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Kez I'm craving Subway 6 inch Roasted Chicken Subs at the moment! It's one of the foods I'm able to eat knowing I'm not going to "see again"!
Oh and avocado.....can't get enough of the stuff!

Has anyone elses bubs had heart rates of 170 at their NT scan?

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mumofkayla- I am so sorry to hear of your loss you & your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

I am 13 weeks today and am finding my morning sickness is settling down so hopefully it will be gone completely soon. I have my first midwifes appointment tomorrow and can't wait. Has anyone else found that this pregnancy is flying I can't believe how quick it seems to be going.

I hope everyone had a great Easter and will chat again soon

[Edited on 15/04/2009]
[Edited on 15/04/2009]

mumofkayla - I am so very sorry to hear of your loss. Thinking of you and all the best xxoo

I had my midwife appointment today, boy do you get a lot of information. Too much to handle sad got to hear babies heart beat again so that was reassuring and got my 18- 20 scan booked in for th 25th May so all is very exciting. My hubby finds it a bit more real now that he has heard the heart beat.

A belated happy easter to everyone hope easter bunny delivered a lot of chocolate. YUMMO

Mum of Kayla - so sorry to hear bout your loss, that would of have been so devastating to you and your family.. all the best.

cravings mmmm... what haven't i been craving, no.. Promite i haven't had it since i was a kid prefer it on toast than bread. and because i can't hold coffee down i've been getting into jarrah hot chocolate in the sachet form. also hot chocolates from the wild bean cafe. mash potato with lots of cheese and steak.

Hi Girls,

As far as cravings go I am craving sweet things. I'm normally a savoury girl but at the moment I love my sugar. Based on that and a couple of old wives tales (which I know aren't true) I am thinking Girl... Which may be wishful thinking but my husband and I refer to bubs as she. What do other people think they are having?

I am going to have bubs at Flinders Private in Adelaide. Saw my OB/GYN and today and she is great! Bubs has moved out of my pelvic region which is a good sign. I am thinking about having a 4D/3D scan. Is anyone else going to have one done?

I want to find out what this bubs is but my DH is not sure. Are other people going to find out what they are having?

Hope you are all having a great night!

Thinking of you mumofkayla. Big hugs to you and your family. xx

I'm starting to get excited about my ultrasound, just over 4 weeks to go to see our little one and find out what gender. I'm having my first ultrasound at 20 weeks. We're taking everyone along, including my younger sister so that she can look after our 3 kids while they do the measurements.
With pregnancy, I keep looking forward to the different milestones. The first movements, the growing belly, 1st tri, 2nd tri, etc. Anyone else?

im starting to get exciting about my ultrasound aswel, just over 5weeks for us. my mum is comin wit me, just so i dont find out wat gender the baby is. i really want a suprise but i no if i go with my partner i will ask to find out, and my mum will make sure i dont ask, so mums comin with me instead. iv had lots of movements, mostly flutters but get the odd kick now and again. my belly is growing really fast this time. took ages for my bump to show with taylor, i think u could tel when i got to about 5 months but this time ppl are already askin is tht a baby bump. iv gave bio oil another go, just to see if my stretch marks will fade more and hopefully i dont get n e new ones. stil got a bit of morning sickness, not as bad but stil some mornings when iv just had my cupa tea i end up in the toilet. not really had any cravings yet, but i didnt start with taylor til i was 5 months. then it was curry, curry, curry. i cant stand the site of them now.
well goin shoppin today with mum, get taylor some new clothes, his growing so fast. his top teeth are just about thru, they've been givin him so much hassle bless him.
well iv stil got a load of washin to do, so best get a move on.
take care all


Whooooo Hoooooooo! I finally got my NT scan!!!!

So i had the Dr's app to have this couselling, didn't get any was a different Dr, and was like so do you know your dates and i was like yeah im positive. So then he writes me up an ultrasound refferal to confirm my dates, im like WTF. So anyhow i walk out then the secretary and midwife are like she sould have a NT scan but they can't figure out what the cut off is ( one saying 13 and one is saying 14 weeks) so im like don't worry about ( this is obviously too hard). Then the secretary says you could of had that but you've missed out. Anyhow i go down to the ultra sound place the chick there is like why arn't you having this NT scan im like well arn't i too late she like no the cut off is 14 weeks + 3 (depending on size of bub )so she rings up maternity gets up them and then she books me in for that day and sends me down for a blood test. So hooray for her, love her.
So i got the NT scan and i was also spot on with my dates!! Also that dr got me worry telling me that my uterus wasn't very enlarged but then he was like maybe its cause of your floppy belly (can they say that?).
So anyways i got to see the bub so happy but i walked out with the feeling that im having a girl (we were hoping for a boy)as soon as i saw the bub on the screen i was like girl don't know why so i guess ill have to wait and see till the next scan.
sorry for the long post

Jazminsmum that is really bad of the hospital, they should know when the cut off for the scans are.

Im starting to get worried. I was laying down today and after my friend saying that i have a bump I decided to take a pic and my bump is huge and im only 15 wks tomorrow. So I'm really freaking out that this baby is gonna be huge. DS was only 7pd 2. Anyone else been quite big fairly early with the second+ babies and had one thats fairly small or around the same as your first?

Sorry just really stresing. I dont want to give birth to a big baby lol

mum to matt - i wouldnt stress about how big your bub will be just yet smile apparently you show earlier and bigger with second+ pregnancies.

im starting to worry that im not showing enough lol im nearly 13 weeks but i thought i would be a lot bigger then i actually am :| at my next appointment im going to ask my midwife if i can get another scan as im starting to stress a bit too much (havent seen the bubs since 6 weeks)
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