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Babies Due October 2009 Rss

labours - well my first was 27 hours start to finish but 7 or 8 hour of initial labour. she was posterier (spine against spine) which hurt like hell through the contractions, so i had a lot of back rubs. but i managed to go drug free (only some codeine to help me sleep but didn't help) and many hot showers. i had her standing up leaning on top of a bean bag which was propped on the bed and holding (squeezing) hubby's hands to get her out.

2nd - hubby was at work thought it would be nearly as long as labor with my first so i told hubby to stay at work (he was a truck driver at the time, only deliveries between gold coast, sunny coast and toowoomba). mil drove me to hospital, contractions weren't as painful as first baby thankgod Ava wasn't posterier. i would rock on my hands and knees to make sure of this. birthed her same way no drugs standing etc. hubby made it 5 mins before delivery cos his boss sent him otherwise he thought i would kill him (the boss). total hours spent in labor 7 hours and only 3 in real labor.

this time - i think i'll keep to the routine but they think labour will only be 3 hour or under and this is why they won't let me go to the Brisbane Mater. i live 20 mins away from the closest hospital and then the mater which is next closest is 40 mins away from that hospital

i must add my babies come 2 weeks early so hopefully this will 2.

[Edited on 23/04/2009]

i forgot to add, i haven't had any stitches or any interventions, so cross fingers bub should just slide out..

Morning ladies hope we are all well and not to tired.

I am sending a big happy 8th birthday to Aiden my eldest I can't believe he is 8 already time flies.

With my labours my first was 30 hrs long and only had pain relief after 25.5 hrs which was a shot of pethadine then the gas. 2nd was 3 hours and my waters were broken and contractions kicked in I used the shower with him and a bit of gas. 3rd was 2 hrs 15 mins with only gas. So hoping this one is not in a hurry as the hospital is 45 mins away I have been told the minute something serious is happening I need to go in as they think this will be another quick labour.


I'm kinda worried about the birth of this baby. With DS, I didn't get to do anything that I wanted to do. I didnt want to be on my back, but I was induced and they wouldn't let me walk around, then I ended up having an epi, so I couldn't walk around anyway. I was lying down for 16+ hours, with a labour of 16 hours.

I want to do things my way this time and not have people telling me what to do. I've heard the best way to birth is upright with gravity kinda helping. But I dont know if I want to stand, kneel or what I have no idea because I wasnt given any options last time.

This time I am going to a different hospital, which I have heard lots of great things about, so fingers crossed they help me and don't just tell me what to do. I want to stay at home for as long as possible this time. I was too anxious waiting in hospital all day after my waters broke and the nurses were horrible.

Also, they checked me to see if my waters really had broken or not about mid day, I told them that it was definetly my waters cause it had that smell to it and they told me they had to check anyway and it hurt like anything, can I refuse to be checked or do they have to check you like they said?

Sorry the post is so long.

Im pretty sure you can refuse cause apparently i did when i had DD but i didn't. I hoping with this baby i have a completly different experience as having DD was horrible. My midwife was not very nice, she even went as far to tell me to shut my mouth. So hopefully i don't get her again and hopefully i don't have to have a vacuum extraction.

mum to matt - yes you can refuse to have internals done through the pergnancy and the birth (with the birth let your support person know so they can push for what you want/dont want if you dont have the energy to) they cant make you do anything that your uncomfortable with smile

jazminsmum - i hope you have a nicer mid wife this time round. the one you had first time sounds like a real b*tch

well im feeling good today for once lol i have a huge craving for powerade drinks though lol think its because i have been getting really thirsty lately but i hate drinking water :| 4 more days til i get to hear the babies heartbeats smile i cant wait lol
Jazminsmum, that sounds like what happened to me. I had my mum and my aunty in with me when i was having DS and the paed that delivered him kept telling me to stop making a noise and push, my aunty and mum nearly smacked him in the mouth and my aunty and the nurse getting everything preped for DS were like make as much noise as you need too. I wish i could have kicked him in the mouth but my legs were strapped down

Wow, some of those birthing stories are horrific. !!! Cant believe that dr told you to be quiet... God i would of kicked him given the chance too.. haha. What a horrible thing to tell a woman in labour!!!! I would love to have a birth like explained in the previous post.. (God i hope so, thats a dream come true!) Your a very lucky girl. With my son i also had a vacume extraction and an epiosotomy.. was horrible, esp the recovery, could not sit down for about a week.. God i hope that doesnt happen again !!!! going to do all i can to avoid another tear...

