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DUE FEBRUARY 2010 Lock Rss

good morning ladies, well im off to the doc's this arvo, even though this is my 3rd pregnancy it doesnt seem real!
Jaynie i too have to see my SIL soon, she is really wonderfull and i love her to pieces, she was pregnant with her first son whilst i was pregnant with my second we were only 2wks apart, sadly she lost her little man at 22wks, that was back in March 08, they have been trying again with no luck, i fell so guilty telling her that we will be having our 3rd!!!!

Sorry not sure how to get around the not drinking thing, i am a terrible liar, and ended up telling my mum that we are expecting the other day as she turned up with a few drinks!

Thanks for listening ladies, have a great day.
[Edited on 19/06/2009]

Morning ladies

Hope we are all well and our growing babies are growing frantically and correctly. Ds is waking at around 5am still and it's starting to take its toll on me but I can't complain stay at home mum I can nana nap daily.

Am more bloated and bbs are getting bigger. I don't need blood tests as I had prenatal (same as 1st antenatal) tests done in May to check everything before ttc. Can you go to your gp and get them done?

For those with ms starting to kick in, I've found a remedy that helps me and is keeping the off feelings at bay. I don't know if they sell in Aus but it is called Shot lemon, honey and ginger it's a big glass bottle all natural and you pour a little in a mug and add hot water, the smell and the taste is beautiful. Lemon and ginger are both great for ms as are b6 vitamins they can help ease it back too.

No really bad ms compared to throwing up last week, just feel off in the mornings and at night so have a drink shhen rest a bit

Jayne tell your sil you are on a detox diet for a month since she knows you are ttc say you are cleansing your body of all toxins. Only thing you are drinking is water, juice or milk. That should be believable enough I hope. You could even throw in because you've been partying too much lately or something. With ds I told everyone that, and they believed me until I had bad ms.

Reading about the heartbeat at early scans I remembr clearly ds was 5 weeks 4 days and his heartbeat was 92bpm because it was only just starting to beat properly. So I suppose that theory of early dating scans and a beat until 150 is possibly a boy? After that his heartbeat was always sitting around 160bpm. My mw said a way she could usually tell was when listening on the doppler if the heartbeat sounding like loud galloping it was usually a boy, and if it was lighter and more fluttery it usually is a girl. Ds was also the loud galloping, dh could hear it through my belly.

Right have rambled enough and we have to start getting ready for music class. Keep well ladies and lots of sticky dust for the next several crucial weeks smile

Jess....your son's name is on top of your list for boys names.....I so hope we are having a boy cos I really want to use it and have no clues on nice Girls names the moment. As a matter of interest, whats his middle name?

I think I talked to soon about feeling sick, the ms (well constant feeling of nausea) kicked in yesterday afternoon and its sticking with me today. If I didn't know I was pregnant before, I would know now. Walked into our techs room and smelt the agar being made and just made me feel sicker. My museli bar morning tea hasn't help. I don't like ginger so drinking ginger beer or anything with ginger in it just doesn't help. I think the only thing that did help were gingernuts. Might have to start snacking on them.

Got a bit of a head cold now too and trying to keep that under the radar as people and students have been sent home now if they show any signs of illness (swine flu prevention). I have a head cold not swine flu and I have too much to do at work as much as having a nanna nap on the coach in front of daytime TV sounds nice.

Well hope everyone else is doing well and that we all have great weekend....yay its Friday!
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Anyone else coming to join us??

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this is terrible... Indigestion never started this early with my daughter... she is so sweet just in her walker looking at me... beautiful....
anywAys lol...
i have not been feeling sick yet i am waiting for it to come though... it is terrible.. i feel the sick feeling when i dont eat as soon as i get up though... and i am not at all turned off coffee... weird. well would u class a vanilla latte' as a coffee???
i feel like a big juicy steak from hogs breath cafe' but i have never even eaten there b4 lol....
anyway hope all is keeping well....

Hey Mel Blake is a beautiful name and I love the meaning - handsome and bright. Or something like this. His middle name is Harry (it would have been William as it runs in my family) after dh's father who passed beg 07.
The drink doesn't have much ginger, but maybe try making a homemade lemon and honey drink? Or sniffing a lemon...Weird I know but it's apparently supposed to help. Sprite or lemonade are good alternatives too.
Hope your cold gets better soon

Dh absolutely refuses to look at baby names, which is fine because I'm making my own list this time and he can do the same and we can bicker about it later. yes it's early but there are still some names from choosing Blake's I like.

