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DUE FEBRUARY 2010 Lock Rss

Hi Ladies,

Thanks for the info on my bubble feelings and cramp like things.

My goal as of today is to stress less and care less when it comes to silly things and to quit smoking. This morning i feel like crap i have no bananas left to clam my stomach down, i tried a peanut butter sandwhich cos it worked last night but its not working this morning. I really feel like KFC Chicken nuggets and potato and gravy. mmmmmmmmmmmm...... I have my first drs appointment on Thursday.

The BF went out last night and all i did is cry cos my stomach was playing up and when he got home it calmed down i didnt understand it, it was weird.

For all the Ladies who are feeling sick i feel your pain.

Hope everyone gets well soon.

Thanks for the welcome everyone

Jamie I think your stress less plan is a great one:) Only things that (sometimes) calm my stomach are slices of apple.

Bus ride to work this morning however was a nightmaaaaaaaaaaaare.

Are any of you ladies finding that some nights you sleep like a rock and others you just cant sleep at all??


Babyafterdepo- I am definately going to find out the sex, as nearly everything that was light weight and can be worn in summer was blue for DS and if this bub is a girl i'll have to buy a few newborn outfits. And i like to have a theme for the nursery. But no matter whether its a boy or a girl i'm going to change it for this bub from what we have now.

Clare- I have nights where i am absoluteley sound asleep, a bomb wouldn't wake me (even thoug DS does) and other nights where i wake up three or four times and stare at the ceiling bacause i can't sleep. Its really wierd.
wow the list keeps growing!
I to have ms thank godness not as bad as last time.
Had first doc appointment on friday and bloods on sat, just finished speaking with my midwife who delivered my second ds, so happy she can take me on, im sure all the ladies in nz know how hard it can be to find a good midwife if you leave it to late!
I can sympathise with everyone who is tired, i was in bed by 8pm last night, but i guess running after a 3yr old an 11mth old (who has just learnt to walk) will do that to you.

Wow.... well i felt like crap last night when i get up in the mornings i feel it too just no sickness to follow it... sometimes i wish i would vomit so i could feel better lol.....

I am finding out sex also as my dd was born in jan and if it is a boy will have to go and buy blue... lol

Oh i dont know who it was that said they was moving but 1 wk ago we moved into a new house... I am so glad its over with i said i would never do it again while being pregnant... Or while babies are still babies, my dd cried all day long because i had no time for her we didnt get much help except from my mother as no one knows i am pregnant again... I know people will have alot to say as my dd is only 5 mths today. I dont care it is my life not theirs..

She is so clever for a wk she has been sitting up for hours on her own and getting ready to crawl... my mother is so happy bout it. as we are too...

I am hearing u girls about the lazy ass men... I keep saying to the dp that it will be different with 2 alot more full on... i cant wait to see what he is going to be like.. lol

I have to go back to doctors sometime this week to see dr...
get a referal to the ante natal clinic at the hospital...
And get my bloods back for everything..

well enough from me for today... tc everyone and talk soon...

Hey clare

I decided it was for the best with the stressing.

And sleep is not the best atm i get weird paions that wake me up during the night for nothing. But its ok. Sometimes im lucky to get 4 hours sleep atm.

I need to find a bit of food that wont make me sick! Any suggestions?

Clare what date is your bubba due?

Hey all,

Wow I really must get on here a bit more frequently, we have grown 2 1/2 pages since my last visit. Sorry for not replying to everyone but I just cant remember what was said.

Well the only preggy symptom that I am suffering is my absense of mind. No joke I have completely lost it, if it isnt written down it doesnt get done.

Heading to the docs tomorrow so will hopefully have some news about a scan date so I can confirm my dates. Everyone keep asking how far along I am and I cant tell them exactly, it is really bugging me.

Sorry it is so impersonal but must dash, have to get dinner on while my two darlings are sleeping and before DH comes home.


Hi all smile

Well I am still feeling sick. All day on and off, but thankfully no vomiting. I was a bit better this morning as last night right before I went to bed I had a banana, so wasnt starving when I woke up. Am going to try eating snacks throughout the day instead of 3 meals and see if this helps. Think it will be better as I cant seem to eat a lot when I do eat anyway, feeling bloated and gassy.

We are definately finding out the sex. Not sure if we will tell everyone else though... I am so happy to be having a summer baby smile It is my favourite time of year, and I have always loved having my bday in summer - (although not so much being at the end of the year as mine is December)
I cant wait to buy lots of baby stuff and outfits for bubba smile He/she is going to be one very spoilt baby, and not just by us! Will be the first grandchild for DH's parents! They were so exctied last time and bought us (the baby) gifts as soon as we told them, a baby car seat and a couple of other bits and pieces.

Anyway I think I am dribbling. I have to go grocery shopping and shopping for DH's bday pressies, been trying to find the motivation all morning but now I have to do it before the shops close! haha

bye for now xo

hi ladies,
jamie try twinnings lemon and ginger t as it is the only thing working for my ms that and vegemite sandwiches.
my sickness is easing slightly altho now i have said that will come back with a vengance.......had to go to the shops the other day and i really can not stand the smell of meat it makes me gag! poor dh craving a steak but there is no way i can cook any thing that smells
i to am so so tired getting up in mornings is getting harder and harder and ready for bed at bout half 8 fell like such a granny.
only thing i'm not looking forward to with a summer baby is cankles im dreading them already that i am not the best summer person at the best of times let alone with little heater in my belly.
i just can't wait to meet this one....i have feeling it boy but we going to leave it a secret
any who enough ranting today
sending baby dust to all

We'll be finding out the sex at 20 week scan, but to be honest as long as this bub doesn't play up as much as ds did and is happy and healthy and big I'll be happy (ds was happy, healthy and big but tried to come 6 weeks early twice).

I am dead tired a lot especially by night and am having the weird dreams already. And yes add me to the list of waking at night and not being able to get back to sleep.

nearlymum23 where in NZ are you? I was lucky getting a mw easily with ds and have kept in touch with her since, and let her know when we started ttc so she had me pencilled in for Feb/March anyway.

For all the mums with partners who fall asleep/don't wake up to the children, I have the same problem. But I am going to be sticking a monitor by dh's head when number 2 is born and the monitor will be for ds. He can get up to him and I'll do the baby duties since I'll be bf.

Dh's new role means he is home later than he used to be, somedays he's on time and other days he is about 1.5 hours late. it makes it hard when trying to do dinner, get Blake ready for bed and not fall asleep myself. I don't know what I'll do once there are 2 and he's showing up late at night. Oh well it's life I suppose and it brings in extra money.

lozwatts thats exactly how the last week has been. Two nights no sleep, two nights great sleep, then a night of waking up every two hours for no real reason. I used to sleep so well lol.

Jamie my bubba is due February 15th smile
Also I find that the more sleep I get the less sick I feel ... which is sometimes easier said than done when you cant sleep!

Hope all you ladies had a good Monday


Posted by: JamieLH
Clare what date is your bubba due?

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