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Hey Jackie,

I've been doing ante-natal yoga since I was 12 weeks - I'm 20 now, and its been really great! I never really did yoga before and I'm finding all the breathing and focusing stuff the most helpful for labour prep. My mum comes with me so we do it together at home grin

Maybe you could ask your instructor to write down the exercises for you to do at home so you can check you're doing it right, or get a friend to come along and then you can practice together?

I can't help with kicks! I'm in the same boat

Good luck

We have decided to go with cloth nappies but I am having so much trouble finding nappy covers to go over them....I really don't want to go with the all plastic ones and this is a sore point between DH and I as he does not see anything wrong with them but we live in a humid climate and I am worried that bub will sweat to much.

Help girls....if you use cloth or have used cloth do you use nappy covers and if so what type and where did you get them from?

Thanks for that Michaela. It's nice to know that it is going to help me. I actually feel a bit sore this morning so I must be doing something right! I might actually ask the instructor to write a couple of things down so I can refer to them later.

My sister came for a visit last night and thought that I had 'popped' out a bit (she only saw me 2-3 days ago)so we measured my belly. I had grown 2cm since we last measured on Sunday!!! I couldn't believe it! We have only been measuring for a bit of fun but I was amazed just how quickly I am growing. It does make me smile though knowing that bub must be doing okay in there...
marni - have a look at this site DIY Nappy Covers

i used cloth nappies with DD and had the plastic covers as i couldnt find anything else and i HATED them as they made her bum to hot (and i live in nz lol). im going to use coth again this time and i have asked DPs aunty if she coud make the covers for us (i cant sew to save my life lol). its also heaps cheaper to make your own then it is to buy them
[Edited on 05/06/2009]
Thanks so much for the link....not sure i'm confident enough to give it a go though.

Congrats to all who have found out the sex of their bubs

I had my scan today and bub wasn't giving up what sex it is and was laying on it's belly so they couldn't check the heart so I have to go back on the 17th so hopefully bub will be more willing to show us its gender


Hi everyone, Sorry I havent been on in ages! had my 20week scan today and we found out we are having a girl! I was sure it was a boy in there so I'm still in shock! Its our first baby so we are happy either way!
We are decorating the nursery tomorrow so that will be fun! We are going with a Farm animal theme got great removable wall stickers off Ebay and overflow! Cant wait to see how it turns out!
Hope all you ladies are doing well I enjoy reading all the posts on my email!


Hello ladies,

we had our scan and bub was very co-operative so we could check out everything. i also got some 4D shots. And we are having our 3rd Girl!!!!!!! funny as i was so sure this would be the boy, we're all thrilled and i have started buying pink!!!!..

well Lana looks like we are in the same club, as we have been told we are having our 3rd girl too! DH thought he saw a willy a couple of times but must have been the cord!! I too thought maybe this would have been a boy, but since my sister has 3 boys I guess in the back of my mind I knew this would be girl! gotta even up the numbers lol

well I didn't think my belly was all that big but a few nights ago some ladies in a different department at work asked if I was having twins - they thought I was huge! oh well guess it's only going to get bigger here on.

I think a mum was asking if anyone is taking asprin? I'm taking 1/2 one a day, have been for about a month now and will continue taking until 36/37wks.

Geepers girls, girls, girls!!!

We had our scan this morning and we are having a GIRL too... we were very shocked as had both thought boy. It is a wonderful surprise! We have had our girl's name picked for years so it must be meant to be!!! My 13 year old son is pleased, altho a little disappointed as we had said he could choose the middle name if it was a boy! BOB was his choice (hmmm???)

The sonographer was fantastic and was very happy with everything was looking. My cervix is fine, which was a major concern, so no stitch needed (YAY... altho a trip home to Perth would've been nice!) My placenta is a little low lying, but that just means we get to see our little girl again at 32 weeks!!

So excited to hear about how everyone's scans are going!
Take care
Neets x

I forgot who it was that was after cloth nappy info, damn baby brain.
In all honesty, I tried terry cloth nappies with DS, they were massive and were not very absorbent and the plastic covers were horrible. I then made the decision to switch to modern cloth nappies, which are more expensive but soooo much better. You don't need covers as they are all in ones which means they have a built in cover. If you are interested in them, here is one brand I highly recommend, I can give you some more in a couple days. hope that helps.

On the modern cloth nappies post, did you start using them from early on. This is first bub and I have been looking at the nappy staff and thinking along the lines of modern cloth nappies, but a bit unsure how they go on a new born any suggestions?
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