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Babies Due October 2009 Lock Rss

Hi girls,

Congrats to all who have had their bubs and labour vibes to all who need it.

We welcomed Lilijana Margaret Rose into the world on the 2/10/09 at 10:04pm she weighed 6lb 15oz was 52cms long and HC of 33cms only had a 4 hour labour and had gas to help with the pain we are now home after a 2 week stay in hospital.

Will pop back later to catch up properly

Cheers Tamara

Congrats Tamara on the bith of your little girl - such a beautiful name as well.

Girls I think the out of control part is what is driving me soooo crazy - I pretty much know there is nothing I can do to make this baby come until it's ready and I hate not being in control of something so huge.

Thanks to all who have offered their advice so far on what your first and beginning was like for you keep it coming as it makes me feel so much better to hear that i don't need to worry that I have not had any real signs.

Hope there are some more babies born over the coming weekend.

I hope to hear some good news from at least someone over the weekend too, not me though by the looks of it. The doc has a small scan machine in his rooms and he did a scan this arvo and said my cervix is still 100% closed but it is thin which is a good sign., He seems to think next Tues/Wed might be when something happens for me, and that would be good because my other 2 children are in daycare those days. He said you can't do a sweep with a closed cervix so we might see what we can do next Tues arvo when I have my next appt.
Waiting waiting.......

Hello ladies!!

Well still waiting!! Ticking away! For some reason im going insane thinking about getting induced im so scared of it! ARGH!

This baby has not stopped all day! She must be exhausted! No chance im going to labour anytime soon.

Labour vibes to everyone and for those who have had there gorgeous bubs YAY!!!!! smile

I want the pain bring on the pain! PLease dont quote me on that later hehehe..

SArah xxxx
Hey Sarah, I have a feeling both you and I will go before Wednesday smile
Also though, don't stress about being induced, I was induced with DD1 and it is just quicker, which can be a good thing!
Erin's in labour now so fingers crossed it is all going well for her.
My bub had a huge activity session last night, ended up feeling really sick because of it! I thought it would never end smile

Still no baby here!!! Still just getting the odd contraction here and there. Have no idea whats going on. Losing loads and loads of my plug and it now got old and new blood in it (soz TMI). Guess anyday now ..........


Hello girls, just announcing the arrival of our little angelic boy. Hayden Thomas. born 16/10/09 ( 8 days early) 3.95 Kg or 8 pound 11oz 53 1/2 cms long., 11 hour labour, natural childbirth, drug free smile, a few stitches not too bad though i did scream out begging for some pain relief about an hour before bub was out, no one listened though as it was too late, my beautiful midwives and hubby were just soo strong for me and coached me through every min. So proud to have my 2 boys!!!! could always visualise myself with boys, boys, boys actually!!! Im such a lucky mummy! Lachlan is an awesome big brother and spends every sec giving baby a kiss and hug.

Labour wishes for everyone STILL waiting,keep strong not long now. and congrats to new mummies out there, isnt it an unbeatable feeling !!!! look what we have created !!!!! smile


well STILL no baby in our household. I have had no contractions or anything and I have been trying the "natural methods to bring on labour" It just does not want to come out!!!

anyways the good news is I just picked the winner on the Caufield Cup smile

I'm still here too sad

Bub has been heaps quiter over the past few days so hopefully that's a good sign - it's still moving but not neraly as much as it was a week ago.

DH has organised to do another week at work before holidays so that's good as I didn't really want him hanging around next week just waiting with me.

Thinking I might go do a lap around the block and see if that causes anything - I had pain last night that wrapped around my front and to the middle of my back - that was new for me.

Woke up at 4am went to the loo been bleeding ever since!! Im thinking it's my water?? As your pls cant be this much can it? Waiting for a good hour to call my midwife to see where to go from herer! I never had all this blood with my DS only contractions and im having blood and no contractions!! sad

Really strange??

Sarah - be careful as if it is your placenta you can bleed really quickly and a lot - I would be calling now if I were you because as far as I understand bleeding is not normal - hope it is all ok - am thinking about you.

Today is the first of my due dates - it's the one we worked out when we first found out I was pregnant. Tomorrow is what the hospital said and then the 22nd is the scan date - sometime this week would be great wink

Well just got from clinic, it's just my show! SHe is pushing right up against my cevix so it's softning slowly! Not contractions and the bleeding as slowed down alot.
Finger's cross things start to progress and bubs is here soon.

Baby is diong really well and is still so busy! Had the trace on and DS come into the rtoom and she just stated to go crazy my midwife couldn't beleive it. She delieved DS so it was amazing having him there with us. xxx

So come on baby we need you here already!!
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