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Babies Due October 2009 Rss

Lana, I am also having my scan done at 19 weeks. I don't think that there is any problem with having it done then smile

I am going to find out what I am having but my husband doesn't want to know so it's going to be a secret from everyone else also in case someone spills the beans!!

I can't believe we are nearly half way!!!

ive been feeling flutters since about week 11 or 12 and in the last couple of weeks they have gotten stronger but still not strong enough for DP to feel them sad although he can feel where they are lying in the morning cos my bladder pushes them up really high lol

im hanging out for the 2nd of june for my scan. ill be 19 weeks then so i have my fingers crossed we will find out what we are having smile

i have also signed up for twin ante natal classes that start on may 19th. DP has to have the afternoon off in order to come because for some stupid reason they are on at 12pm til 2. why put them on at that time??? ante natal classes for single pregnancies are on at night so why not do the same for twin pregnancies?? stupid hospital lol
Yes, I too am having the scan at 19weeks.
Before pregnancy, I thought I would love to find out what we're having to be prepared, and name the bean, etc. Now, I really want it to be a surprise! I wouldn't put it past me to get into the scan and completely change my mind AGAIN though haha. It's our first so while Im hoping for a boy, it really doesn't matter as long as everything's working well and in the right place.

I THINK I've felt some slight movement, but don't really know what I'm supposed to be feeling. Visited my obst. earlier this week and heard a nice strong heartbeat though which was reassuring. Such a great sound!

AND I have no idea what's up with my ticker either... we'll see if it appears properly after this post!


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Hi all i haven't been on in a while been so busy at work it is crazy.
I am having my scan done at 19weeks 3 days my mw told me anytime between the 18th and 20th week is fine to get the scan done.
Sorry can't remember who said about them finding out the sex but hubby not my hubby is the same and doesn't want to find out so i am not either because i don't think i would be able to keep it a secret from him smile

Hi Guys

With my first pregnancy, I didn't feel any movements until 20 weeks. This is my 5th pregnancy and have felt movements since 14 weeks. But this pregnancy has felt so different. I am having really bad headaches each day... I wake with them. I hope that taking panadol each day won't have a bad effect on the baby. I keep asking dh to talk more quietly.

As for baby capsules, I've never had one. People that I know who have used them, tend to be mothers who have older kids at school or kinder. They hire them through the local council for a few months. They say that the baby tends to stay asleep when they get out and in the car. I think that it's personal choice.

It's still another week until I find out our bubs sex. I do think that they used to send you for an U/S at 18 weeks. Now they tend to send you for a 20 week U/S. I do wonder why.

I have eased off with the vomiting, but still am gagging and feeling nausea. I love chewy!

Wouldn't it be lovely to have a rest during the day? I live for the day.

Enjoy your upcoming U/S everyone. Congrats to those who already have had them.
Happy Mothers Day!!!

Hi all,

I am new to the webpage, even though this is my third child. I had ultrasound today and found out I am having a boy. I already have Charlotte (nearly 4), Harrison 20 months and I am due 10/10/09. Pretty excited although Charlotte is not happy about the boy thing, she was desperately hoping for a baby sister!!
belcoops - your 4 year old is the opposite to my 4 year old, she must think 1 sister is 1 too many. as she keeps telling hubby and me it's a boy baby and it's name is going to be Henry..

hi ladies
i had my 18 week scan yesterday and was hoping to find out what we were having but baby was shy... not only was it sitting on its feet which were right in the way it also had a hand at the front and a hand at the back covering its bits.... the dr said he couldn't believe what bub was doin cause he had never seen a baby do it before.....a little bit disapointed but hey bub didnt want us to know, mean while everything is good and bub is healthy thank gosh.

i felt bub move for the first time at about 17 weeks and now sometimes i have to tell it to stop moving cause it is swimming around and hits things and makes me feel sick hehe cant wait till it starts kicking so it can be real for my bf aswell

Posted by: babyuno
Hey Tedebare, I'm with PrincessBB - wall stickers can look gorgeous - try this website - - there are some really nice ones. Also, you can get those removeable plastic hooks now - at least you could hang up some canvases or framed pics for some colour. As an interior designer by trade I'm having the opposite problem - I love simple white walls! grin

Heya Babyuno, Thank you so much for that website. And thanks PrincessBB for the idea. I had no idea these kind of things existed.


Definately can't wait to start setting the room up now grin

Jewels smile

Hi Everyone.

Congrats to all who have had their scans & expecting healthy little boys/girls. I have mine booked for Wednesday....I'm a little nervous but very excited to find out what we are having. The more I think about it, I think I would love a girl...otherwise I might end up wanting a third!


DP got to feel one of the babies roll around last night smile i dont think he believes it was that tho lol hopefully in the next couple of weeks he will get to feel some proper kicks smile

are any other nz mummies from napier or hawkes bay?

I hope you all have a lovely day!

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