Funny with this pregnancy I'm not phased so much about finding out if baby is a boy or girl. With Blake I just had to know and really wanted a girl - don't get me wrong wouldn't trade the world for my boy I can't actually imagine having a girl now. Either way just want a healthy baby that doesn't put me in prem labour again thank you very much.

I see my midwife on 15 July. My GP on 30 June to get my referal for ultrasound. Will most likely go that Friday week as I'll be at or near or over 6 weeks. Somewhere there.

Hope everyone is well. Good luck with SIL Jayne!

Posted by: Mummy2Paige
Jess....your son's name is on top of your list for boys names.....

I love the name Blake too! Cant use it though as one of our close friends named their son Blake, so dammit! wink Goes really nice with middle name (and sirname) I had picked too sad


Thanks for the advice with SIL and not drinking! Was thinking of saying something like that cos she already knows how hard we are (were) TTC, so the detox thing will be believable smile

I starting to feel the MS... feel sick as soon as I wake up, on and off all day and everytime I drive/get in a car! I'm not complaining though, all the symptoms means bubs is hangin in there so the more the better! grin

Have a great weekend everyone!

hi girls,
well no morning sickness but i do have some of the other bad symptoms.
-really really cranky
-horrible skin break outs
-really really tired, like by 8pm i'm struggling to keep my eyes open and as soon as DS is asleep so am I.

With DS I had no form of sickness till about 9weeks and it stayed really mild untill about 16weeks when i started feeling motion sick all the time, which lasted untill 24 weeks. I really really hope that doesn't happen again. I want to be one fo those women who chucks her guts of for three or four weeks at the beginning and then has no sickness for the rest of the pregnancy. Does that sound bad? I guess it does a little. well I'll change my wish then. I want to be one of those women who has no sickness and cruises through with no bad preg symptoms and is all glowy and looks fabulous smile I WISH I WISH I smile
Dont worry lozwatts I have all the same 'Bad Sypmtoms' too sad constipated, pimples, tired, cranky (poor DH always cops it) and still sore boobs... I look like crap - definately not glowy and fabulous! hehehe

Uh so SIL sussed me out. She knows me too well and knew I was hiding something... she believed the detox thing for a minute or so and then knew something was up... so I just caved and told her, and she promised not to tell anyone! (hope she keeps her word) - Oh god, I knew I would spill the beans! I am hopeless.

Will have to tell DH tomorrow, although she said she would pretend she didnt know.

Oh well Jayne people will find out eventually and bubs has stuck through near 7 weeks so be positive, it's going to stick until 40. Was it a good night?

I'm going to join the not really having ms club (but feeling offish) which makes me feel so unpregnant though not complaining, was sick from 2.5 weeks with ds, stopped throwing up at 22 weeks but feel seasick until 32 weeks. Was really not cool. Not going to complain if I don't get it this time around.
I will however join the constipated, breakout and moodswing club. I have so many breakouts on my chest and upper back I feel like a crazed teen again, but not too many breakouts on my face touch wood.

Lozwatts I've been going to bed at around 8.30pm too. Looking forward to second trimester when energy levels do pick up a bit. Going to miss my favourite series this pregnancy again so will have to watch once out on dvd.

Have a great weekend ladies. Belly rubs to the little babies growing.

Well today I am so sick of feeling bloated and no pants fitting so everytime I bend over a button pops or I just go around wearing a button undone, I put on a pair of maternity 3/4 pants and have them on the tightest and it is so much more comfortable. Sad that at 4 weeks I already have a bump, I just know I'll be even bigger than I was with Blake.

Blake is a beautiful name, I think it's pretty masculine, and it definitely goes with a strong willed child!

Blake did let me sleep in until 7am so I was late for my weekly Saturday morning work, and here I am at work on Huggies. How terrible.

Hi there mummies

I found out about a week and a half ago that I am pregnant for the first time! Due around Mid February and very excited my hubby and I had been TTC for about seven months.

Had a blood test which came back all fine on Wednesday which was a big relief!!!

Was feeling very very sick the last couple of days and not sleeping but finally managed a full nights sleep last night and to have some toast and a boiled egg today for breakfast yay! Is it sad that i'm glad to have kept that down?


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