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Babies Due October 2009 Rss

JSCnBump, you may have a UTI, I remember having this with DS and I got quite a few UTI's with that pregnancy.

I'm feeling ok today now that I have had breakfast, I just hope its lasts.

DS is in day care today, so I'm having a quiet one which will be good. I'm going to spend the day editing some pics from a photo shoot of my cousins new baby, he's beautiful, just love him.

Glad to see some of you are feeling better. i've just got over the morning sickness and for the past week i've been so exhausted, just want to sleep all the time.. and the head ache's are just starting too.. yay bring on the second trimester.

hi girls,

well alot of you seem to be hitting the magic 12 week mark and i can't wait until i do, my ms seems to be getting worse by the week. off to the doc tomorrow for some magic pills!!

i've been so tempted to start buying things for bub whenever we go out. Has anybody got anything for their little jelly beans yet? Hubby doesn't want me to get anything at all until i hit the 13th week. but i still can't help and look.

well i better go and unload the groceries, but i tell you a sleep would be perfect right now.

I'm not looking at baby stuff but I am at maternity stuff - I even bought two pairs of maternity jeans today because I put on my old ones the other day to drive for 6 hours and didn't want to be cut in 1/2 and I remembered why I hate over-belly maternity jeans with crappy elastic waist bands. So I've gone for underbelly ones this time - I wear jeans almost every day so I guess I can't complain that they don't last when I flog them for 12 months!

Oh Lana, I'm so glad you're doing the same as me! Two girls and hoping for a boy! And like you, we're jsut over 9 weeks and can't wait for the 12 weeks to come around to tell everyone!

Isobel 19/7/06 Molly 14/2/08 Sam 4/10/09

Hey Michaela,

I'm in Mt Wellington, where abouts in Auckland are ya, congrats, this is our first bubba too, so excited grin

Jewels grin

Jewels smile

I'm not activly looking at baby stuff yet but might in a month or 2. But I have got some mat clothes so much more comfortable now.

I had my first appointment at the hospital today did the booking in and saw the midwife. I also booked my 19 week scan have that on the 5th May can't wait. Also have the Nuchal trans scan next week.

There is a new bounty bag out now same stuff inside but they now come in a reusable bag with handles(similar to the reusable shopping bags) instead of the old platic ones

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I'm 9 weeks and 5 days today and met my baby doctor today, he is gorgeous and fully supports VBAC so I'm thrilled. Anyone else who is due in October trying for a VBAC?

i saw the new reusable bounty bags advertised in a magazine just today it also has a site listed if you don't receive one from your hospital the site is

well i better go i have 2 missy's who are asleep in my bed with DH and i am not going to attempt to lift them, so it looks like i'm off to spare room tonight, alright i can't complain about a queen bed to myself!!!! i'll close the door and they'll never find me..

Well I am 10 weeks today which is great only 2 more weeks till I start feeling better hopefully. Has any one else had food they use to love but can't eat now I have found I can only eat fruit and salad or healthy food if I even think about junk food it makes me sick and if I decide to try it I end up throwing up so this is very different to my other 3 as I ate junk food anytime and was fine.

That is great about the bounty bags being in reusable bags at least you can use it for other things. I still have 3 weeks till I have my first midwifes appointment hopefully it will fly.

I also haven't actively been looking buying baby stuff as we have so much from the previous 3 so will wait and see what I need at a later date.

Hope you are all well and will chat again soon


10wks today.. Still feeling very sick and still unable to hold anything down.. have now lost 6kg.. I just wish there was something someone could do to help me..
I got my bounty bag last Friday, haven't even opened it yet! Its hanging on the hallway door waiting for me to have a looksie!!

DD is getting christened on Sunday so I've got lots of stuff to try and organise for that... and its not much fun when all u feel like doing is sleeping.. Most of it is organised, just gotta get drinks and food for lunch after the ceremony..

We're not really looking at buying anything just yet, we wanna find out what we are having this time (didnt with DD) so we will probably wait til we know what it is before we buy anything.. I've already got the cot and all the basics from DD.. So its only really gonna be nappies and clothes..

Anyway.. Glad to see alot of you are pasting the 12wk hurdle and are feeling better.. I must get going.. I feel like I have a tonne of bricks on my head.. Just wanna go sleep for the next 30wks!!!

Speak soon ladies!

Almost at the 12 week mark smile I told my boss yesterday....he said he had suspected it. I don't know how I would have hid it from my family until now.

I have bought quiet a bit of maternity clothes, I've been in them for a couple of weeks already. I haven't bought any baby stuff except a cot, there was a nice Childcare cot on clearance at Target for $70 (usually over $300) & I couldn't resist the bargain. It turns into a toddler bed, which is exactly what I wanted. I still have everything else from my son & am going to wait until I know the sex before buying clothes.

Turtle2 - I can't stand tomato or avocado anymore. I used to love avocado, now it makes me so sick. I'm loving ham, cheese & pickle sandwiches.

I'm still rather tired in the day, but not feeling so sick anymore...just a little every now and then & at night. Off to get my blood test today, then my scan on monday!!!! smile
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hi girls, does anyone know the best time to have the nuchal trans test? I know it's between 11 and 13 and a bit weeks. mine is going to just come into that time frame (at the end and only by about a day or two) and i'm worried the appointment has been left a bit late. first baby for me so i'm probably being over fussy! should i try and get in a bit earlier, say twelvish weeks? i think i should stop googling - it's stressful!
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