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Babies Due October 2009 Lock Rss

Hi Girls

Well, today is official due date.

I have definately dropped a lot more so I think bubs has become more engaged as lots of pressure down there. Lots of pain at night too but then gone by the morning.I have hosp app tomorrow so I am going to ask for a stretch and sweep hoping that will really get things started for real.

Have a lot of ladies had this done and if so did it work? Just curious as I didnt need to have it done for DD.

Yes, I keep getting phone calls everyday too now. DP rang just before asking if anything is happening!! As if I wouldnt ring and let him know!! I think he is staring to get nervous now. LOL.
Labour vibes to all those still waiting................. Looking forward to reading of more arrivals.

Hi all
I thought I would drop in and tell my birth story .

well I woke up with pains at 5am on the 7th and they were about 10 mins apartand stayed that way until about 7am then they changed to about 5 mins till about 8am then they went to 2 mins. I got the kids of to school about 8.30 and my sister came and got my 2 1/2 year old then my husband ansd I headed of to the hospital which is 2 mins down the road about 9am they did an internal and thought i was about 7cm with my waters close to breaking i wish they had of broke my water then because i think Thomas would have been born within the hour. well the contractions continued and i felt the need to push about 10.30 but she wanted my to keep going for half hour more before breaking my water. They broke my water and 2 pushes later he was born. It was a very relaxing and calm birth.

Now we are home things are starting to seetle he feeds for about 15 mins every 2 hours during the day and at night he goes down at 10 and wakes at 2 then not again until about 8 hopes it stays like that.

well congrates to everyone and goodluck to those left

Hey girls

Just had a Dr's appt and he gave me a stretch and sweep, i didn't even ask for it and i wasn't even sure i wanted it....i'm a sook when it comes to the pain. But i sucked it up and thought ill regret it if i don't. Wasn't too bad. Good news the cervix is ripe, i'm only 1cm but dr said have sex tonight, try and both orgasm and it should get things happening.

So looks like my little bubba will be born this week. Im already feeling a little crampy but its prob all in my head lol.

MIL has got Jaz for a couple of hours today, so im gonna have a nap, nice bath and try and relax and make sure my bags are completly packed.

I think im really scared again arrgghhh. So many emotions!!

Anyway girls labour vibes to those who are waiting.

[Edited on 14/10/2009]

Congratulations Heidiljk!

Sounds like the kind of birth I'm hoping for, not too long smile Mine get to stage 2 and seem to stop!

To all those people who have reached you due dates, I feel for you, I think time to start all those natural methods to get these babies on their way, the time has come babies, stop making us wait! I
'm super cranky today, thank goodness kids are on daycare and I have a beautician appt (another!) for facial and massage manicure and pedicure so will feel better after that. Also my cleaner is coming today and I will come home from the beautician to a lovely clean house, just in time to have a lunch time nap smile
Sending labour dust out to all of us still waiting!!

Haha sex hey!! Right im jumping on DP tonight as soon as DS goes to bed. lol!!! Cant believe your doctor said that!! hahah!!
He has been telling me this for the last couple weeks ...... but he was adamant that we do it tonight. And make sure we both orgasm cause the juices (lol TMI sorry) release certain hormones i think he said (baby brain) which can get things happening. Same thing as nipple stimulation.

Anyhow sex did bring on labour with my first so here's hoping again.

