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Babies Due October 2009 Rss

thanks karynne and everyone who responded to my freak out about not feeling butterflies yet,i feel heaps better already just knowing i'm not the only one. i have my scan on the 21st and can't wait either - our last scans have been so impersonal and 'factory-like' (bulk-billing place that also does shoulders, knees etc.-apparently babies are no big deal!) and this time we are going to get the goods - 4d scan with a dvd - awesome!
hey girls, how early is too early to start decorating the babies room? i lost my job a few weeks ago, not having any luck with getting a new one and therefore have way too much time on my hands!! yeah yeah, i know, make the most of it... smile
Hey everyone,

Just got my results back from my MSS2 bloods, and everything is great.

Definately cannot wait to hit the 20 week mark to get our gender scan done grin

I so wish it was still 18 weeks, but they have just changed it to 20 weeks. I suppose its better to wait.

I would love to start decorating our babies room, but sadly we live in a white walled flat, and cannot put anything on the walls. So gutted.

Hope everyone is doing well.

Jewels grin grin grin

Jewels smile

Hey all! babyuno - I had what I thought was movements a few weeks ago but had hardly anything since, the last week or so DD#2 gets up at 3am for a drink and it seems bump is wide awake then, you may have a night owl like mine lol.

I am keen to start decorating our room too although I am going to try and hold out until after my 18/20 week scan just in case I see any bits smile

I am keen to get a 4d scan done but don't know who does them here sad

I too have had headaches and migranes, I do suffer with migranes but I know with the girls I didn't get them at all! They really suck hey!

Congrats Erin on your little boy smile How exciting!!

Congrats to all the other new mums joining aswell.

Well hope everyone else is feeling well xx

Posted by: Tedebare

I would love to start decorating our babies room, but sadly we live in a white walled flat, and cannot put anything on the walls. So gutted.

Jewels grin grin grin

What about some wall stickers? They are easily removed and leave no marks at all smile

Hey wow everybody been busy posting away last night and this morning. Hi to all the new mummies .

Lana- is your pregnancy ticker out? i just noticed it says only a 100 days to go and you 15 weeks + and im 17 weeks with well over a hundred days?? I too have had a litle trouble with my back, came home last night from work with t being really sore, went to bed, then i had to get up cause the DF has been snoring really bad (i think he has gone into sympathy again and put on a bit of weight) and went to sleep with DD and i could barely walk, super painful but this morning it seems okay just a little sore.
Erin- congrats on having a boy, send the boy vibes this way lol

Well it looks like i might have to cancel my midwife appt next week sad i ll just have to see what happens, but it will mean ill have to wait longer to find out what i having. On the plus side the DF has now got a full time job!!!
The bubby has just started to kick everynight this last week when im trying to sleep . Feels cool.
Take care everyone

[Edited on 07/05/2009]

Last night when was laying on the bed, I felt some sort of movement going on so put my hand on my belly and actually felt something sticking out, but as soon as I touched it, it disappeared (shy!) then a few minutes later it happened again!
Oh it is such a relief to feel it and know things are still going well.
I have days where I worry that I'm not big enough and other days where I think I am too big, anyone else doing that?

Hey Tedebare, I'm with PrincessBB - wall stickers can look gorgeous - try this website - - there are some really nice ones. Also, you can get those removeable plastic hooks now - at least you could hang up some canvases or framed pics for some colour. As an interior designer by trade I'm having the opposite problem - I love simple white walls! grin
Hello Everyone

I'm booked in YEY!
After all that worry and stress they've found a place for me at the Mater!So I get to see the midwife & Obs 20th May woohoo!
SOOOO relieved!

How's everyone feeling? Has anyone tried going to a chiropractor for their headaches? With my last pregnancy I had migraines every week and when I finally found out the chiro was safe during pregnancy I went and within 3 visits I wasn't having anymore migrains. It was my neck that was scrunched up with the weight of my growing bump! But I know that it may not be for everyone but I do swear by it!

I hope I'm not sounding pushy sad

Sara xo

<a href=

arghh I can't seem to get my ticker to post sad Does anyoen have any ideas? I'm sure I'm following the instructions correctly

<a href=

the one I used to get my ticker working was the one that had img at the start......if that helps? It was trial and error until I got it right!

Wow I just looked at the first page and didnt realise how many bubs we have due in October. It's great.

The last few nights when I've been in bed I've had what feels like bub pushing out, the left side of my stomach goes pretty hard so I rub it and it slowly goes away. So not sure if it's bub or some kind of braxton hicks. I'm hoping it's bub. Ohhh bub just did a little movement then. First one for a couple weeks yay grin

I'm gonna have a very sad little boy in a couple days. My dad goes to PNG to work, he will be gone for a month and come back for a week and back for a month for the next 5 years or so. The last two nights he has been picking up the phone saying come home Poppy, he did it just now. So I think we might have some tears in a couple weeks when Poppy doesn't come back.

It's getting very exciting hearing everyone going for their scans and finding out the sex of their bubs. i am having my scan on Wednesday so fingers crossed bubs in the right position. I am also getting a 3D Gender one done at 20 weeks, to double check or to find out.
Anyway better head off and get my little man to bed. Take care everyone.

hey girls,

yeah someone else pointed out my ticker the other day from another thread, so i'll have to fix it.

gee most of you girls are having your scans done at 20 weeks. i was told to have mine done at 19 weeks. i go back to mw next week so i'll double check on this. i really wanna know what we're having so i want to leave it until the best possible time.
i will also get the 4d done but think i'll leave it to 32 weeks.

Erin - yay another boy!!!! have you told hubby yet? i bet he'd be wrapped.

my back is playing games i think i overdid it on wednesday night and woke up in pain this morning and chased hubby up for heat bag but since it's been good. but i think i'll go to bed with one tonight just in case.

i'm on the countdown til hubby goes back to work. 3 more days, he has been on annual leave for nearly 4 weeks. i love him so much but man i really need a day to myself. i know i'll still have the kids but there will be no nagging hubby "what's for brekky? What are we doing today? why are you on the bed having a nap for?" i'm over it...

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