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DUE FEBRUARY 2010 Lock Rss

Hi ladies,

I have had such a bad day. Got a speeding fine on the way to work as I was running late. Had an awful day at work, all the smells making me gag... Then just got home and went to have a nice hot shower cos its so friggen cold and what do you know - no hot water!!! Went to check the hot water system and the pilot light has been blown out by the wind!!! AND I have just spent the last hour trying to light it freezing my butt off in the cold and the rain! AND I cant get it to stay lit GGRRRRRRR! It stays lit while I am holding the button down but as soon as I let the button off the flame goes out! Doesnt matter if I hold the button down for the recommended 30 seconds, a minute or 5 minutes - it wont stay lit!!! So now I am twice as cold and wet and waiting for a stock pot of water on the stove to boil so I can have a bath!!!
Now why does this SH*T have to happen when DH is not here???
And I betcha when he gets home he will do exactly the same thing as me and it will light first time!

OMG sorry for the rant - I am just so frustrated I wont to cry! Actually I think I will cry, hahaha. I just want a shower and bed!

hi everyone
can add me to the sleeping/not sleeping list!!!
also doesnt help that dd up and down all night and dh is so busy snoring can't hear her come in at all unless she jumps on his belly!
am so tired dh says bags under my eyes look like i packed for 3 month holiday overseas...charming!
does any one else have the feeling of can't be bothered???
i can't be bothered to cook clean or do washing at the moment jus want it to all go away
also having bad cravings fo hot dog in batter chips and spring rolls....only thing that dont make me feel sick!!!
this is very dngerous diet convinced its a boy so will have to convince the little jelly bean to want fruit and veg instead.
hope all goes well with your dh lozwatts xo
hope all other mummies ms not to bad

hi ladies,
that is so unlucky about the speeding fine...

ohhh Lozwatt i made my partner sell all his porn... (when we first got together) eww that makes me sick, i told him that if he wanted to watch that stuff that he couldnt be to into me... so he now has nothing... lol

As 4 morn sickness it still hasnt come knocking on my door yet touch wood... i get the ewwy feeling but not the actual feeling to throw up...

i have been craving the salty foods lol.... i also want the fruit like rockmelon mmmmm....
i love it...
i dont remember when the m/s kicked in with the dd but i couldnt handle smells of things...
This time i can handle really anything excpet the poo'y diapers...

I dont think i have anything to complain about.. i dont feel like doin the cleaning cooking or anything either i just want to get past the 1st trimesterv coz baby is draining all my energy.. i put the washing on get it out of the machine and dont be bothered to hang it out... terrible coz then i have to re wash them lol....
ahhh well like i said 1st trimester hurry up outta the way... lol

take care ladies... xx

Morning ladies

Hope everyone with ms is coping well and finding their survival ways. I've been so lucky so far I was terribly sick at 3 weeks when this bub implanted, and then it eased off after 4 days and I've just been feeling off if I stay up way too late where I'm overtired.

The only real problem I have is this god awful taste in my mouth like I'm chewing on a spoon. It's terrible and no matter what I drink it doesn't bugger off. Never had this with ds. Actually thinking about it this pregnancy is so different, everyone tells you each pregnancy is different but I couldn't get my head around it because ds I had horrific ms and was throwing up daily by now until near 5 months. So I have everything crossed it doesn't come knocking on my door.

Sleep is pretty bad for me, ds is teething which is the story of my life, but all of a sudden giant bumps have appeared for molars so it's going to be a very tiring time for us.

Great to hear about more ultrasounds and strong heartbeats. I have my dating scan on Friday 3 July, am looking forward to it because still pretty nervous about how well my body is coping this time around so far, and because of the mc last year. I just want to know everything is ok and in the right place.

Jayne so sorry to hear things just didn't go your way at all yesterday. Chin up, you have the most precious thing growing in you right now smile

lozwatts sorry to hear about the dvd. men can be so hopeless and have no idea what they do hurts us.

Better go I have a grumpy ds telling me off.

Hey girls....welcome to the new ones....I will update the list after this

Well I had some pain the in weekend so we went for our Scan on Monday. Found our beautiful little bean 9mm in size, 6 weeks 5 days old with a heart rate of 144bpm but unfortunately it was in my right tube and not where it should be. I think I knew something was wrong right from the start and wish I had more courage to go and have a scan earlier on. I was referred to hospital after the scan and with surgery I lost the tube and they took our baby's life.

