile Sorry, I know you prob dont think so, but just that it sounds so like something my DH and I would do. I tend to throw/hit/smash/break things when I get mad. And then yes, of course it is always HIS fault for making me mad in the first place! LOL
I have smashed 3 mobile phones, glass in the front door, kicked in a kitchen cupboard, smashed photo frames, etc... all because of DH, hahaha - oh god that makes me sound like a psycho - I always fix them again though smile I'm not really a psycho crazy lady, and actually am even quiet patient, but when I lose my temper I really SNAP.

Anyway I think I have writted a novel. And I better be going to bed anyway.

Bye smile

[Edited on 25/06/2009]

Teething can be fast or slow hun, it's going to take time. Ds is really slow (our nurse even agrees), he had bumps for his top 2 show up in December, about half way down the gum line, it took until end March/mid April to get them through. Try not to give her too much pamol or childrens nurofen, you'll be able to see the teeth and feel them, they will feel sharp but there will still be a thin line of gum over top, that's when the pain usually hurts the most and a tooth should appear that day or the next. Cold flannels for her to suck will be more helpful because you won't want her body to adjust too well to medicine.
I found it helpful though painful to know what Blake was going through as my 4 wisdom teeth cut through last year and this year and just as the sharp points were cutting the last bit of gum it was really tender and sore. Sorry for the novel about it, but you will also find what works best for you.
Hope your dh cheers you up a bit.

Jayne you don't sound psycho, just sounds like your dh knows how to push your buttons at the best of times. Hope you have hot water really soon. mates rates are fantastic.

Ds slept really bad last night so I only got about 5 hours, feel like a zombie and we have to leave in an hour for a playdate. Am getting over feeling like I'm chewing on a spoon.

Hope ms is leaving you all alone today!

Hi Ladies

Jei - I know what you mean about the 'chewing the spoon' that is how i feel this morning like i've had a teaspoon in my mouth all night.

That sucks about the pilot light and i'm so glad you werent hurt when it caught on fire! But hopefully soon you'll have a brand spanking new hot water system that you'll be able to have lovely hot showers with smile

Sorry about the broken laptop too, you dont sound like a psycho those men know how to push our buttons alright!

On a good note I actually slept till my alarm went off this morning and got a good nine hours sleep for the first time in ages. I also dont feel half as sick today as I did for the rest of the week (which isnt saying much but i'll take any improvement). Feeling quite positive today =) Sore BBs though.

Hope you all have a great day.


Hi all!

I totally sympathise with all those ladies who's lovely partners are pushing their buttons and making them mad! Thankfully at the moment my DH is being very good to me but its my DD who is pushing my buttons at the moment! Its like satan has taken up residence in her body, the terrible two's have hit with a vengence! I actually had an insight yesterday into what our fights would be like when she is a teenager - lots of door slamming will be involved lol!! She has just learned to shut doors properly and shen she was sent to her room after the millionth tantrum she slammed her door!!! If I wasn't so mad at the time I would have collapsed in fits of laughter at her cheekiness!

Just seems at the moment we have more bad days than good and its driving me insane. I know its probably half my fault too as being pregnant has left me feeling totally drained and am now having feeling of being on a rocking boat all the time so patience level is at all time low. I just want my happy smiley daughter back, wish I knew where she was!

Anyway enough ranting, hope everyone is well x

WHOA you ladies i cant keep up i think my last post was like page 5 or 6 .
Mummy2paige sorry to hear your sad news .
My 2 lovely kiddies decided to share there gastro bugs with me over the weekend ,i am so glad we are all 100% again .I had my first lot of bloods done today so starting to feel real & have started getting a little ms over the last couple of days & the heartburn has kicked in i had really bad heartburn from an early stage with the other 2 so looks like mylanta is becoming my new friend again well gotta go do some house work dam fairies didnt show for work again

Good morning girls, well my M/Sickness has only just started to hit me about lunch time today, compared with 10am yesterday this has been good as i'm a teacher so i really only have to survive through till the late afternoon feeling ok and then i get home by 5 at the latest.
I never ever bring work home with me so night time is pretty good to feel sick, although i have been going to bed as soon as DS does at likt 8pm.

Ktjis sorry to hear about the BUG doing its rounds, really really have sympathy for you and your family sad It did the rounds at my place a month or so ago and I still feel sick thinking about it.
Well I have now got my blood test results from bloods tests on Monday and Wednesday and so far my HCG levels are increasing properly which is a good sign that things are okay. I have just this afternoon started feeling "off". Hopefully thats another good sign. Given my history (2 successive miscarriages) I am looking for aall the signs that this one is going to be okay.
I know what everyone means about having trouble with their kids. My 2.5 year old daughter is normally very well behaved (we seem to be over the terrible twos etc) but every time I have found out I am pregnant she seems to turn. Its like she knows and it leaves me wondering "what the hell do I want another one for". Oh well, the joys of motherhood hey! Wouldn't change them for the world but gosh they drive you crazy!
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