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DUE FEBRUARY 2010 Lock Rss

Hi and welcome Clare smile

I feel so sick today, have been gagging and dry reaching all morning. Kinda wish I would just throw up and then hopefully feel better.

Yes last night was a good night. Was good to go out. I have kinda been staying at home and avoiding ppl so that I can keep the secret! I found out that another friend of mine is 5 months preg and has hidden it this long!! She was really small with last preg so probably doesnt have much to hide again. (She reckons it looks like she has overeaten occassionally) So yeah lots of preggy friends, and I'm glad to finally be part of the club - and it makes it a lot easier to be happy for them when you arent jealous!

Anyway, I am supposed to be doing an assignment so I better get off of huggies! Its just so unappealing - I keep putting it off and now it is due in 4 days! oops
I would just rather think about babies now, not study, hehehe.

Have a great day grin

hey all mummies to be
i am so sick!!! from when i wake up till well i'm just waiting for it all to pass now!!
lemon and ginger t is really helping as it not smelling any food! at work today i had to walk past a sausage sizzle and ppl coming in to the shop eating them and oh my god the smell would make me gag. looks like my diet at the mooment is plain pasta and vegemite rolls or toast. doc bit worried bout losing weight so have to go back again in 2 weeks she said might give me tablets so can eat properly but in the same breath at least i no i still preggers was bit worried after getting some cramps..turns out it urine infection. have popped alrady to and am so so so tired
hope everyone has good weekend better go attempt cook dinner for dd

Hi all...
wow everyone is getting sick.... hrmmmm... My baby gurl woke up this morning laying in her bed so i went and got her out and put her in bed with me and a bottle and she went back to sleep... thank gawddd as i felt like i could have chucked this morning... wow... i made my partner change her nappy because i would have puked... lol
she is just getting into solids and sitting up and trying to crawl... i aqm so proud of her... she is so adorable...
I am hoping that i dont get sick so i can spend as much time with her as possible so she dont miss out when next bub comes...

good morning ladies, Sorry to all of you suffering with M/Sickness but hopefully that means it will go away soon and you will feel fine.

Well as for me, my boobs are so sore, sorer now than they have ever been. They are heavy and lumpy and feel like they are all bruised sad

Feeling a little neauseous but nothing to bad yet.
Hi everyone,

I dont feel as bad today thank goodness as I have the last few days. Its probably because all I have done is lie prone on the couch while DH (i assume that stands for Dear Husband??? - I'm new to all this!) has cleaned up and gone shopping for me bless his heart. Got a great nights sleep last night and had applie slices and honey yogurt for breaky with a cup of decaf tea. Def not looking forward to going back into work tomorrow though. When I was there Friday I felt like hell!



I'm due on the 15th Feb. Excited and scared, only found out the other day and had to tell my parents and my bfs mother it was stressful. I'm only 17 and would love it if i could get some advice from ladies that have had a baby already. I dont know what to do i'm lost and feel weird i havent stopped crying for 4 days now thats all i do. I've also been getting weird pains in the stomach and weird like bubble things happening and i'm worried if it is something bad. I cant afford to lose this baby, because i had to abort last year. If anyone could tell me what is going on it will be appreciated.


Welcome Clare, and JamieLH gasp)

JamieLH, dont worry about the weird pains and bubble things, i have had the same thing midwife has said just movement going on to make room for buba and bubbles may be due changes in hormones etc. gasp) Although i wasnt 17 when i fell pregy with my DS i was scare also because DS wasnt planned and i didnt know until i was 12weeks gone. When i told my Mum and Dad they cried, i think because they hoped that i would have been married first etc. But as long as your family and BF stand by you you will be ok hun gasp) your family support will mean everything really soon, and cry all you like hun i did a lot of that and still do LOL i think its the hormones and fear but dont worry it will work out ok, and there is no reason you will lost buba, i think when your younger your body is better at been preggy enough if you had to abort last year gasp) xx

Sorry to hear ms is doing that rounds gasp(

nothing to report for me other than funny cramps and bubbles and sore bb's oh and tired ! oh and we have told everyone LOL we cant keep quite to save ourselves.

