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DUE FEBRUARY 2010 Lock Rss

hello everyone, just got back from US and it all looks good. One bub in there, I'm measuring 6w4days and due date is 7th FEB. Heart beat was 129bpm. smile yay i feel so relieved to have it all officially confirmed date and all.
Yay.....that is awesome news. I will update the list. Perhaps another boy with that heart rate???
updating list...

5monkeychops (Bree)- EDD 1st Feb #6
Up_the_duff_again - EDD 1st Feb #2
M2ija (kiri)- EDD 2nd Feb #2
Intermama (Rose) - EDD 4th Feb #4
Casley931- EDD 5th Feb #2?
Leiajane (leia) - EDD 6th Feb #3
Mummy2Paige (Mel) - EDD 6th Feb #2
00Neatz00 (Neatz)- EDD 6th Feb #1
Mareetina (Tina) - EDD 6th Feb #2
Lozwatts - EDD 7th Feb #2
Em09 (Em)- EDD 7th Feb #1
Jadeoskah - EDD 8th Feb #2
Jaynie81 (Jayne) - EDD 8th Feb #1
GussTownrow (Kylie) - EDD 10th Feb #2
ELIZPETERS - EDD 10th Feb #2
Alisha K (Alisha) - EDD 11th Feb #2
nearlymum23 (Mel) - EDD 12th Feb #3
Jade01 (Tracey) - EDD 12th Feb #1
Paige's Mum (Bec) - EDD 12th Feb #2
TG2229 (Tracey)- EDD 13th Feb #3
Ktjs - EDD 17th Feb #3
Mummyto3boys (Jules) EDD 20th Feb #4 (no doubt hoping for a girl!!!!)
RKA - EDD 21st Feb #2
MollyandChloe's Mum (Kelly) - EDD 22nd Feb #3
Jei (Jess) - EDD 23rd Feb #2
babyafterdepo - EDD 23rd Feb #2
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[Edited on 18/06/2009]
Hi smile

How is everyone? I am feeling a bit sick today.
So excited for those that have had scans done smile I cant wait to have mine... With last pregnancy I had an early dating scan (as it was a surprise) and I was 6 weeks and 1 day (122bmp), so just got to see the heartbeat. It was so amazing. Was only then I actually believed I had a lil bub inside me. The whole busting to pee thing was horrible though, and turned out they did an internal anyway so went through all that for nothing. It was the best feeling ever to go to the loo and relieve myself!

I have my first OB apnt on 2 july but I dont even know if Dr will do a scan. Def will have bloods done. Thing is DH will miss out if I do get a scan cos it is the day he fly's out and he won't be home for 2 weeks after the apnt, so would be nice to wait until he is home, which would make me about 10 weeks by then...

Hi Ladies, great hearing about everyones early scans ;o) i bet it just makes it all so real now for you all gasp)

Well feel really good today, was tired this morning but no so mad this avo really wanted to do another HPT this morning just to check i was still preggy, i know sounds silly right. Well MW called today and have arrange to meet up with her after scan, scan is booked for the 3 july which just makes me 6 weeks so hoping not to soon so i can see heart beat, might push the scan date to 6th of july not sure.

Jaynie, if you want a early scan, just say to doc you are not so sure on dates ;o) thats what i did hehehe

Toniee, hun so so very sorry to hear your news ((hugs)) was really hoping you had been blessed after losing you buba in March xx

Hello everyone!

Well I feel rotten today. Every time I get hungry I start to feel really sick and then when I eat I feel even worse. Thankgod Mum took DD out for a little bit this morning I was able to sleep and then I had another sleep with DD after lunch. Hopefully it stays away for the rest of the day at least until I put DD to bed as Mum has gone to work and I'm on my own. Fingers crossed. I told DP his children hate me, that or he has it in for me! lol

Can't remember who was asking why so many were having early scans, but I had mine early to check for viability and to put my mind at ease becuase I miscarried at the end of March. I'd say it would be the same for alot of other ladies as well as we have a few in here who have miscarried previously. So far so good with all our early scans! gasp) Must be a sign that we're all in here that bubs will be ok!

