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apperntly so bcoz its a special occasion and he sed he would be bored if he duznt drink i mean seriously how duz he thnk iv felt for the last 9 months watching him nd his loser mates drink arghhh

hmmm sounds like something my df would say..... could he limit the amount he drinks then??? or does he have to be drunk???

In these situations i always try to come up with a compromise but it takes two to agree on it. So yeah i would try and limit the amount he takes or even a time to come home ..... worth a try??

Hello ladies,

Im glad im not the only feeling like the end is not even close, my last midwife appiontment i was 2/5 engaged so i thought she would be truly on her way but nope! My due date is tomorrow. My midwife appionment is on thursday. So finger's crossed something happens before then.

Iv been sleeping alot during the day which is great, baby is stills o very active which is not a good sign at all.

My partner wouldn't dare be drinking or planning anything until this baby is out and then he can drink and party all he likes. You amke sure you put your foot down hun you are rely on him to get you to the hospital and im sure you would liek him there for the birth of his baby! He will regret for the rest of his life. and for some reason babies know when somethign has been planned good time to come out. Good luck.

All iv been doing lately is sleeping and reading i dont ahve much of appitate either. Im worked up all the time. Oh and i live in the bath which im going now as my partner will be home sooon. xxx

Good luck ladies and im thinking of you and i cant wait to dahre my labour with you all. xxx

I pick up my TENS this arvo, had the last of my waxing done this morning so now I am completely up to date on everything so as of later today baby can come asap pls.
To the person with a partner wanting to go to the party, if it were me I'd tell him the compromise for going is to have less than 1 standard drink per hour so he stays under the limit. You are both young and have your whole life to party it up, he doesn't have to do it this close to the birth of his baby! Thankfully my DH would probably only go for an hour or 2 and not drink at all and I would be under strict instructions to call if I felt any twinges at all ! He also would only go if it were close to home so he can be here quickly if he needed to.
Sarah, I felt that way yesterday, by the time DH got home I was in the depths of depression because I felt like I could not control my 2 children, they were running rings around me making so much mess! Keep breathing.....not long to go......
I've started having pain in my lower back which feels like shooting pain, never had anything like it before, hopefully it turns into something.
Oh and today my 2 are in day care so I'm about to have a sleep is fairly quiet and has been for a few days, I hope all these "signs" turn in to something and don't drag on until my due date or worse, beyond!

Waiting, waiting, waiting... oh the joys!!! hehe!

Had my OB appointment this afternoon - he is very happy with how bub is going... she's still not engaged, but he said that mightn't happen til i'm in labour so not to stress... still going to make myself go for a long walk every afternoon!

Anyone started looking at organising baby announcement cards with the pics and magnets on the back... if so who are you using/have you used?

Take care everyone
Neets x

first time mummy,

I forgot to say congratulations and try not to think too much about how it did not go according to plan. My first wasn't really according to plan either, except I had an epidural and wish I hadn't, my obst was so rough with me she made everything hurt, even putting in my drip to be induced! I've had drips before and since and they don't hurt! My DD was born with the help of a vacuum which I didn't anticipate either and by the time we decided I needed assistance the epidural had worn off completely so I felt everything!
At the end of it all though, we both got our beautiful babies smile

Hi everyone,
I am still waiting too ... so ready for this little one to be out. Lost my plug last tuesday so thought I would be holding little one by now but NO! Had mideife appointment on Friday and he is still only 3/5ths which he has been at for past 3 appointments! But have been noticing a decrease in amount of movements I am feeling - had abit of scare on friday night/saturday morning as I hadnt felt any movements so went into hopsital and they put a trace on bubs everything was okay except thought me & bubs were abit dehydrated and that was why hadn't been feeling much.
So now only 5days til due date and still not much sign that getting any closer except feel that he has dropped abit.
Hope everyone all has their bubs soon smile

Neetsy - I use they're great and if you time it well they have fantastic sales on.

Well bubby is still here but I thought that might all change last night, baby's head is so low now I feel like I have to walk with my legs apart! She certainly doesn't have far to go when the time does come to be out... not sure what that says for my pelvic floor... 4 babies is taking its toll it seems!

Have a great day everyone, labour vibes to us all!

Mum of 4 blessings - TAS.

well today is 4 days overdue and still no sign of anything! Like I said to my partner, I would feel a bit happier if I was leaking (sorry TMI) or something!!!!

I am so sick of people ringing, txting, and messaging me asking if the baby has arriived and why hasn't the baby arrived... What do they think... that we are not going to tell everyone once it makes an appearance!

I am supposed to have a midwife appointment tomorrow but my midwife cannot make make it so now I have to wait til next week which is really irritating me! I like having my appointments so I can find out how much engaged the baby is etc... I can still phone my midwife if I have questions but it is just not the same!

Sorry I am ranting and raving. I am just so over everything today! It was 35 degrees here yesterday and looks like it is going to be the same today which is not comfortable and for some stupid reason makes my tummy really really ichy where I now have a million streach marks!

Again, sorry for the rant.... I could go on forever at the moment

Happy Due date to me!! Nothing though no sign of anything to come!! Im feeling good today im going to attempt to do the house work!!

Good luck ladies!!

hope everyone has a good day today and at least some of us leftovers go into labour.

My good/bad days have been coming turn about - today is meant to be a bad day according to my pattern but feeling ok so far so hopefully that lasts.

Labour dust to all who are still waiting (including me!!!!) - I had a dream right at the beginning of my pregnancy that bub was born today - unless something drastic happens in the next few hours I really don't like my chances of being able to tell the future LOL.

Congrats to everyone welcoming their bubs, well done you have just completed one of lifes greatest achievements!

To the rest of us still waiting, hang in there... I try to keep thinking of way back to the time where i did the home preg test and the excitement of knowing i was pregnant!!!! keeps me from complaining about the baby not being here yet... I remember always looking back on the later stages of pregnancy of my son lachlan, it is a REAL special stage of your life being pregnant, so try and remember that... I even went and had some beautiful professional preg pics taken last week, they turned out amazing and will def be framing the best one.

Oh yes it is sooooooo bloody annoying those phone calls with "have you had the baby yet" haha, i got one yest and im due on the 24th !!!!!! you know what you should say "yes i had the baby last week, just havnt told anyone yet!!!" haha i know as if we are not going to shout it to the world once they get here... Anyway have a great day girls, dont nest too hard.


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