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bubs due late Jan / early feb 2010 Lock Rss

hi ladies,

i'm posting under a diff username as dont want to tell family/friends yet but i just got my long awaited BFP today.

i have looked up a few diff sites and so far i'm due around 31st jan / 1st feb 2010

anyone else due around this time.
hi i have no idea when i am due lol i am guessing it is around late jan early feb.... smile it was a shock as i have a 4 mth old daughter... her birth date is the 22nd of jan so i have my fingers crossed that this one does not come on her birthday... smile. i am not telling no one at all me and my partner have kept a promise not to tell until we have found out the sex yes 20 week scan lol long secret isnt it.... he does not even know i am on here telling anyone so yeah shhhh lol..... congrats by the way...

hi my name is sandra im only 6 weeks and i got a 20 months old girl and this baby will be due on the 18th of january.good kuck and hope u are feeling well,ive beeen getting my morning sickness already.

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Hi there, I am also due on jan 18th! I am also having mornng sickness (all day)!! This is my third child. I don't think I got morning sickness this early with my other 2! I have a scan this week, so looking forward to that.
Hi everyone.

I am 6 weeks and 1 day and it is my first baby! I am due on the 22nd January.

Am very new to this and am finding it a little tricky with all the abbreviations but I'll get there. By baby number 2 I will be the abbreviation queen!

So far so good. I feel great, albeit a little tired in the afternoons. No morning sickness yet......everyeone tells me it hits around 6 weeks - aaahhhh, I hope not!!!

hey everyone my name is ally
i am due 27 january so i guess i am about 5 weeks along
real shock as i have endometrios and thought it would take a lot longer to get pregnant second time round it took less than 3 months!!!
i also have a 2 1/2 year old boy
hoping all goes well!!
hi I have just finished a round of IVF and found out that i 2 are expecting around end of jan -early feb.. wow i am still in shock.. i would like to caht 2 others i am a nurse in sydney and moved here to be with my new husband so i dont know anyone as yet...pls feel free 2 chat to me on my emailsite as i really do not know how to use this site as yet,.....x
well I guess I'll slot myself in too - I don't think I participated in the 'due in X month' threads with the boys so we'll see how this goes lol

We're expecting #3 around 26.01.10. MIL is harping on about how she wants a granddaughter (she has 3 grandsons now) etc etc etc and is demanding all the nitty gritty to best calculate her chances. To make matters worse I've told her that we're NOT finding out the gender and she won't shut up! oh well... i feel for her daughter when she finally decides to start a family. at least i can shut it out as she's not my mother LOL

meanwhile back to the story of why i'm here... bug (nn for bump) is about 5 weeks now. not a surprise but also not planned. and i'm hoping for a VBA2C however am finding that although the chances of something happening are only increased by 0.4% to a total of 0.9% no-one yet is willing to give me a shot! oh well - i guess i've got a bit of time up my sleeves to find someone... i hope!

we haven't had any bloods or a dating scan. our doc's protocol is bloods are to be taken to confirm or if there's a miscarriage threat so i'll have to wait a few more weeks to find out my levels or everything and whatnot.

it's uber weird though but i keep having stomach spasms which feel like a kick even though i KNOW that it's impossible to feel anything... i would like to know what it is though... stupid spastic (i mean spasm-ing) muscles. lol

oh and i'm in Melb smile]
hi girls, I think i am due first week of feb. I would only be 4weeks and some days right now. I have a nearly 2year old boy and i'm really excited about this preg, this was our first month of active trying. But i have been off any kind of birth control for 12mths, i was just keeping track of ovulation.

hello to everyone else, hope you doctors app and morning sickness are all going well smile
Hi girls
Just got a long awaited BFP this morning and i am over the moon. Fingers crossed and lots of sticky baby dust as i miscarried 2 months ago!!
My DS is 14 months atm so im very excited that we got the age gap we wanted!!
Im not sure of dates, as i dont know when my LMP was, so im guessing anywhere from 24th Jan to early Feb....

Jumping out of my skin!!!
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