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DUE FEBRUARY 2010 Lock Rss

My 11mth old is teething and waking all hours of the night, i feel so sick everytime i have to get up, also first thing is morn but it seems to pass.

Jei, i live just out of Tauranga, I had my first son in Rotorua and found out i was pregnant at 6wks and had a hard time finding a mw, second son was conceived in aus so had to find a mw at 27wks pregnant when i returned to nz! so was so happy to have no trouble this time.

hope all you other ladies are feeling good today.

Hi all. Had my scan yesterday. My due date is accurate with date of last period so happy with that. I feel sooooo bad still. Very hard with a 4yo ds and a 2yo dd. Can't give them as much attention as they want at the moment because i just want to crawl into a hole and disappear for the next little while. Can't wait for this first trimester to be over and become a little more relaxed about actually having this baby. My mc keeps playing on my mind. Hope you are all well.
Cheers Leia

Mum to Eli, Darcy and Noah!

Hi ladies that is so weird about the sleep thing, im having the same thing. So last night couldnt stay asleep, just kept waking up but the night before that i slept like a log.

Well this morning i felt yuck, and when i came down stair thought i was going to throw up, so happy as was starting to feel 'not pregnant' if you know what i mean. The feeling didnt last long which is good but was nice to have, still feel tired every day ;o(

I so know this pregnancy is going to take for ever as didnt find out with DS until 12 weeks sooooo its going to be a long wait until i can hear or feel buba

hope everyone is holding ms at bay, oh and if anyone is needing dinner ideas gasp) Home made Pizza, last night wanted to eat some thing that was good but just felt like burgers etc. So i made a home made pizza with every thing and anything i wanted on it, and lots of cheese and it was great ! gasp) covers all cravings hehehe and is healthy (expect cheese)

I'm due on tthe 15th to Clare.

Well last night was an alright sleep i went to sleep early cos i was cranky at the bf.

Vegemite sandwhiches don't work as well as the banana theory so i'll tried din something another thing i found that works is garlic (not on its own but on meats) i add garlic salt to my homemade chips the other day and it was heaven.

My Dad rang me last night and told me i have to tell my grandparents that they are going to be great grandparents for the first time. I think my dad is excited in a way beacause he will be a grandfather, mum on the other hand is already a grandmother to 3 so its just another baby for her but she is excited. Having lunch with her on Thursday.

My sisters are excited going to the movies with my little sister on friday afternoon. Thats if i can sit in a cinema for 2 hours without feeling sick which i think will happen (just take heaps of bananas).

Hope all of you had at least a few hours sleep, and hope all goes well for toady i'll be back later after i come back from my grandparents to tell you how it went.

Good morning and be back later


Not sure how long I can keep these bus rides to work up :S

Doesnt take too long before i feel pretty normal again once I'm distracted with work though.

Cool Jamie we're due on the same day =)

Something I have found helps sometimes when i'm feeling sick is to suck on an iceblock. I have a packet of 'Scribblers' in the freezer at the moment and sometimes they make me feel quite a bit better!

Other times though they dont help at all lol

[Edited on 23/06/2009]

HI girls,
Clare I really don't envy you using public transport ;-( I wouldn't go to well on a bus either.

I am starting to feel a little queasy but only when i start to get a bit hungry.

Other then tired i'm feeling pretty positive
Hi Ladies,
Hope you are all well smile
It's been alittle while since I have been on the forum.

Since then I have had an early ultrasound to determine exactly how far along I am, due to really long cycles. From LMP they thought I was 9 weeks, but I knew when I ovulated so I thought that I would be around 6weeks 5 days and the ultrasound revealed I was 6 weeks 2 days. The heartbeat was 113bpm which they said was good as at that point they are looking for the heartbeat to be over 100bpm.
So my due date has been changed the Feb 10th.

As of today I think the MS is really starting to kick in. Haven't thrown up just feel more nauseas then other days.

I see my OB next Thursday so looking forward to that.


hello all

everything going well pretty tired and seem to be more nauseas in the arfternoons.
have got another ultrasound 9th july I'll be 8wks then. Will be doing share care with my local doctor and with the midwifes from swan districts hospital.


My pregnant sister was over here this morning and she is starting to show! Very excited to be pregnant the same time as she is.

Brought the new pram on the weekend, ended up with a Phil & Teds Sport. Used it this arvo and found it really good. Slowly thinking of everthing that I have to give back to my sister.

Still really nauseous all day and v tired.


hi Girls, I AM SO MAD AT DH. He has told me that he will never watch porn of (be with himself) without me around. Thats the deal. I came home tomight and found a porn DVD on the tv. He is denying black and blue that he never got to watch it or did anything. But the intent was there and comlete lack of respect for me and my feelings was not there.

It makes me feel horrible sad I didn't feel like sex before i definately dont now.
Hi Everyone,

I have found out today that iam due with baby 2 on feb DD turned 3 last month.

Iam very excited aswell.

well my MS didnt kick in yet,but feeling tired.

Hi everyone,
Its been a while since i have been on. My m/s has really kicked in, its at the stage where i take a bucket in the car with me and always have one close by(i had to do this with dd aswell). I cant remember who said that Bananas helped their m/s, they worked for me last time and Banana paddlepops worked really well, but nothing seems to be working this time. I had my bloods done today so im glad to have gotten that out of the way.

Anyways better go have dinner
Fingers crossed i can keep it down

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