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Babies Due October 2009 Rss

Yay!! Looks like the girls are making a comeback lol smile Congrats to you all!!

It was me mum to matt who asked about cloth.....we have got some modern cloth ones that we bought off e-bay but have some traditional cloth as well but just having a horrible time finding any covers to go over them....on the up side I think I have convinced DH to have a go at making a to hunt for fabric today, but not sure how I will go living in a smallish town where our only source is Spotlight.

On the question about the size of modern cloth nappies, we bought some adujustible ones off e-bay that fold down to fit a new born and increase in size from there....Modern cloth are so expensive I did not want to have to keep buying different sizes so we decided to go down this path.

Yeah, if you buy OSFM you will find that they fit from the newborn stage right through to tt. I didn't know about mcn's until my son was about 6 months old, but know a lot of people who use them on newborns.
The baby beehinds covers SHOULD fit over top of the terry nappies. If you do a google search on mcn's you will find such a huge variety. With this bub I'm not sure if i will use mcns or disposables yet. I would like to mcns again but not sure as they are still quite bulky (not as bulky as old style) and I don't like how you have to buy bigger sized clothing to fit, nothing is designed for cloth these days. But anyway we will see what happens.

My back is absolutely killing me. I have been washing walls and it's not good when you are pregnant I have realised. But it has to be done as we are getting the house refinanced and need to get a valuation done on it. Argh the fun of it all. I still need to sand back the babies room where it was plastered the other day and do the rest of the wall ready to paint. Anyone wanna come do it for me??? lol

22 weeks tomorrow. Only 16 to 18 weeks to go, this ones gonna be early tongue

Mum to matt - i think i have lost all my motivation. for weeks leading up to the ultrasound i said we would sand back the nursery, wash it then paint it (as it's long weekend) but stuff it. i am 20 weeks tomorrow means another 20 weeks to get it done.

After our Scan on Friday matt decided to buy a plasma, then when we got home that arvo, i had a call from my tenant in our rental property saying he had no electricity so hubby has been there all day today fixing the problem so after this weeks spending's already i think financially we're better off leaving it for a few weeks...

Hi all due in Oct mum's, sorry to change the line of questioning but this is my first and I am just starting to get myself into gear. I have started looking at car seats, prams, and find it all a little crazy. So I thought I'd put it out there in relation to car seats and prams and see what people have brought or tried or used with their other children.
Heya everyone,

Now that we have found out we are having a lil girl, its really starting to hit home that a brand new baby is on the way.

Anyone having any anxiety about being able to afford having a baby?

I'm scared we won't be able to pay for food let alone bills/rent. And I don't want to go back to work only after 8 weeks of bubs being born... I mean, isn't that far too young!!

Even with Government support, I'm afraid it won't be enough.

Any help or suggestions?


Jewels smile

Hi Jewels

When I was preggers with my first child and still working fulltime, everytime things were on special like nappies, wipes etc I always made sure I got 1 or 2 boxes so that way by the time bubs was born I had so much I didn't need to buy any for ages. I even do this now when coles or woolies have food on special and I always try and buy up big. Might seem like a huge expense at the time but when you think they are on special and will last awhile it does work out cheaper.

Maybe with your rent/bills you could start paying alittle extra each week now so in 20weeks time you will be way ahead?

I found also after our daughter was born (and during pregnancy) we were given lots of things like clothes, cot, blankets, toys etc and it really does help you out.

I guess everyone's situation is different in terms of returning to work after bubs is born and there are some childcare centres that take babies from 6wks of age. I know I coudn't do that, but as I said it really does depend on your individual situation.

Thats all I can think of atm, I sure others mums will have some great ideas for you.

Hey Erin,

I was wondering if, when you get time, you could put BOY next to my name in the timeline.

i am so over being pregnant sad and i still have 16 to 18 weeks left. im extremly uncomfortable all the time, have little to no patience for DD and feel like crying over the stupidest things. why couldnt this pregnancy have been the same as my 1st??? sorry bout my little whinge but i had to get it out and DP doesnt understand
Heya Alana,

I think this is whats great about these forum pages, we can whine to each other and fully understand smile

I'm not that big in my pregnancy, but it definitely is uncomfortable. I miss lying on my tummy while watching TV, or even when going to sleep.

Hope things improve soon, I'm sure DP is struggling too with things running through his head.

I find hugs are the best thing to help ATM smile


Jewels smile

Hi all

Well turns out i had a very bad throat infection, ended up going to the doc's on friday. Feeling a lot better now but my throat is still sore. So i didn't end up going to work on saturday so instead of making money we went a spent money ooopps and i got a new washing machine. Yah!!

Anyhow congratsto everyone else who had their scans and wow didn't the girls make a come back.


Got a little bored went back and counted

Boys - 11 maybe 12(if the second twin is a boy)
Girls - 12
Surprises- 10 (but i think 3 ladies are going back for another scan soon )

And then there were a couple new ladies that i wasn't sure if they had found out of keeping it a surprise

So looking at that its all pretty even,
[Edited on 09/06/2009]

Jewels, i agree everyones situation is very different to the next persons. And you dont have to feel guilty with whatever you have to do to get by. My cousin works in child care, and she see s alot of babies there from 6 weeks, esp in these hard times people have no choice. They take absolute fantastic care of your baby !!!!! and LOVE having babies around the carers get soooo clucky. I went back to work part time when my son was 3 months old , as i wanted to keep my career going. ( im so sure some women thought i was selfish), but you know what i dont care what the hell they think, my baby was in good hands. You do what you have to and if anyone tries to make you feel guilty tell them to mind their own buissness....

Oh also YES it is daunting seeing the prices of baby stuff, but you dont NEED it ALL. Babies need love, warmth, shelter, food and nappies.... Thats about it. Dont get carried away there is no need. I bought so much for my son,and didnt even need 1/2 of it...And we ended up bathing him in the laundry tub as the height was perfect.!!!! they need a cot,seat for the car, a pram, and maybe a change table.

sorry about long post i just get annoyed when i see sales women telling you that you NEED everything, and making you feel guilty if you dont buy it.


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