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Babies Due October 2009 Rss

We are having a little girl. We went this afternoon. My sn sat and watch the screen it was so very exciting!

Im so over happy to be sharing my story with all you ladies!
Its a BOY!!!!

thats boy number 4 for me. my 10 year old cried when we told him because he really wanted a sister and my 6 year old said not another one lol.

we are really excited its another boy.

WOW!! I cannot believe how much you get to see in these scans grin

ITS A GIRL FOR US grin grin grin grin
We straight away went to the Baby Factory and bought a little 3 piece set in pink to celebrate smile

Cannot wait to show the soon to be grandparents the little DVD we got of the scan smile

So great to see our little princess is healthy!!


Jewels smile

Jasminsmum, I have been tryiong to tt my son for nearly 12 months on and off, more off then on as he wasn't interested at all. He would do the very occassional wee on the toilet but nothing to get excited about. 3 weeks ago he was sick with vomiting and ear infection on the friday he woke up with a dry nappy and told me that he needed to do a wee and i said well do one (he had been asking to go to the toilet while out shopping prior to this) he's like no on the toilet, so I went and put him on the toilet and he did a massive wee and this Friday it will have been 3 weeks with no accidents at all he is even sleeping with just undies on during his day sleep and just wearing a nappy at night.
Some things I did was take him to the toilet with me, sit him on his potty while running his bath, i tried to do a tt chart and when he used the toilet he got a sticker on his chart but that didn't work either. I had given up as i was just so annoyed and even more annoyed when i found out i was pregnant and facing having 2 in nappies.
I think they are ready in their own time and the more you try and get them to do it the more they refuse. Trying to hard will make them back away and not do it at all.
Good luck and I hope she starts tt for you before bub comes.

I hopes she starts before the other one comes too. She can do everything on the toilet (i.e sit, wipe and flush) except actually go. She even will claps her hands and everything thinking she has gone but nothing! And atm she just wants to flush, flush, flush!!! And then will pee on the floor sad .

Hopefully it will just happen oneday like your DS, that would be so awesome. Was going to try the chart as well as she loves stickers but knowing her she just want the sticker on there without having to do anything, Bribery does not work with her.

Well im off to the midwife clinic today. Should be fun.

Congrats to everyone on finding out the sex of their babies. NIce to see a few more girls on the way.


I had my ultrasound this morning, and bubba was that uncoperative I have to go back in next week so they can get the rest of its measurements and hopfully find out the gender. I am dissapointed we didn't get to find out today as news to tell the family would be nice after my grandad passing, but I got to watch the baby play with its feet and kick my hip for two hours!!!

- Naomi

Dean Alex 14/09/2007 ; Adrian James 08/10/2009

Well today was very fun at the hospital today. It ended up being a doc's appt as the middy was sick but they didn't come and tell me they let me sit there for half an hour till i asked. They are so silly.

Secondly the bubba apparently doesn;t have anything wrong with his kidneys (which is good and a relief) but still makes me wonder why the ultrasound technician said something about it and said it would be in the report and it wasn't.

Anyway enough of my rant


Kez - glad to hear your bubs kidneys are fine. after the technician do a scan it always goes to a senior technician or doctor to get reviewed so maybe when they looked at the results found there wasn't actually a problem and the technician made a mistake

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

I had my scan yeasterday and bub is all healthy which is GREAT smile
Came out of there really disappointed though, we had a training lady do it and it went for AGES but she just did all the individual body parts, don't think we even got a look at the entire bub at all sad Also with my girls I have thier scans taped on video and all I got yesterday was a picture (not a really good one) of bubs head. DH knew how badly I wanted to know aswell but still wouldn't commit so that peed me off too lol.
I feel really terrible I should be over the moon (which I am) that bub is all healty but can't shake the disappointment of the scan sad

Sorry for the whinge!

And congrats to all you mummys finding out!! How exciting to be able to shop finally smile

Hi girls - we had our scan on Monday and were very keen to find out the sex ... only to see that its legs were crossed up so tightly under its bum we had no chance. DH said if its a girl, she can keep her legs like that for the next 20 years! lol. Its was great to see all the bits in there, including a big old brain (bonus!) and everything looks good.
The upside is that the sonographer said my Dr often sends women for 32 week scans (more often than not, and considering I've had bigger babies in the past, he's really likely to) so we might find out then. Otherwise, we'll just have to be patient! damnit!

Isobel 19/7/06 Molly 14/2/08 Sam 4/10/09

Erin- thankyou that has definatly put my mind at ease smile.

Don't feel so crash hot today my throat is absolutely killing me. I have to work tonight but maybe i should call up sick. I don't know ...... i never call up sick.

Hope everyone else is feeling well and has a great day.


I had my scan yesterday and the sonographer was not very nice but she was 100% sure it is a girl smile
Now I need to sort through what I have left from DD1 (I gave away so much clothes!) and see what we need.
Has anyone had their due dates change?

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