I really hope I'm the only one that ends up with an angel baby and I will pop in now and again to see how you are all going. I expect that we will end up preggers again soon. The surgeon said my left tube is good and that apparently you only need one tube to collect eggs from two ovaries (apparently the tube can more across....I didn't know this).

Can someone take over updating the list. I will do this now and post it below. Sending everyone lots of sticky dust *********************************
udating list...

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Mummy2Paige- *Angel Baby*

sorry to hear this mummy2paige... I am crying liturally..
And this is the first time i have since being pregnant...
I am really really sorry to hear that my thoughts are with you.. I can relate to you and what u are feeling i lost a bubba at 14 wks a while ago now but it still plays on you... xx

I have no Idea what is going on with my dd... she is terrible i think she is teething, When it is time for me to get up to her she goes to bed really early on my mornings eg 8 30pm and when it is dp mornings she goes to bed at like 11pm i never got to sleep last night till 3 30am thinking about labour as it is still fresh as in my mind, plus tmi diarea! she woke at 6 30am ohhhh i am tired... she is just vgone 2 sleep again...
i am goin to get some shut eye... xx
take care everyone xx

Mummy2Paige - my thoughts are with you.
Well had blood test done on Monday, get results today so fingers crossed. Go for more bloods today to check hcg levels are rising properly. With my two miscarriages I lost the babies early on - between 5 and 6 weeks but didn't actually know about it until 8 weeks and 9 weeks. So they are keeping a close eye on me this time. Have booked in for my first ultrasound on 3 July - should be nearly 7 weeks.
No morning sickness yet, still very tired though.

I am crying at work as I write this. You sound so brave. No doubt you will be pregnant again soon. I too didnt know that a tube can collect from both ovaries but there you go that is the miracle of getting pregnant I suppose.

My thoughts and prayers are with you in this troubling time, but I know you will get through this and have another little baby growing in no time.

Take Care


Mummy2Paige: My parnters and i's thoughts are with you, knowing you were 6 weeks and five days scares me cos im really close to that and i havent been to the drs yet.

I'm with all you ladies who are sick of the DH im having the same problem with my partner (not over porn) with him going out whenever he wants to and me sitting at home having to look after myself for the babys sake. He goes out gets drunk or goes out and drifts or do burnouts in a car sets a time when he'll be home and not be home for hours after its driving me insane and son as he comes home cry and scream at him not what i want to do but with my hormones outta wack i cant control them yet, and its hurting me more then its hurting him cos bubba is stressing because i am. Last night him and i went out i had to drinks cos i felt left out then we went and sat around a fire with our friends and he was being inmature and throwing sticks that had a red flint on them at someone siting close by to me.
I cracked it and asked him what would he do if it hit me cos hes being stupid (that didnt go down realy well) it got that bad i considered abortion :'(.
Not that i want to its just i hurt him im hurting myself i hurt they baby and everyone was there when we had a screaming match at each other.

We got home and had a huge talk we stopped talking for about an hour, Then had make up sex. He told me he understands cos he went threw it with his ex when she had there 2 kids and doesnt want to cop it from me which i told him i dont want to do it it just happens.

Anyway told my grandparents they are going to be great grandparents and they are over the moon.

Well better go otherwise i'll feel bad for saying all this.

Hope all you mummies feel ok i dont feel sick yet (touch wood)


R.I.P Angel Baby o;-) (<<< thats ment to be an angel by the way)

good morning girls.
Mymmy2Paige i'm so sorry for your losses. I hope you are taking some time for yourself and your family. And you will get your new bub sometime soon.

Jaynie- Di you get your hot water issue sorted out? I hate it when that happens.

Up-the-duff- I have the ewwy feeling too, no actuall throwing up feeling but a bit queasy. And it so wierd, when i feel like this my stomach growls even thoug i have just eaten and am not hungry.

God I feel crap today. Have any of you ladies got any tips for when your appetite disappears. I've already lost weight the last few weeks (a couple of kilos which the doctor said is ok) from being sick. I literally made myself eat half a banana and had half a cup of tea this morning and felt a little bit more normal. I know people say dont force yourself to eat but I cant' really eat nothing day after day can I?

I also know I'm not meant to stress about it which is proving difficult lol smile

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