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Babies Due October 2009 Rss

Hi Guys,

I haven't had time to be on the computer lately. But I haven't been getting any email notifications of the replies to this post. Does this happen to anyone else?

I'm now 26 weeks. I will have to do the glucose test in 2 weeks. Not sure how long I have to allow to be there. Funny, I just can't seem to remember. Anyone else know?

Have finished cleaning out the study and moved my eldest son into it. Just in time for his 8th birthday. Over time will have to move just 2 year old son from cot into single bed, before bub arrives. Does anyone else feel like they're doing a shuffle?

I am so looking forward to the school holidays. Although it means more kids home, it means no pressure to get out the door. But I will still have look after kids at 7am some mornings (I do family day care). Any plans for school holiday?


Hi Mish

A midwife gave me some info yesterday on the glucose test and it says " test takes approx 1 1/4 hrs to complete, on arrival have glucose drink followed by a blood test after 1hr" You need to eat at least 1hr b4 appoint.

The nursery had been turned into a toy room for the girls and the cot had been turned into a little bed for my 3yr old. We have been looking for bunk beds for the kids so I can have the cot back and somehow find a new room for all the toys!

Hello my name is Simone i am 22,I live in Central Coast, Australia and i am due with my first (a boy)on the 7th October.
Very excited!! I see there are many October babies, good to see.
OMG im nesting already!! yikes lol its a good thing this week tho as we have a house inspection on thursday so the house will be nice a spotless for that lol

we have finally got names for both babies now so they both better be boys lol currently their nicknames are 'lefty' and 'righty' lol

DD has been toilet trained since xmas but has regressed abit with the cold weather and me not feeling the greatest but she surprised me yesterday by going to the toilet with out needing me to help her (although she isnt the greatest at wiping yet and tends to use half the toilet roll lol) smile sorry just had to share my proud mummy moment (isnt it wierd the things we are proud/excited of when we become parents? lol)

welcome to all the new ladies and congratultions on your pregnancies smile
hey there im due on the 7th october and im having a wee girl named chole
Welcome to the new ladies hope everything is going well with your pregnancies.

Mel- Thats so awesome that Bailey has had no accidents. Jaz didn't have any last week (well when she isn't wearing a nappy, still has them for sleep time) but a couple of times she just went a tipped it out on the carpet, not happy jan!! And she has started to use the big toilet too !!

Alana- i have gone through so much toilet paper this last week, a roll a day!!! A few times times she decorated the floor with tiny bits of toilet paper but used half a roll to do it.

Gotta love toilet training Ladies smile!!

Love the nicknames Alana ... lol. Our nickname is Ping Pong!!

My clothes are really starting to get tight now sad not sure how long i have left in the work pants.

Have a good weekend girls or whats left of it !!

[Edited on 27/06/2009]

good evening ladies,

welcome to the new mummies to be, good to have you on board.

Friday i bought all the linen for bubs room, cost me $330 but that's including drapes and window valance.

i am off work for 2 weeks yay!!! so my mission is to do as much as i can to the babies room (which is currently being used as a junk room). i am hoping to at least start painting it by the time i have to rush back to work. this one is going to be a tricky room as it had wall paper which we pulled off but now needs the walls sanded back.

Kez - i love your sig Jazmin is such a little cutie.

i have my oldest home on school hols yay sleep ins are in order for me. as well as i have some plans so they don't get bored with each other.

well i better get going my kids have a set bed time tonight that i am not giving into, they have 2 kids birthday parties to attend. last night they were shocking and didn't go to sleep until 11pm aaarrgh.

Hi firstimemummy, I am due on the 3rd and I feel just the same! How is it all going for you?

Matthew Edward Murphy 9/10/09

Thank you to jazminsmum for the abbreviation clarification! I am getting married next week, wanted it to be official before Matthew arrives. And just for the record we were engaged a month before we found out about our special arrival. Which was quite a surprise after having been told I may not be able to have children! Would be great to know how all the other mums are doing, I'm at my 26 week mark today. Peeing all the time, annoyingly in the night. Feeling baby all the time, he is VERY active. Finally able to enjoy pregnancy with a little more energy now. Gosh I could go on and on.

Matthew Edward Murphy 9/10/09

Thanks Lana !!! But i really need to get put some recent photos of her on the computer, the two bottom pics were taken Oct last year lol.

Zaralea - No worries!! There are so much more but i know they were some of the ones that took me forever to figure out ( i didn't post till i knew them lol). Congrats on getting married next week, that would be super exciting!! Me and Df didn't get engaged till i was about 6mths pregnant with Jaz, (we were only together for 8mths when i fell pregnant ooops and i was only 19) although my MIL wanted us married within a couple of months of me falling but i refused, i didn't want to rush things. But its now 3 years down the track and we're still not married and i really want to be. sad . Anyways have an awesome day hope it all runs smoothly.
I also have a very active baby boy , way more active then what Jaz ever was. And he is always kicking down ways, not the best feeling.
Anyways ill stop blabbering on

I think that makes us about the same age then! I really wanted a bubby and we had only been together about 8 mths when I got pregnant too! This is my first and I'm so excited. Yes my man is kicking down at he mo to, and he loves to dance on mummy"s bladder. It's a constant feeling of, "I need to go to the toilet, no I don't, oh yes I do." Haha there he goes now, reminding me that he's still there. Day is so far going smoothly, I say that as my hormones are still VERY up and down, much to the horror of DF. The poor thing often arrives home to tears or outbursts of anger. Having a full on nesting day today, I didn't realise there were so many crumbs on my floor.
[Edited on 28/06/2009]

Matthew Edward Murphy 9/10/09

i think the hormones have really kicked in.. i have been so short tempered with my kids today, to the extent that i realised myself and felt guilty so i spent an hour with them having mummy cuddles and play.
i'm sore in my feet and they are red (no swelling cross fingers). i'm feeling so heavy that i wanna bust open at my pants. she has also been moving, rolling or god knows like crazy. i feel like i have her foot in my fanny cos i can feel how low it is as it protrudes out my body and constantly peeing i am today....

sorry i needed a little whinge. it's been a very busy weekend and i think it's soon time to hit the bed. i am looking forward to 2 weeks off work yay!!

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