Mummy2Paige I've heard the thing about the heartbeats but I can't remember what they are either. DD had a really strong heartbeat all the way through, but the first scan I had for her was at 11 weeks. I'm really happy with that heartbeat though, makes me feel better, although I am worried that they are saying the babies CRL is only 4.6mm which does put me a week behind, but there is no doubt in my mind about when bub was made! I guess I'll have to wait until I go to see my OB, to find out what it might all mean?? The sonographer was a bit rush, rush, rush with me so I don't know if maybe she didn't do it right or something??

I'm dying to go home now so I can see DP and we can see our little Bubba again (there wasn't exactly alot to see yesterday). Only 3 and a bit weeks until DD and I are on the plane on our way back to Sydney!

I'm thinking I am going to nickname this baby speck or speckle becuase on the ultrasound film all you can see is this little tiny speck! haha Which one do you think sounds better? I think I am leaning towards speckle!!

Well I think I have crapped on enough. I've been trying to remember what others have written, but my mind has gone awol! Hope everyones well and good luck with scans and things! gasp)

Finally got app to see mw but it not till 3rd august!!!!!
thanks for the tips on tickers tina i'm working on it jus a bit computer slow.
finally starting to get rid of cold would be happy if could get rid of 24hr sickness!!!!!
glad to hear all the early scans are so far positive!!!!

woo hoo finally got to work thanks heaps tina
better get back to rying to get dd (i hope that means darling daughter!) to go to bed
she in a big girl bed but gets up and down a million times untill she gets to sleep..........any tips would be wicked!!

Had 1st ultrasound today and am at 5wks and everything looking good so far. Going babck for another one at 8wks to get a better look at the little peanut.

so EDD 18th Feb


HI Feb mummies,
Well im actually happy to say that my m/s is kicking in. I know that sounds stupid but its just a relief to know that im actually pregnant. I see that a lot of you are having scans. i havent even had bloods done yet. I called to book with my midwife on Tuesday so so she wull be getting back to me in the near future, she's very carefree which is what i love about her. I never had a scan with DD until 20 weeks, but will be asking for an earlier one this time because of my missed m/c.

Anyways better go, watching Greys

Hi everyone,
how is everyone going??? sending sticky dust to everyone....
I am starting to get a sicky feeling... also everything is different to last pregnancy... i am craving the fattiest foods lol plus sweets galore... my u/s bubs hbpm was 153 so and was told that it could be a boy...
i dont care really i will be happy with either i have a daughter but i want 4 kids anyway so it doesnt bother me... maybe when i get to number 4 and i have 3 girls then maybe lol....
my daughter has been terrible today 5 mths going on 2 yrs lol... thinks she can go without sleeep a whole day and is terrible to put to sleep at night....
she only wants me to put her to sleep... i dont know what they are going to do when i go to hospital for this bubba...
anyways every hope all is well...



Alisha - I havn't had bloods done yet either! Thinking maybe I am being too slack or blase, but actually I couldnt get in any sooner, (and I got an earlier apnt than usual because of previous miscarriage - usually they dont see you til 9 weeks at the OB I'm seeing) I dont even know what my blood type is - so I HOPE its not the resis neg or whatever they call it? Pretty sure I have a "normal" blood type though.

I cant remember who it was that said they were told there date was a week earlier than what they believe... but was just thinking you must be right with the date you conceived but perhaps it took a little longer to implant, maybe that might explain it... dunno - I'm certainly not an expert but was just a thought smile
I am thinking I will be told I am not as far along as I think... I kept track of dates and usually have a longer cycle, but that cycle I OV early so just guessing my EDD based on a 28 day cycle.

Oh I also have a problem! I am going to my SIL for dinner tomorrow night (she doesnt know I'm preg) and she was saying "oh, we can have a few drinks. Oh, I'll make you some cocktails too!" I didnt know what to say so I just kinda went along with it... But, HOW AM I GONNA GET OUT OF THIS??? Should I just tell her? She knows we are TTC and is very suspicious whenever I refuse a drink she asks "Are you pregnant?" (When i wasnt even pregnant, hehehe) so I need something REALLY GOOD to convince her, any ideas???

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