Starting to feel real fat now already !!!, can already feel my body going. sad still really tired.. Felt the 1st kick yesterday, such a happy moment even hubby got to feel it too. To all you women who are still feeling sick,i know how you feel myn has only just passed (like 2 days ago) before that i was insanly sick and nothing works !!! went to hosp twice to get rehydrated. Stay strong though it WILL fade really soon !!!!!!! Also feels like no one gives a damm too hey ? And you get sick of whinging about it... Not fair..

Oh WELCOME BELINDA !!!!!! 1st baby is soooooo very special, you finding out what you are having?


Posted by: Mish777
The 3D ultrasound sounds interesting. But do they cost a bit more than the average one?

for memory, i think it was about $200 for a half hour scan(could've even been a 1 hour scan), with lots and lots of printed photos and a DVD of the whole thing plus all the other pictures too...

well worth the money IMO..
I'm 14 weeks and I still hadn't received my first midwife appointment letter from the Mater Mothers yet.I thought I'd just ring up and see what's going on. This is my 4th baby and with my last two I didn't get my letter till I was about 13 weeks so I figured I should just check.

Apparently they have not recieved anything from my doctor and the girl on the phone was quite short with me saying they're all booked for October but to send in the booking in referal letter anyway, but she doesn't like my chances!!!

So I've gotten my doctor to send the letter AGAIN to them and also the RWBH just in case.

I'm so upset right now as my last birth my DS had to be revived and had shoulder dystocia due to being a very big baby for my size. I know I'm probably being over worried but I'm absolutely terrified of this birth and now this has thrown me into a spin.

It's going to take around 4 weeks she said before we'll know what's happening!

Has anyone else had this problem? I thought you were accepted into a public no matter what?

I stressed because all I've had done so far has been my NT scan and bloods. I was told I'd have to be closely followed through this pregnancy.

Does anyone have any idea of what actually goes on with booking in?

Sara xo

<a href=

Hi Sara,

It seems that doctors are telling their patients to book into the hospital of choice at the 6 weeks mark. This is my 4th baby (5th preg) and I've never ever had problems with a hospital like a have this time.

I am booking into a private hospital and my OB has had to start going to another private hospital as well as his normal one as it is full up. I still haven't had confirmation that I am booked in. But I actually had to pay a booking deposit this time around...I've never had to do that before and the OB hasn't heard of it before. I suppose people can start hospital hopping???

All I've had done so far myself is a blood and urine test. I am hanging out for a scan at 20 weeks. How far are you from your scan? Can you ring the hospital to see if they have received your 2nd lot of booking info? Hope that it all works out for you. My wonder is ... can a hospital refuse to take you when you are in established labour?

Let us know how it goes.

Hi all

How have we all been doing? I feel like i've finally got my energy back and the house is finally clean!!!! But that is also partly because i have a few days off work and partly because the DF hasn't been home lol. He is finally been picking up a fair amount of work 3- 4 days a week 8hr+ days which is really good, gets a bit of stress and pressure off me.

Wow, I totally can't believe how fast this pregnancy is going!!! Only a few weeks and we get to find out the sex, I can't wait!!!

Is anybody got a two year old going though the terrible twos??? I always thought it was a bit of a myth but wow how true it is. My DD has just been really pushing the boundries and she has attitude and she has started punching anything when she gets angry (she doesn't really have tantrums as such ). I never thought she a beautiful cute little girl could do that . Im hoping she grows out of it fast.

Anyways hope everyone is well , talk soon


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