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Babies Due October 2009 Rss

Ash - I hope you start feeling better soon and bubs starts growing and the steroids help.

Welcome Erin and the other newbies I will update the timeline shortly.

I know what you are all talking about with feeling so run down. I feel like that every day, it's so hard keeping up with 3 kids and doing all the house stuff. I cant wait for DH to get home only 6.5 weeks to go now, would have been 2.5 weeks but he has to stay over there an extra month stupid RAAF.

morningcoffee - sorry to hear bubs is not thriving. did you have an amnio done? i had to have 1 with DS at 22 weeks for trisomy 21 and it was a hard thing waiting for those results. Luckily for us he is fine. If you want to chat feel free to PM me and I hope everything is ok with bubs. keep us updated.

I went into the Big w and Kmart toy sales today got everything i wanted except a dora princess dress for DD#1. didnt bother putting the stuff on layby just brought it all, especially with the stupid layby system kmart had this year. now my bedroom cupboard and garage are stocked with birthday and christmas stuff for the kids.

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

Hi Katie,
I am a first time mum also, I think that might be one of the reasons I feel overwhelmed sometimes, you just don't know what to expect!
Like you I am also just starting aqua aerobics (next week) and I have also been doing yoga. Although I have missed the passed 3 weeks becuase of various reasons. the classes really make me feel so much better and I also have a clearer headspace afterwards. I can't wait to go back next week!
You're right though, staying positive and embracing this new 'you' does make a huge difference. I love being pregnant and can't wait to be a mum. I just have to learn to slow down a bit and listen to my body a bit more carefully!
When are you due? do you know what you are having?
I am due on 9th Oct and we are leaving our little precious as a surprise. It just adds to the excitement I think, not knowing whether we will have a little daughter or son!
Hey Jackie
I am due on the same day!!! How bizarre 9th Oct. We are also leaving it as a suprise, it's very exciting although I am dying to buy things and its hard when everything is either pink or blue! I have had a very strong feeling it is a girl from the beginning so we'll see if I am right!
I really love aqua aerobics it is refreshing.
I also love being pregnant I'm loving it more and more as i go on, especially now I can feel bub kicking all the time.
I've just gotta adjust to the emotional and physical changes thats all, but I'm getting more excited about meeting our little one soon!
Morningcoffee - sorry to hear things are looking to good for bubs, hope you are doing okay,

Lana and Zara - im still sleeping on my belly (well try to most nights unless he is kicking me too much ) i find sleeping other ways is a lot more uncomfortable.

Dream mum- it always helps to have a supportive partner makes a massive difference. I can't say im feeling teary but i definatly feel angry (but i don't know why feel like i want to scream sometimes) and quite snappy at Df and DD. But these feelings have only crept up in the last week so hopefully they'll leave soon.

Erin- i hit the bigw toy sale today and waited 3 hrs in line for layby ( i was too poor to buy them outright like we did a couple of years ago ) my legs are killing me now but it didn't feel that long. My DD absolutly amazed me... she was awesome so well behaved. I heard that campbelltown bigw line was 8hrs wait.

Anyways super tired think ill have a nap before Jaz wakes up.

Hi Kez, I'm so jealous I can half sleep on my tum otherwise baby loves to remind me that his swimming space is becoming to confined. Gosh I can relate, i feel so snappy and angry sometimes just for no apparent reason and then I get more frustrated cause i don't know why I'm so angry. Those hormones sure are responsible for alot but I guess we can be grateful that at the end of it they've helped grow our precious babies, right ladies.
Is anyone else starting to feel really uncomfortable? It starts affecting me later in the day.

Matthew Edward Murphy 9/10/09

Ohhh all you lucky ladies living close to shops... I can only wait until my nect visit to the city. Altho shouldn't complain as we are off to Bali on Sunday!!

I have also had that "growth spurt" - I swear I look huge!

My GP rang me the other night saying that our country practise has not renewed her contract and will therefore be unable to see me thru until I leave town to have bub. So disappointed as she is amazing and has been with us throughout all our dramas. Oh well, what can you do?