Hi Jamie welcome, I hope your family are there to support you through the next 8 months. Have you seen your Doctor? Depending if you are in Aus or NZ they do things differently, but in NZ your doctor can supply a list of midwives in your region for you to contact and book in with. The doctor will also need to do some routine antenatal group blood tests and can get you booked for a scan. pains and niggles are normal at the beginning, but if they start hurting really bad or you are worried call your doctor or nurse and get in to see them straight away. Even if it ends up being nothing it's better to feel calm and reassured. I was 20 when I fell pregnant with my ds, he was planned but I was still scared. I'm now 22 and this is our second planned pregnancy, not so scared about the pregnancy and labour but scared more about afterwards. You'll be ok hun, and I agree with babyafterdepo, being younger you do bounce back to yourself a bit quicker afterwards. Though it's still just as tiring. xxx

Hope everyones morning sickness buggers off soon. I felt like I was on a boat all morning all wobbly and sea sick. And I'm already starting to have ridiculous dreams in between waking up about 5 times at night peeing even though I stop drinking about an hour before bed and nothing through the night if I can help it. The dreams get to me though, I had really weird dreams with ds and when he was born I kept having nightmares and freaking out all the time. I'm quite happy to say that the next 8 months for me can cruise by slowly LOL! I know the first time mummy-to-bes in here will not be thinking that at all!

I have an inkling, and I'm probably so very wrong, but I think I'll be having a girl. I just feel so very different in my mind and body about this pregnancy.

Well hope everyone had a great weekend. I'm knackered and there are muffins to be baked for dh's lunches this week.

hi guys,
well i hope the m/s goes away 4 u all soon i have not had any yet... makes me wonder, aas with my daughter it didnt start till around now and it was a on off all through my whole 9 mths...
32 wks left... wow!!!!
this pregnancy is going to fly i can see it now... with my dd it went on for so long.. i couldnt wait to meet her...
I am starting to get excited... I think i am having a boy.. this time round feels different. but as they say not every pregnancy is the same...
i want 4 kids so it doesnt bother me if i have another girl this time around... smile
i know my daughter will be a great big sister...
motherhood is a 24/7 job and it is going to be hetic with 2 under 2.... wow never thought i would say that lol....
hope m/s goes away for u all and stays away for me... take care and look after the bubs in the bellies....

Add me to the sick and tired list! I get so so tired, can't remember it this bad last time. Kind of wish I could throw up so I would feel better, doesn't seem to matter if I eat or not.

Last time I found if I ate fatty food I would be fine, not working this time. Also I still have a sore throat which isn't helping.

DS (10 months) had tummy bug yesterday and was throwing up, so we had a 'fun' weekend. Also we are trying to find a new house (currently renting), poor DH had to put up with a hormonal wife (tears) and sick bub!

Oh add me to the two under 2, never throught that would be me either!

Welcome to all the new mums, it is great having the support of other pregnant women.


hey, so sorry to hear about all the sick ladies.

I feel fine, but i'm extremely pissed off at DH. Last night DS was screaming and yelling I went down there for half an hour and he was settled but cried everytime i left the room. I had to work today and DH didnt so i went and woke him up to take care of DS instead. I go back to bed and i can hear crying and carrying on for over an hour. Finally i crack it and storm down there to find the bedroom light on DS sitting upbouncing on his bed and DH asleep on a spare mattress next to DS's bed. I went ape at him and made him take DS into our spare bed and sleep next him.

I'm still really mad today, I don't know how he could fall asleep with DS acting like that and with the light on.

SO i have major crankiness today sad
oh lozwatts, sorry to hear your DH is as useless as my DH, make sure he makes it up to you ;o)

well no m/s but still sleeping for nz lol, well like you guys i feel i know what im having (and im sure i will be completely wrong). Right so i feel like im going to have a girl, coz my friend who did some spirital healing with me this month guessed i was pregy before i did and thinks im having a girl and i agree coz i cant get enough of bananas where as when preggy with DS i liked pears and wasnt tired with him but sick. So i cant be wrong really LOL. Either way i dont care what we have as long as it is healthy and ok gasp) but DH and i have agreed at the 20week scan we want to find out the sex, anyone else going to bother with that ??

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