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Babies Due October 2009 Rss

Excited 1st Time Mum - My placenta was low to at my 20wk scan, but after doing some research I'm not worried as they say 95% of women with low lying placenta at 20ks don't have it again at 32wks because as your uterus grows your placenta moves as well so don't stress, it will probably clear itself up.

Bub has started kicking! It is the most amazing feeling. He/She is very very active I can feel them all day and most of the night!

Hi all

Just thought I would pop in and say hi! DD4 is due 21.10.2009 but we are likely to meet a little earlier than that.

Hope you are all enjoying your prenancies, half way there today for the LAST time!

Take care,

Thanks MarniT, that has made me feel a lot better smile i have petrified of getting cut open:-) i might do some research myself when i get a chance and also see what i come up with.

Well we have finally settled into our brand new home. Now to just do all the extra things that come with building a house from scratch sad Not very much fun!

Anyway take care all

i had my anatomy scan yesterday morning. both bubs are healthy as and one was hard out kicking the other lol

found out twin 1 is definately a boy and the scan lady said twin 2 looks like a boy 2 but couldnt get a good look so wouldnt say for sure. i have to go back in 2 weeks as she couldnt get a good shot of their mouths/lips so hopefully i will be able to find out for sure then.

i got admitted in to hospital yesterday arvo for the night as i was getting so intense pain around my right kidney. drs are pretty sure that i have a UTI which has spread to my kidney slightly so im on antibiotics for a week to hopefully clear it up :|]

Hey everyone, sorry have not done much interacting, been a very busy time.

Congrats to everyone who knows the gender of their bubs!!!!, we have decided to leave it a surprise, makes it hard cause i cant get too excited about doing the nursery up nicely. Anyway Lachlan (our 3 year old), wants a brother (well thats todays decision anyway. lol) We had our scan last week and follow up today with all great results which is nice to know.

Is everyone aware that toys r us have boxes of huggies nappies for $30 , limit 2 per customer, however you have to spend $20 in store to get the deal, but i bought some wipes bottles etc and that quickly added up to more than $20.

All the best everyone hope we all stay well during the pregnancy.


mum Shell - thanks for that, our closest Toys r us is 40 mins away i planned on going down on June 12 but since this weekend is long weekend i might make that trip earlier. TIA
I know that IGA have a sale on Huggies nappies the smaller packs for $12 i was going to get a pack of 36 for the hospital as i only intend on staying there the one night.

Alana - Congrats on at least 1 boy, it would be nice if the 2nd was a boy too..fingers are crossed for next week and i hope your UTI clears up quickly...the fun begins with twins!!!! all the best honey!!!

OMG OMG 1 more sleep til our very first Ultra sound, gee i hope this bub is co-operative!!!! little excited can you tell.

Good luck to the other mummies who are also booked in for tomorrow, i don't think there is any for today...

anyway 24 hours from right now is my appt.... oh a quick question, did anyone have to drink a gallon of water before this scan i always have had to but when i booked this one they said i don't need too. i am confused??

How exciting Lana!! Hope bub cooperates for you smile I have always been told to drink heaps (this time it was empty your bladder 2 hours before and then drink 3-4 glasses of water) I only drank a small bottle of water in that 2hours and by the time I got in for my U/S I had to go and relieve 1/2 because my bladder was to full! Hate trying to stop lol. If I have to go again I am not going to worry about it just not go to the loo for an hour or so before I think.

Hi all

Lana- I only got told to drink 500ml with both u/s. Good luck with your u/s today.

Alana- congrats on finding out the sex of one. I hope your uti clears up very quickly.

Well i've still got a very very sore throat i can barely eat or drink it hurts so much. I hope it goes away very soon.


Hey ladies,

I had my 20 week scan on Tuesday and everything was fine aside from one thing.

Has anyone heard of a two-vessel umbilical cord? The doctor said it was nothing to worry about, and they got another radiologist to have a look and she said the same thing. But then I got all nervous and started looking online and it talks about birth defects etc?

A doctor would tell you if there were risks wouldn't they? The only thing they said was it might make Bean a little small.

Sorry for the long post,

Hi Ladies,

Hope you are all feeling well and bubs are all powering on!
I am 22wks pregnant with my first bub and have just started doing yoga. I have tried yoga a while ago but I have just the past 2 wks started back up again. I am unable to attend the proper anti-natal classes as they are in the middle of the day and as I am still working it makes it a bit hard, so I'm attending the early morning classes - it's killing me getting up early, but I guess it's good practice for when bub comes along!!!
I was just wondering if anyone is/or has tried anti-natal yoga and if it has helped them in any way? I'm finding it really helps in stretching my whole body out, and I find that on the days I do it I feel like I have a lot more enegy and sleep much better. My teacher has now given me some exercises to do at home in between classes but I am a bit aprehensive about doing them in case I do them wrong and I haven't got her there to correct me.

Just one other thing (sorry for the ramble!) I am 22wks tomorrow and I still haven't felt a distinctive kick from bub yet. I can feel where bub is but no real big kicks. I think I am just worrying myself sick but has any other mums had to wait this long??? I don't go back to the dr's till the 15th so still have a while to wait yet.

Thanks heaps
Jackie xx
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