Went for a wax today (TMI) and bub was going crazy the whole session. My beautician thought it was fantastic!

Sad to hear about some of the dramas you girls are having. Hoping everything works out and you and your bubs are safe!
Neets xx

Zara i can't stand to bend over anymore that is really uncomfortable to do but it seems like that is all im doing all day. Jaz just keeps dragging out her toys everywhere and she has a whole room dedicated to them.

Neets- funny bout the wax and bub going crazy lol always wanted a wax but im such a chicken and very self concious (sp?).

OK so who can still see their vajayjay's when they look straight down lol and who can still see their feet? I can still see my feet but can't see vjj. (soz if this question offends anyone i will remove if it does)


Hi everybody smile
my names Samantha. new to this site.
I to am expecting a baby in October smile
My little angle is due the 28th, the day before her dads birthday haha

this addition to the family will add on to the high number of birthdays we have in october hahaha so she could be born on a family members birthday if early or even late!! my auntys having a baby aswell due 24th of October was buzzy wen we found out how far apart we were lol and she to is having a girl lol

Im excited to be having this baby, but then i have bad days with my partner and i wish i never got pregnant ... Im worried that this could cause further problems, i think im already starting to get sum kind of depression ... and i cant talk about it to the people around me because they wouldn't understand ... but for them to understand i guess it would help if even i could understand what was going through my head. I don't really know wot to do. am i just being silly? coz I know these hormones are defiantly buggering me up lol ...

Posted by: Jazminsmum
OK so who can still see their vajayjay's when they look straight down lol and who can still see their feet? I can still see my feet but can't see vjj. (soz if this question offends anyone i will remove if it does)

lol i havent seen either my feet or my vjj in weeks lol maybe TMI but DP now has to keep me tidy 'down there' as i cant see what im doing lol

i have had to resort to sleeping with a pillow under my back so that im half on my side and half on my back as i cant sleep fully on my side (if i do i cant breathe) or fully on my back (reflux plays up big time if i do). i think i will soon have to sleep sitting up lol

anyone else starting to get the pregnancy waddle? mine and DPs family keep teasing me about the way im walking now specially later in the day when one seems to snuggle down into my pelvis lol

i have to go get my glucose test done this morning *blah* hopefully the person taking my blood has no trouble finding my veins (i have pretty small ones that like to go into hiding when a needle comes near them lol)

ash and morningcoffee - hugs to you both. i hope everythings ok with both your bubs xxx
Kez and Alana I can't see mine either I even tried lifting/pushing my potruding belly out of the way the other day in the shower and I still can't see it. I was really hoping to have it all neat looking before bub comes but I'm not sure how thats gonna happen coz I'm so afraid of the wax!!!

Matthew Edward Murphy 9/10/09

Katie - How bizarre we are both due on the same day! At first I though that I might be having a little boy, but then I think it's a little girl! so who knows!
Ladies about the waxing thing - I regularly get waxed and believe me it does hurt more when you are pregnant! Apparently we are more sensitive 'down there' than normal just before our periods or whilst pregnant. But as much as it hurts it does make me feel better (wierd I know). I just think that if I can breeze through the pain of a wax then that has got to toughen me up somehow for what's in store down the track!
My bub's very active this morning - I'm sure the people I work with must think I am strange as I have always got the biggest smile on my face when I feel my little one kick! It is just so reassuring when you can feel them moving around don't you think?

Welcome Samantha! I hope that you are feeling better soon. Remember that there is always someone you can talk to or reach out to during pregnancy. Don't think that you are in it alone. Just being able to vent your feelings will often help you feel a little better.
My DH cousin is visiting this weekend and is lending me one of her pregnancy pillows. I can't wait to try it out. Like you ladies I am starting to struggle to get into a comfortable sleeping position.
Hope everyone and their little bub's are doing well smile
Jackie xx
Kez - i usually have to put the toys on layby with DH getting a lot of extra money for being over in the middle east meant i could buy it out right for once

I cant see down there any more i can still see my toes at the moment but not for much longer

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

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