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Babies Due October 2009 Lock Rss

congratulations to all the new arrivals smile]

lots of labour dust to everyone still waiting
Congrats Ali on the birth of your little girl Olive - I love her name that is my grandma's first name.

Congrats Mum to Matt on the birth of Makayla - glad it all went well and she is a good baby.

Girls who were aksing about evening primose oil - I had been told by a few people that it's worth taking both orally and vaginally when we are as close as we are as it helps to soften the cervix and apparently makes you dilate qicker - I take two tabs in the morning orally with my breakfast and then insert two at night before I go to bed - at this point I figure what have I got to loose. Oh and I just bought the normal epo capusels from chemist.

As for the laobur oil I just bought it from a local shop and she said to rub it on my belly as I got close to due date as it may help bring on labour and to use it during labour as well. The brand is perfect potion and it's called Full Bloom birthing oil and has lavender jasmine and clary sage oil in it - Here is a link to buy it online -

and I did some research on clary sage as well so here is a link to some info about how it can help during labour -

Congrats Ali on the arrival of Olive

Well I saw the midwife this morning, bubs has finally engaged and measuring 41wks but I seem to be carrying alot of fluid again so won't be a really big bub. I'm excited & nervous as the same time if that makes sense.

It's raining here again today and I've still got to wash the carseat cover, capsule cover & cloth nappies. Hope it will be sunny again before I have bubs. Someone mentioned a temp of 34 we are only having temps of about 15 here, freezing.

Well had my 40 week midwife appointment today and well she is 2/5th enagaed just like last week. It's just a waiting game. Iv got till wednesday to get her out until naturally or im getting help!! Which im truly not looking forward too. sad But midwife doesn't think it will come to that!

My Ds is at his aunties for the afternoon so im making the most of my freedom by eating chocolate lol!!

Good luck ladies and im very jealous of these babies poping out!! xxx
I'm booked for an induction on Wednesday too but really hoping it happens before then.

Good luck!


Mum of 4 blessings - TAS.

Hey girsl im still herre with no baby!!!

Well yesterday contractions started at 4 am and by 7am they were 5 mins apart and getting stronger. So called mum, got Jaz organised, had a shower and by 9 am they just stopped. Then for the rest of the day they were 10mins apart then they went back to 5 mins apart at 9pm then i went to bed to nothing. Had a really good sleep though but still nothing this morning just really sore.

So im a little frustrated and upset but it will happen soon enough i guess.

Congrats on the new arrivals!!


Geeze Kez, that would really pee me off! Hopefully the contractions come back ASAP!

I still have no baby yet sad I dont even feel like anything is happening to give me a sign it may be comming! I just dont know what to do now! I have my next midwife appointment next Thursday and we are looking at inducing me then but that is still AGES away.

Had a horrible incident the other night! I have been getting thrush (yuk) and my partner bought me home a Canesten Vaginal Treatment. Within a few minutes of inserting it, I had an awful reaction and the pain was unbearable! So up to the hospital I go where I have to be examined and flushed out with saline solution. It was awful. Now I feel llike I have not only thrush, but a slight UTI as well.


Bugger Kez I do hope things get more regular for you soon - maybe today is the day.

Ok so I have a few question for all the mummys out there who have been through this before -

should I be worried that I don't think I've lost my plug?

how did you feel before you went into labour? Were there any signs that it was going to happen?

I am feeling really clueless today as to what I should be feeling atm I guess we all feel different things but just looking for some idea I guess.

I don't think you have to lose your plug or have a show to go in to labour. Also with those things, if they happen it could mean labour is that day or anywhere up to a week away, with DS I lost the plug about a week before I went into labour with him but I hear others say labour started within hours.
I was having alot of BH before having DS but to be honest did not pick it for the start of labour until they got too painful and close together to go back to sleep (it all started overnight) so can't offer much sad
Its as frustrating as hell but we just have to wait and maybe try some of those natural methods, gives us something to do in the mean time ,apart from watch the calendar! LOL.

What a bummer Kez, hopefully next time they keep going for you.

Janey, hope you are having a better day and things are starting to happen.

Marni, with my 1st I had no idea and it started just with pains that became more regular and more painful. No loss of plug or waters.

DD2 same lost no plug or waters. Had 2 nights in a row were I woke with regular pains but they stopped after awhile. Then on my due date the pain started along with vomiting.


Thios waitign game is so painfull and the false contrations or the real ones but there jsut not doing anything.

Im two days over my due date so overwhemling. Baby is so active and them some. Im getting very upset at night times feeling like i haev no control im such a mess. Im so glad i have such an supportive partner.

I really jsut dont want to have to get introduced! Im terrifired of that happpening!! So she has until Friday now to get her but out into this world naturally.

Im about to run myself a bath as the toddler is fast asleep and the house work is just about finished.

Good luck ladies!! Thinking of everyone.

Keep us all posted xxx Sarah
Sarah, I totally understand the feeling! I'm not overdue yet but I remember feeling that way when I was 2 days over with DS.
It is a feeling of no control! They come when they want to, or get induced. I have not had any feeling that this baby is coming anytime soon and I have the idea she won't! Thankfully I get to talk to my doc today about it all because they are telling me they will only let me go over by 1-2 days, I'm trying for a VBAC. I don't want an elective c section! Worrying about it though, is not helping sad
We are soooo close now, us that are still waiting!
Labour vibes to all.
I think I will take myself to the chiro, he is treating me for free last week and this week and next week if I make it that far!

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