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updating list...

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babyafterdepo - EDD 23rd Feb #2

hi all i thought that i was due in jan unitl today... had a u/s was told i was due on the 1st of feb...
i am excited... this is number 2 and my daughter will be 1 in jan.. very close together but ahh well lol was shocked at first...
i thought i was due around the 28th of jan... lol
my daughter is the 22nd my nephew is the 27th and my sis inlaw is on the 4th of feb so fingers crossed bub does not come on any of them days...
anyways we just moved house bigger house which i am glad for...
i am 25 and partner is 22 yes i am a cougar lmao...
anyways hope to hear from u guys and gl...
ps this pregnancy feels different for now anyways...
no m/s yet.. fingers crossed...
p.s can u add me to the list please... guess i betta exit from my thread lol
[Edited on 17/06/2009]

Hi again,

Welcome to the new mums. February is certainly going to be a busy month.

Well today I feel pregnant. Im tired, nauseous and just all over irritable. DD's are playing up terribly today, testing my patients in every facit of the word. I have been on the phone all morning trying to get quotes on the materials for the house. Dh gets home tonight which will be nice and he is on holidays next shift so is home for 3 weeks straight however the business is booming at the moment (winter was suppose to be slow...pfft) so probably wont see much of him.

It is good to read that some of you are getting early scans to see bubs.

Cant wait for my doctors appointment on Tuesday.


hi all yes well tomorrow will tell me for sure if I a jan or feb mum for sure.. sounds silly i know

so excited about ultrasound ..except the drinking a ltre of water

sounds like everyone traveling well


Hey it turns out that I'm not pregnant. I've still got a small amount of hormones left from before. My levels had decreased since last weeks bloods. My mind must've then convinced my body that it was pregnant again for my boobs to start aching, like a phantom pregnancy. I guess when you want something so bad.......
So now I'm just waiting for af.

Tried to ring mw clinic today too book in apparently they only open to book from 9 till 12!!!! grrr will have to wait another day to book!!!
oh well other wise all is good jus really badly ms all day and all night.
feels like my belly has popped already and my boobs already feel massive!!
hope all other ladies well todayxx

any tips to gat ticker to work?????

Hello ladies! How are we all?

Firstly mrssummo, sorry to hear you're not pregnant. Besst of luck for the future though. gasp)

Well I had my ultrasound and according to the babies size they reckon I am only 6 weeks 2 days, but I know that is wrong because DP and I wouldn't have even been in the same state then when the baby was concieved! lol I'm still sticking with my original date, because I have no doubt that it's right, 1 because i know when my last af was, 2 I know how long my cycles are and 3 and sorry if tmi but DP and I only sex the one time lol He had been away for 2 weeks and then a week after he got back I left and the one time we were able to get the oppurtunity was like the day after he came home. So there is no doubt at all in my mind when this baby was made and when it's due. I guess it's just a little small?? The heartbeat was 141bpm though which is really good! I've made an appointment with my OB for when I get back to Sydney but thats not for another 4 weeks, but atleast he will do scans at every visit.

Well DD is running rampage with her 2 big cousins so I better go see to them all!

Take care everyone.
Hi all,

Still got a really sore throat, all my glands are swollen, oh well. Did someone mention building a house? Can't remember were I read it? Anyhow we are trying decide what to do, wether to build or buy and renovate? Not much fun with a 10 month old and bub on the way.

There seems to be lots of you having very early scans? Any reason? Ithought you normally got one at 12 weeks then 20 weeks?

mrssummo - sorry to here that you aren't pregnant, our bodies do strange things sometimes.

ELIZPETERS - for your ticker, when using Lilypie select the code for Forum signatures, then PseudoHTML code. You only need to paste in the code between [Image Removed] into your signature details. Hope that makes sense?

DS has swimming lesson today, still deciding wether I go, as my throat is so sore, he is fine thou.

Hope all is well.


Yay Kiki for the scan....poos about the date, but like you said you know when your bubs was conceived so stick with the original date I say smile Nice to see the heartbeat....141 is good and I can't remember what the old wives tale is about heart beat....over 150 or over 140 for a girl? I think lozwatts said her son was 121 at 6 weeks plus. Do you have a girl or boy already?

Mrssumo....I was sorry to hear that you are not preggers. Sending you lots of baby dust that it was happen for you very soon *baby dust*

I got all my MW stuff yesterday, it was quite exciting. First appointment on July 22nd and I'm booking in for our scan next week. Just trying to decide on the date. I'm thinking Friday would be nice to leave work early. In theory I should be close to 8 weeks on that date, but I reckon the scan will come back with more like 7 weeks because of now the embryo must have implanted late. But no doubt we will see. Rang and left a message for my MW about doing the bloods again as my stupid doctor only did the early antenatal bloods (the ones that check for blood group, hep B, HIV rubella and syphilis) and didn't do ferritin (iron- I had problem with low iron last pregnancy) or a urine test. I just didn't think about it when I did it on Tuesday to what happened last pregnancy. So no doubt me MW will what me to do them again...yay for more needles...not!

This pregnancy is certainly so far very different to last time. Not really feeling sick at all (touch wood), just now and again I do and it goes away after a bit. Couple times I have woken to feeling hungry in the night, but its too cold to get out of bed so I just go back to sleep. Definitely peeing more. But like last time, I can feel my heartbeating and I get vivid dreams. Last night I dreamt that DD starting walking by herself. Which no doubt she will do every soon as she is 13 months old.

Well he is me going on, can you tell I'm at home with sick DD who is sleeping??? I guess I should use the time to go and mark my students assessments they did on Monday.

Hope all is well with everyone and can't wait to hear about those of you going to scans soon.

Tina.....generally I think the rule is 12 weeks and then 20 weeks for normal pregnancies. I bleed for a day (red blood) and spotting for 3 days around when AF was due and then a week later I had brown spotting (well mainly when I wiped) so hence the reason why I had lots of blood tests to check for HCG levels (I have had four done now). So Doctor and my MW want me to have a early scan to check on dates and viability.

Last pregnancy I didn't have a scan until 12 weeks because I had no issues in that first 12 weeks. It was the longest wait for that scan, so very glad we are able to have an early scan this time. I think I said to myself that next time we got pregnant I would pretend that I didn't know when my LMP was so I could have a early scan as I had friends that did that.
Hi girls, I am leaving work in about 10mins to go to my US. I am so excited.
I havent drank the whole amount of water i'm supposed to otherwise i think i will wet myself trying to hold it for the next 45mins plus any time they are running late.

Tonee I'm so sorry about you news sad I know how badly you guys are wantin this to happen. Hope you have some luck next time you are able to try.

can't remember who said it but yeah it is true, they say a heart beat over 150 is usually a girl, but that only at early scans. I'm not sure how early it means because it 6-7weeks it was 122bpm and then i had another scan at 10weeks and it was 155bpm so i'm not sure if you can really count on figuring it out that way smile

Anyway i'm off, hope my blader holds up. I'll post later on how it all went.
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