Have fun tonight Sarah lol i hope it works for ya.


well just went to the midwife all is well finally bubz hhas started to engage lol 1/5 haha and she due nxt friday .. hmmm.. hope ths dnt mean i have to go over too much, she told me tht she would let me go 41 weeks nd 5 or 6 days b4 she induce me sad

Hey ladies,

Havent cought up on all the posts yet but congrats to all who have had there babies.
We welcomed Tate John Lonhro Sheridan on wednesday 7.10.09 (which was my due date). He weighed 7pounds 5oz and was 50cm long. He was born at 4.11pm after i started getting contractions on the Tuesday afternoon. We went to the hospital at 4.15am and i laboured there until a fantastic midewife decided to move thing along as i had only dialated to 4cm and wasent moving. I had my water broken and all the contractions stopped. So i had a drip to induce and start the contractions again and within 40 mins and some hard pushing our little boy was born.
Good luck to all still waiting. Its the best thing in the world to hold your little bub in your arms.
Congrats Kyles and Heidi on the birth of your boys - Wow this is really shaping up to be a month of boys isn't it....totally convinced I'm having a girl though - someone needs to balance it out LOL.

6/7 ashie0987-Ash-ANDIE JAYE-735g, 32.5cm long
28/9 Bups-ISSAC-12.36am, 7lb 1oz
28/9 Princess Bubba Bumb -Alissa-MAHLI JAE-12.56am, 6lb 12oz
28/9 FR2BEC- Fiona-KATIE ANNE-8.18am, 3.624kg, 53cm long
28/9 K8y23i-XAVIER- 7lb 8oz
30/9 loulou78-JED EVERETT-2.48pm
1/10 *alana*- Alana-CORBAN ROBERT- 4.30am, 5lb 1oz -TYLER CHARLES- 4.55am, 5lb 12oz
1/10 Kiwicanuck-TESSA-9.45am
1/10 Tedebare- Jewels-ELIZA ALICE-12.01pm, 3.410kg, 50cm long
1/10~*my*2*boys*~-THOMAS-2.15pm, 6lb 15oz, 49cm long
2/10 baileysmum05- Mel-JESSICA BREE-10.16pm, 9lb 8oz, 56cm long
7/10 JSCnBump- Erin-OLIVER SHANE- 1.02am, 4.1kg, 50cm long, 35HC
7/10 heidilijk- THOMAS RAY- 11.10am, 7lb 2oz, 49cm long, 33cm HC
7/10 KylesMaree - Kyles-TATE JOHN LONHRO- 4.11pm, 7lbs 5oz, 50cm long
8/10Naomi87- Naomi-ADRIAN JAMES- 7.52am, 6lb 4oz, 51cm long, 33cm HC
8/10- SydneySwans- Deb-ISABELLE RUBY-11.03am, 3.62kg, 50.5cm long, 35.5cm HC
9/10 Stefs17- Stef-SEBASTIEN CRAIG EDWARD-2.30pm, 7lb 14oz, 51cm long, 34cm HC
10/10- J Keegan- Jaymi-BABY GIRL- 1.45am, 3.56kg
10/10- Firsttimemummy-MARLEE JEAN- 6.45am, 7lbs 3oz

Are there any other secret rememdies out there to get labour happening???
i am taking the raspberry leaf tabs, walking.. and walking ..and walking, having the sex!! (which DH is loving... but it's not getting me anywhere!!)
At night i am getting pains, so i move around trying to get them to turn into something, but they always go away...

sorry for the whinge....
Hope everyone is doing great with their bubs.... and hang in there everyone else that is still waiting!
Hi Girls

I'm still here, 7 days left and we still can't agree on a name. It's driving me crazy and friends keep on suggesting names so hopefully we will come up with one soon.

I had my final waxing and haircut today then spent the most of the day at the shops.

Janey can't believe they are making you wait another week before you see the midwife. I'd be really annoyed, can they let you see someone else?

Happy Due Date Sarah & Jazzysmum - hopefully you will be holding your bubbas real soon.

My sister keeps texting me asking if i'm still in 1 piece, starting to drive me nuts too. As if we wouldn't tell our family whats going on.

Kez, that cracked me up about your dr telling you to have sex. Hopefully it will work for you lol

Kyles & Heidi congrats on the boys

Amielou83 - I tried sex with my 1st baby to bring on labour but it didn't work for me, might have worked for others though

Take care ladies and can't wait to hear who is next.

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