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Babies Due October 2009 Rss

Hi Ladies,
How are we all going? Kicking i bet my little one has not stop. It's great my little boy who is 20mths put's his hands on my tummy but cant feel them just yet. My partner has alot at night that when she does most of her kicking!!

Iv got my appiontment with my midwife on Thursday hope all goes well.

Hope everyone is doing well.

xxxx Sarah
Oh Lana I hope everything turns out ok for you! Hopefully the uterus measurement was an error... fingers crossed!

Ah I went a little crazy on ebay last weekend and have since brought some clothes for me online too. I had to by some maternity bathers as we are going to Bali in 3 weeks, it took me a while to find something i like!

Housework is on the agenda today... blahhhh!
Neets x

Hooray, im so happy toaday!! Jaz has done two wees and a poo on her potty, just today !!!! Go JAZ. Finally we are getting somewhere with the toilet training, hopefully we can keep going forward. smile

My little man doesn't stop kicking me, esp at night feels like he doesn't stop.

Wow Jaz just wee'd in her potty while im typing this. She sat herself down, i didn't even ask/ remind her. So happy.

Anyways back to bub, Matt could even see him kicking just by looking at my belly, its pretty cool. The only thing im not loving so much is the little guy likes to kick down ways and that feels not so good .

Anyways got to go Jaz is in the bath she wanted one so i thought why not. ( she has already had one today lol)

Kez smile

Jaymi - this is what i can't wait for, it's funny to experience this for the first time with any baby.. cos you don't know it's coming and you kinda freak

Hey Ladies,

I have been feeling heaps of movements and i am just on 23weeks. On my way home from work she is kicking heaps and then i get on the ferry she stops and as soon as i get off she starts again it really crazy.

Does anyones babys have more movments when they are doing something specific?
Kez - YAY for your little girl! My son is 3 and has been a pain with toilet training, he goes at kindy but not at home. The past week he has been excellent & now going himself without me asking. First thing he did this morning when he woke up was go to the toilet. I'm so proud of him smile And so glad I can stop stressing that I'd have 2 in nappies.

My bub is very active, she's always kicking around & the past week I've been able to feel it on the outside. My son tries to feel all the time & loves it.


Hi Ladies

Does anyone feel like their bubs are right down there?? The last 2 nights at work it has felt like bubs has flipped over and its right down there. Feels like everything is just going to fall out. Swear I must look like a big fat duck waddling around holding myself lol

Don't know if I have just been doing too much at work or if that's the position bub gets in. Doesn't happen all the time and if lying or sitting down I feel kicks further up in my tummy.

Bexy89 - you might find the motion of the ferry sends her straight back to sleep again!

I find our bub moves more once i am still, like times when i am sitting at my desk rather than walking around the classroom, or when i go to bed.

I wonder if movement patterns inutero predict awake/sleep times once born hehe!!

Neets x

Mel - Yah for Bailey. I'm so hoping Jaz has it down pat before Oct cause i'm the same stressing bout two being in nappies. This lady at work was telling me that they will regress once the baby is born,so she waited till after her second was born before she tt her first, is that true ??? God i hope not.


Hi Ladies

To those asking about regression with tt, it is usually true. It happened with both my older girls! I fear it will happen when this little girl arrives too. Having more than 1 in nappies is not such a big deal,I will have 3 during the day and 4 at night... I have taken to making my own mcn's to save money.

I can't remember who asked/commented, you are right. Don;t listen to sales people re what you need for bubs. The only necessities are a cot (craddle only if you can afford it), car seat and pram. Other items like a bath you can live without. I had one for Grace but never used it for the next 2 and probably won't this time.

Someone asked about a pram. I have had many but my BEST investment (it is expensive) has been my Phil and Ted's Vibe. Can be used for two and is very light. Can be folded when in double mode.

Sorry for the long post. Take care.

hi girls,

i went through the whole 2 in nappies scenario because my first 2 are only 18 months apart, but i'm so relieved my younger one who will turn 3 on 31st october tt around christmas/new year it only took 2 weeks and in undies full time. my four year old has just said goodbye to her night nappy.yay!!! i'm gettting a break off buying nappies for a little while i already have 3 boxes and small packet for hospital. i'll just buy the boxes when they are on special.

good luck with the toilet training!!! fingers are crossed that it won't take too long to get them out of those nappies for good.

Hi ladies how is everyone going? My baby girl is non stop kicking away!! Iv got my midwife appiontment tomorrow actually nervous as this would be the first time they really get to feel her! Plus i think i have infection in my boobs!! ARGH!! Not looking forward to then feeling them?

Is anyone else boobs really sore and red?? Sorry for the personal question?


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