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Babies Due October 2009 Lock Rss

I don't think ill be even having the sex i think things are starting to happen already. Lets hope so. Woooot!

YIPEE KEZ.......... fingers x

Posted by: Jazminsmum
I don't think ill be even having the sex i think things are starting to happen already. Lets hope so. Woooot!

Yay!! COme on baby!! wink If only i didn't have a over tired toddler that is ruin my plans for the night!! Im so emotionaly drained!! Finger's cross my midwife gives me good news tomorrow!! But i bet she just says keep waiting she will come when she wants too!! ARGH!!

Good luck jazminsmum!!!
How exciting Kez, I hope its the start of labour for you!!!!

oooohhh how exciting that we may have some more labour action happening - hope it is the real thing and all goes smoothly for you both.

Went and bought some evening primrose oil capsules this afternoon and inserted two (tmi sorry) - it's not to bring on labour but meant to ripen the cervix and give it a hand along during labour a bit like raspberry leaf which I have been taking and also drinking. I also rubbed some labour massage oil on my tummy this arvo - it has calary sage oil in it - since I did all this I have been feeling little twinges - probably bh but still better than nothing at all.

Where did you hear about the evening primrose oil? Sounds like one to try before my induction next week...

Mum of 4 blessings - TAS.

i'd like to give it a try too...
what sort of evening primrose oil capsules do you use? how many? how often?
and what is the labour oil? i have never heard of it before...

soooo excited for everyone have early labour feelings!!
goodluck girls! xo
Thanx for the well wishes !!!

I did end up having the sex lol just to make sure and now im having contrations anywhere from 5 to 10mins apart. So looks like my bubba will be born on his due date YAAAAH!

Hopefully ill be back on soon annoucing his birth.

Goodluck to everyone else!!!!

Sending labour vibes and contration pains lol to all!!!


Oh edited to say that my bubba is still quite active in labour i can feel him moving between contrations!!
[Edited on 15/10/2009]

Well I had the S E X lol!! But nothing seems to work! Midwife today so finger's crossed she tells me some good news! I know iv had bum pain all night! But the owrse pain atm is my tooth!! It's killing me!

And this baby is so active it's nice to hear that your bubs is ative and your having contrations!! MAybe that what this one well do!

Im only a day late so i have afew more days!!

Good luck ladies!!

Cant wait to hear more news of little angels being bornn!!! xxx
Hi girls, Olive Harper was born a week early last Thursday, 2.91kgs. Had to be induced after my waters broke with no contractions and I don't recommend it!! It was a bit rough going from zero to full on pain within minutes and didn't get any down time in between contractions - ouch! Pretty much everything that I didn't want to happen happened eg. got cut, had an epidural etc etc but it was all worth the pain, she's just so lovely. So for everyone who has a plan, don't stress if it doesn't work out that way - the result is what counts.
Hope all are well - I'm off to have my first nap in a week...see how long it lasts, haha.
Ali smile
Congrats Ali!!

Im sorry to hear about your rough labour, as you said it's the result at the end of it that counts! Hope you and bubs are heathly and happy!

xxx Sarah
Congratulations to all the mums who have had their bubs and good luck to all those who are still waiting.

I'm on here quickly with my eyes falling out of my head to announce the arrival of our little girl.

Makayla Jane was born on 9th November at 3:19am weighing in at a healthy 8 pound 4 ounces, 49.5cm long and a 36cm head.
She is such a good baby. She wakes twice a night and pretty much eats sleeps and poos. We had a bit of a rough night last night, all she wanted to do was feed until 2am which was a bit tiring.

Anyway off to put some more washing on, fun fun

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