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Babies Due October 2009 Rss

Tamika, I have got the SnS capsule and bought a steelcraft capsule that fits into the pram. I had a convertible car seat with ds and really regretted not getting a capsule, every time i got him out of the car seat he would wake up and be hard to resettle.

Jazminesmum, I have been going to the toilet once or twice during the night for weeks now. I really dread getting out of bed with it being so cold.

I had my midwife appointment today and I can't birth at the hospital I want to sad I'm 'too high risk' all because my bp was up a bit today and they did an echo because my pulse was also up, but we will see what it is when i see my gp on wednesday, the echo didnt pick anything unusual up so that was good. I am very dissapointed as I didnt want to go back to nambour general sad oh also because i had a forceps delivery with ds. So yeah that sucks big time but what can i do.
My BP was up and down all the time with DS.
Anyway I better go to bed, I'm so tired tonight. Good night ladies

Hi finz, welcome to the Oct group, I'm so sorry to hear about what happened last time, this time is completely different and you will breeze through!
I got a car seat that goes from birth to about 18kg or so, a safe n sound meridian. The only problem is waking baby to get them out or in to the car, with the capsule that doesn't happen, but unless you have $$ to burn then I think it is just un necessary spending smile

DPs aunty did the string and needle test on me today and apparetnly im having one of each lol

when the midwife checked their heartbeats on thursday 1 was alot faster then the other and it was the same on the scan yesterday which is meant to mean a boy and girl so fingers crossed its all true lol will find out in about 3 weeks smile
Aww fingers crossed for one of each for you. that would be awesome.
I had dreams with ds that i was having a boy, but this time I have only had 2 and they have been one of each and no there is definetly not 2 in there.

finally i found a thread for oct mums! im due 12th oct, and already have 2, madison 3.5 and Leto 1.5:)
one of each would be perfect but twin girls would be too.
I dreamt during my 1st pregnancy that I was having a girl (dreamt that at about 12-13 weeks) and my daughter was born. Then at about 12 week or so I dreamt I was having a boy for my 2nd pregnancy and my son was born, now I am 80% sure this is a boy too and I am 15 weeks, and no dreams about the sex!
Has anyone else dreamt about what they are having?
Still over 4 weeks until I find out for sure smile

lol yeah one of each would be awesome but im not so sure about twin girls as i already have a DD (2 years) so that would mean i would have 3 girls go thru teenage years together lol really doesnt sound like fun lol

but as long as they are both healthy im happy with what ever sex they are smile
hey girls, am I the only one who's not feeling the 'butterflies' yet? I'm 17 weeks and trying as hard as I can to feel something but can't!
Hi everyone !!!

How was everyones weekend? MIne was pretty cruisy just worked and restocked the panty and fridge.

Alana- one of each i reakon would be awesome, i have a twin brother, i don't reakon we got compared as much, we didn't have to wear the same outfits or get the same haircut lol... having twins is pretty special.

Got my midewife appt next week and hopefully the week after that ill be finding out the sex, hooray ! So excited.


Babyuno, I'm 17 weeks and I havent felt anything since 14 weeks and this is my second bub, I have a scan next week so fingers crossed everything is ok in there

Hi October mums i'm due with my 2nd on the 17th October, fat chance of that date (10 days over and induced first time around) good luck to everyone.
mum to matt, it depends on wher the placenta is, I bet it is moving up the front so you can't feel bub. Thats what happened last pregnancy for me, it was about 18 weeks before I knew I was feeling it then a couple more weeks before DH could feel baby move from the outside.
I only get feeling sometimes, some days bub seems busy other days not at all.

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