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Babies Due October 2009 Rss

I had my blood test on Tuesday when I was 10 weeks and 5 days and will have my scan when I am 11 weeks 5 days. You can have the blood test anywhere from 10-13 weeks and the scan preferrably between 11 and 13 weeks and its bgest to get the blood test at least 4 days before the scan so there is time for them to received the results in order to do the risk assessment and give you results on the day of the scan.
Chloe87, the bottom teeth will help the top ones cut through so they should come through fairly fast smile
Well, I am getting the beginning of heartburn already and have that carpal tunnel thing (pins and needles in my hands mainly at night) really bad! Your not supposed to get these things until late in the pregnancy sad

Hey Jazminsmum,

YES my friend has three little ones and has a Phil and Teds - she highly recommends. You can add a carriage and convert it into a two-baby pram/stroller too apparently.
I think we shall be looking out for a good second-hand one of these!

I am officially 12 weeks today! Scan tomorrow, very excited.

Two year old needs a stuffed chicken or bunny for easter I reckon!


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Oh yeah i forgot to say Phils and Teds prams are EXCELLENT. I use to have an e3 and now have a P&T Vibe the highest model and love it. Although I will be selling it sad and getting one that can be converted to have 3 kids in it. I will definatly miss my P&T

And yes it does convert to have 2 kids in a few different ways

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

It has been ages since I've been here....hope everyone is well...Life is a little hectic at the moment and I'm just to tired by the end of the day to even think about the computer!

All is well for me, I hit the 12 wk mark on Sunday and i'm pretty excited about that. Have not bought anything yet but we made a piece of furniture for the nursery and think I'm going to try to make some art for the walls on the weekend.

So jealous of everyone who has had scans and seen their little bubba!!!! Only 4 wks till I get to hear the heartbeat for the first time....I'm a bit nervous though....what if there is nothing there???? I guess it's just first time mum jitters.

As for names we really like and agree on Claire and Connor. I love Abbigail, Kelsey, Owen, Oliver and Max as well.

Hi everyone hope you are well i havent been on here for awhile been busy and very tired! i am 11 weeks tomorrow yeah!! i have my scan next tuesday so excited about that. MS is getting better be glad when its gone! wont we all, glad to hear that everyone is well and everything well with bubba's. cant believe that some of you have felt baby kick already i cant wait to experience that. havent really thought of names yet there are to many to choose from i think i will have some trouble finding ones i like or that family or friends dont have already..
take care everyone chat soon smile
Well just come home from picking up my new(Well secondhand but doesn't eve look like its been used) P&T pram love it. It came with the second toddler seat and the cocoon. My DD loves it, she looked so comfy in it compare to the other cheapo pram we have.

Do you all think im crazy having felt it kick? Im 99 % sure its what i felt but it is so early. Im confused. And i know it wasn't the butterfly ones cause ive already felt those too. My mum was trying to convince me that im having twins and you can feel them eariler. Im a twin myself. But i think she is just trying to scare me.
Hey bil 123 we must be due on the same day if your 12weeks too, i wonder if we will actually have them on the same day? Have a great day at your scan tomorrow and seeing you're baby, how exciting. I don't think ill be getting one, i didn't have one with my first but i was even given the option, i didn't even know such a scan existed until i went on here.
Anyway goodnight all
[Edited on 02/04/2009]

hi girls,

Kez - i wouldn't think you'd be able to feel kicks before or even just after 12 weeks even if it was 2nd or 3rd pregnancy. but in saying that though once a week i might get a twitch in my belly or a stigmatism feeling.

names - well that's going to be fun choosing one with my hubby, he is so fussy. i like cohen, riley, Koby for boys or Tia, Leila, Portia and charlize for girls. but hubby i think is being retarded and saying because our first 2 their names are spelt the same backwards we need to follow the pattern...aargh.

It could definatly be bubs kicking. I'm 14 weeks tomorrow and I can feel it kicking. It's not all the time or anything but definatly little ones here and there.
When i had my ultrasound yesterday the lady was trying to get bub to move it's hand away from it's face and pushed down on my tummy with the thing and i felt it and saw it kicking on the screen, so know i'm not imagining it

This is my 4th bub so maybe thats why I can feel it already. I think it also depends how bubs is sitting it there

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

Hi Everyone

I haven't been on here for ages and it is taking a while to catch up on anything. Well i am officially 12 weeks today. YEAH!!! I have been having terrible morning no i should say all day sickness and it has been the worst few weeks. Anyway is anyone else starting to feel like they are further along then they are. No one can believe how big i am i started to show at about 6 weeks and people keep telling me i am having more than one even though i had the dating scan and there is only one in there. Maybe there is 2? Has this ever happened to anyone?

Take Care

Hi, Yeah I wasnt going to tell anyone im pregnant until im 12 weeks because I have had 2 previous miscarriages but I have had so many people asking me if im pregnant or making comments about my baby belly. I havent been able to fit into my work pants for the last 2 weeks.
I havent had one scan yet. My first scan is at 12weeks on the 14th. I cant wait!
So I could have 2 in there! Lol I doubt it though! I wouldnt be surprised if there is nothing in there at all.
I have had no sickness at all which makes me think something isnt right!

I am 10 weeks and 2 days today


Hey All

WOW some of you are already having scans, YAY! I have mine on MOnday and can't wait to see the little one.

I never had this scan with DD, can you see much of Bubs? I am thinking of seeing if my mum wants to come with me this time as DF is happy to miss this one but not the next one but I really want mum to see something if she comes LOL

was Bubbagirlsmama

Definatly take your Mum. It's very similar to the 18-20 week scan Bubs is just smaller but you can see arms, legs face(not as defined as later) we even had a little wave yesterday.
The features are just not as defined as they are in the later scan and bubs still looks a little like a bean on the top side lol it's hard to explain

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

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