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hi Everyone hope all are feeling well

Cant remember who said it but all the fridge locks i have used are crap they always end up loosing their stickyness or snapping after a few weeks or DD#1 works out how to get into them. I've given up now on using them lol.

Pain relief - I will be going straight for the EPI lol and i'm not embaressed to admit it. Although they dont work totally on me, my right side works for a little bit and wears off or doesnt work at all but atleast i get some relief from it lol.
I've had pethadine with DD#1 and it did crap all didnt even let me sleep. had gas on and off when the EPI stopped working that was interesting it makes your mouth go weird and feels like a headspin or your stoned lol
with DS it took me 45 minS to go from 3cm dialated to fully dialted so this time might be even quicker so i will definatly need an epi cause it's bloody painfull lol (me EPI started wearing off after 30 mins with DS)

I think with pain relief you need to go in with an open mind things change and dont always go to plan so even if you dont want to have any drugs during labor you should keep in mind that things dont always go to plan and you might want them after all and there is nothing wrong with that

babyuno - i went with an private obs with dd#2 and they did check my weight but not all do and i dont think that weight really matters anyway. If there aren't any problems then yep your appointment will only be a few minutes usually unless you have heaps of questions that is the same for private or public
as to what you can claim back on medicare it depends what you medicare safety net is because once you reach that amount for you can claim back 80% of out of pocket expenses so if you can try and reach or get close to that before claiming the $1800

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

Morning ladies,

18 weeks today wow this is going fast only 16 sleeps till my scan and hopefully finding out the sex of bub. Bub's movments are more kicks and punches then pokes and prods.

Pain relief- I only had gas and pethadine with my first DS labour was 30hrs, DS#2 I only had gas as his labour was 3hrs and DS#3 only had gas also and his labour was 2hrs so I am thinking this one will be pretty quick and will only have time for gas again and honestly that is fine by me.

Congrats to all who hae found out the sex of their bubs


Whoo hoo another house inspection done for 6months... i really don't like them.
Well all that cleaning kept me occupied for the day and now im bored.. and its going to be a lonely night with the DF in QLD, at least i won't have to listen to him snoring tonight, thats a bonus!! Feel like a whole lot of stress was lifted of my shoulders got nothing but good things to look forward to for a while. Yah don't have to work this w/e and have the ultrasound on monday. How exciting. Wow 19weeks today almost half way, feels like the quickest pregnany ever.

Thanx for the ramble im so bored ....

Heya everyone,

I know that all pain relief options have their pro's and con's... But is there any con's for using gas?

I'm a bit scared about getting an epidural done, but I'm not closing out any options yet.

I must admit, the pending labour is kind of scaring me, but millions of mothers have done it before and millions will do so after.. its just my pain threshold is terrible. I had a Mirena (IUD) put in a few years ago, and even with a local I was bent over in agony with the insertion of it. The removal wasn't too bad, but it was a godsend compared to other contraceptives smile

So glad we are all heading around the halfway mark, this is sooo exciting.


Jewels smile

Tedebare I'm a bit scared of having an Epi too - keen to find out all the options before deciding on that one. It's weird to be suddenly having to think all this stuff through - until now it has just been 'oh I hope baby has a heartbeat'. Luckily we had our scan a couple of days ago and our little bun is cooking very well - what a relief. We also got a bit of a flash and we're having a baby girl - finally I can go shopping!!
Posted by: babyuno
...We also got a bit of a flash and we're having a baby girl - finally I can go shopping!!

Congratulations smile

I must admit, I want to start buying some Huggies Infant sized nappies, but obviously need to know if its a girl or a boy first, we've stocked up on a good amount of Newborn sized ones so far grin

Definitely cannot wait for the antenatal classes either grin


Jewels smile

Hi Ladies

Wow hasn't it been quiet on here? Well today is the day we find out what we are having, can't wait till 4pm. But the only prob is i absolutly feel like crap. Hopefully i can make the appt but i think the toilet is going to be my new best friend today lol. Finger X my tummy settles down.
Went shopping yesterday and brought a play activity mat for the new bub ( i've been dying to do some form of baby shopping ) and i got something else can't remember for the life of me what that was . Anyhow hope everyone has a good day andis feeling well, ill be back on tonight to say what im having.


Good luck with your scan today. Hope baby is cooperating for you and that you are feeling better by 4.

I have my 3D scan on Wednesday at 5. I am so excited. The last week has gone sooo slowly. I will be finding out what i am having. I was 20 weeks yesterday and this pregnancy has gone so much faster then with DS. I'm kinda glad though, as much as I love being pregnant I want the baby out so that I am not so blergh and can spend some more quality time with my son.
Anyway better go i have to go to a friends place before picking him up from day care, take care everyone and I will be back wednesday night with a gender grin

Hi guys,

Dana - I too went to the Target no-deposit layby sales. I let the kids choose a set of clothes each and a jumpsuit. I couldn't help but get a cute wrap and a few extra items. It was nice that the items were discount too. Now to pay them off.

Mygirls - I too don't feel that crash hot this time around. I'm not sure if it's age or having my 4th child. I am wanting to start to get the study set up for my older son, so I can put the baby in the other room. But by the time dh comes home, I have zip energy level. I must admit, I have been using the dryer more and more.

Jewels - I have only ever used gas for pain relief during labour. The most effective time to use it for me, is when I'm going through transition. I can feel my tail lifting and I find this hard to cope with. I've had a shot of pethidine injection to my perineum after labour when the doctor has been stitching my tear or episiotomy. I always feel cheated by this.
The only thing that I found with the gas the first time I used it I nearly hyperventilated. I've never had any other side effects.

I haven't ever got a fridge lock, never needed one until my third child. I have gone to the loo and come back to just turned 2 ds pouring himself a cup of milk - flooding the floor. Have just started using timeout for him and he has slowed down the amount he is going to the fridge. Cheeky!!!!

Babyuno - I go to an ob and visits don't seem all that long. But he's been there for all my other pregnancies and knows my history. Currently I go every 4 weeks. I just reached my threshold with Medicare.

Enjoy your scans girls (those who are still eagerly awaiting)
I'm sorry that it's such a long post, but I haven't been getting emails for this topic. So then I have to remember to log in.

Was checking in to see if there was an upcate from kez smile Hope everything went well today!!

I didn't know about the target baby sale sad Not happy coz I need just a few little wraps n bits and pieces.

Just a question for those having #2 (or 3 or 4) are tearing pains normal? Hope that makes sense but 1/2 the time I stand up and feel like my belly (low down) is going to rip open! I had VB so there is no scar or anything to cause it, just figure it may be the muscles??

I still can't con DH into finding out bubs sex sad Have been trying my hardest but nope he is not having a bar of it lol. The suspense is going to kill me smile

Have my scan next Tuesday so I am excited for that!

Hope everyone is going well smile

Hi all, well this is my first post since I signed up in January. We had the big scan today, and it's a healthy little boy growing inside of me - hubby is ecstatic at this news even though I was happy with either boy or girl...
hope everyone else's scans go all right!
cheers for now,


Im having a BOY!!!!!!
So happy, thats what we were trying for but i still would be happy if we had a girl but a boy is awesome!!!
The scan went okay, he is a little bugger and hides so didn't even get to see his face or feet but we def got the view of his willy lol.
One little issue (well maybe an issue) both his kidneys are dilated, one more than the other so may have to have further scans thoughtout the pregnancy. The scanner dude said its common for boys to have this. So has anyone elses bub had or have dilated kidneys?
Anyways still not feeling the best take care
[Edited on 25/05/2009]

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