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Babies Due October 2009 Rss

sweet, thanks. I know Toys r us recently had the sets on special (I bought mine the week we found out we were having a girl), I might check out if they have them. We have blue blinds in the room atm, which isn't going to match.

I can't believe it's the 3rd trimester already! Only 12 weeks to go smile

Is it standard to have another scan? I had them all the time with ds because of his heart, so not sure when it's not a high risk pregnancy...I noticed a few ladies are having another one. Do they only predict bubs size through a scan...I'm having heaps of people ask me & I have no idea on normal procedures.


I never had another scan with DD after the 18-20 Week one and I think that is pretty much normal procedure if everything is okay. You can always request one if you want to hehe

I think its only if they suspect bubs is measuring small or you are having problems, but I could be wrong.

was Bubbagirlsmama

no you dont usually have another scan after 18-20 weeks unless there is a problem or sometimes you can talk them into it just for the sake of it

I got my new pram delivered today so exciting. Now i just have to clean up my phil and teds vibe and sell it

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

Whoo hoo blood test is done!! Love the sugar drink!!

Arrrr have to go to work tonight and i don't finsh till midnight sad. I really don't want to go.

Im bored!!!


hi everyone smile

well i spent yet another night in hospital on monday (from about 9pm til 2pm tuesday) but this time i was in ED (mostly in the corridor) boring lol

i was having some really bad chest pains and my midwife suggested i go see a dr at the health centre, who then said i needed to go to ED as she thought i either had a blood clot or my oesophagus maybe slightly burnt due to bad reflux. got to ED and they wouldnt even look at anything other then a blood clot so i had to stay overnight for observation and then further testing. turns out i dont have a blood clot but as they wouldnt consider anything else i dont know what was causing the pain (i think the first dr was right tho and my oesophagus is slighty burnt) and i wasnt going to hang around to ask lol

i got my glucose test results back yesterday and all is good apart from my iron levels being way to low so now im on iron tablets smile

anyway hope everyone else is having a good week smile
Kez I loved the drink too. Midwife sed it had an unpleasant sfter taste but it was great! I haven't heard anything about my results sad but midwife was only going to let me know if they weren't great, so I guess it's a good thing.
Lana EXACTLY the same thing happened to me. They thought I had or was having a heart attack or that I had some kind of clotting in my arteries. We got to Hutt hospital at about 3 in the morn and didn't get out till the next evening, all spent in A&E. It was fine through the night as there were plenty of staff to make a fuss and I was in Resus but come morning I was shafted to the corridor. They couldn't figure out what it was, possibly a swollen oesophagus but we were the same and wanted to get outta there.
Started Antenatal classes on Mon looking forward to them.
Thats enough from me for now though, will talk again soon smile

Matthew Edward Murphy 9/10/09

Oh Alana that doesn't sound fun at all. Great that you don't have a blood clot but i would think a little sucky that they did nothing for the fact that your oesophagus could be burnt and obviously causing you pain.

Is anyone else getting Braxton Hicks?????

I thought i had a few over the last week but thought maybe a bit early all in the mind but i was definately getting them last night at work.

Anyhow hope everyone has a good day

Exactly 13weeks to go for me!!!!

hi girls

Mum to matt - the room looks gorgeous. i like the gossamer wings collection, i got the parfait exclusive in the kids line range (pink and brown). i think we both done our nurseries at the same time. hubby is sick of pink so we went with his colors he wanted 1 grey wall which i swear has purple in it and then the 3 other walls are a lighter shade of purple than yours called "light violet" by accent. but your reminding me that i should take some pictures. if your after more gossimer wings stuff check out ebay. they always have heaps in the collection.

Alana - poor bugger, can't believe they didn't want to hear a bar of it about the suggestion of your oesophagus (sp?) hopefully your back to normal now.

No heartburn for me yet thankgod. i had it with #2, this time i have reflux but only after drinking orange juice. so now i have put a stop to that.

i'm dying to go to my closest Big W to put on a layby but didn't want to go over school hols cos i know it would be packed out, but yesterday got confirmed by the doctor both kids have throat and chest infections and i have a slight chest infection i don't want to go into air cond shopping centres as i'm scared of swine flu especially now there is reported cases of death in AUS.

we have tickets to go the NRL double header on friday night in Brisbane we've had the tickets for the last month so hopefully we'll be on the mend before this. ad i think we will def be rugging ourselves up.

countdown from work - lucky me who only works 3 hours 5 days a week but i'm with you neetsy working in a school hoping to get through 1 more school term.. 9 weeks to go!!!

Hi Ladies!
Alana - I hope that you are feeling much better soon, what a horrible thing to go through!

Kez - Braxton Hicks already??? I thought that you only get them like a few weeks out from your due date? I was talking to my SIL and she said with her first preg she experienced quite a lot of braxton hicks in the weeks leading up to the birth, and the midwives told her that is one of the reasons she had such a short and 'easier' labour - the braxton hicks 'prepared' her body. Not sure what to think myself.....
My bub has been really active the past few days practising sommersaults I think! I often hear people comment/complain (at hospital appts etc) that their bub's are giving them hell kicking and stuff. I absolutely love the feeling, it is so amazing and reassuring, I'm always hanging out for the next little movement!

Well, I have finally got hubby started on the nursery, so far I have it half painted! I was going to do a feature wall but have now decided to keep it the same colour until we find out if its a boy or a girl, then get hubby to paint it a suitable colour then. I really want to put a word decal across the middle of the wall as a feature. I have searched 100's of quotes but my favourite so far is from a beatiful book I bought to read to bub. It's called "Guess How Much I love You?" I thought about making a decal that says "Guess how much I love you?....I love you all the way to the moon & the stars, and back again..."
I think that would be a beautiful saying to read everytime I put bub to sleep etc. What do you think? does anyone else have a favourite saying that would suit?

Anyway enough for now. Hope everyone is keeping well...let our countdown begin! 12 weeks to go for me!!!

Talk soon,
Jackie xx
Jacqui- i thought so too with the BH cause i don't remember getting this early with DD but i look at the week by week guide on huggies and it mentions BH from 28weeks. I think your word decal sounds beautiful.
I guess i've been one of those complaining mothers with the kicks lol but only the kicks going into the vjj. They are becoming quite painful but in saying that i do still enjoy feeling him move and find it very reassurring, i love seeing my belly move i think that looks cool.


Hi Kez

I was only at my doctor yesterday as I've been having braxton hicks too and thought maybe it was abit early. I'm 26wks+ and dr said you should only be getting them from around 32wks so I'm abit worried that I'll go into early labour. He done an internal and said he could feel bubs little head right there (which freaked me out even more) and said if they get regular or I have bleeding to go straight upto the maternity ward. Dr is also doing a urine test just to make sure I don't have an infection. Just have to take things really easy. I work nights as well and at the start thought maybe I had been doing too much cause they always seem to happen at night but now they are during the day aswell.

Maybe have a chat with your doctor or midwife and take things easy.


i am feeling heaps better now, thanks smile still a little peeved at the ED drs but my midwife got me an appointment with a OB registrar for tomorrow morning so ill ask him/her about what the pain could have been

i 2 am complaining about the kicking/moving this time round as these 2 are rough little toads specially when it comes to my ribs and hernia (think there is a target painted on them lol). i loved feeling DD kick and move when i was pregnant with her but she was really gentle (wish she still was lol)
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