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Babies Due October 2009 Rss

Hi girls, hope you are all well. I'm only 8 weeks today so am a few weeks behind most of you and I still have 4+ weeks til my tiredness and nausea passes. its not too bad most days as long as i get good sleep at night - not always easy with a 2yo and 1yo. and i'm eating all the time - have gained 2kg already. but it should settle down once the nausea goes.

Some mums were chatting about car seats. am going to go into our local baby shop in a few months and get them to test out the diff seats in our car. and if i measure and compare with the cheaper ones at BigW etc I will know what we can fit in and afford! We have a mazda 6 station wagon but i can't imagine a 3rd seat fitting in v easily.

Kim - I'm so sorry for your loss.

Rachel - I had a massive clot the length of my placenta and 1cm thick, when preg with DS and bled heavily for 3 weeks on and off from the 10 week mark. But he was fine. I had lots of scans and checks and it scared me witless (esp after a history of m/c). I hope yours settles down soon. As long as you have all your symptoms its ok - its funny how feeling sick and tired is such a good thing hey smile

And sorry i forgot who asked the NT question. I'm 33, was 30 when i had the NT scan with DD and 32 with DS. Both my kids were v low risk and it was nice to have the reassurance so i could relax a bit as I lost 2 babies before DD. But the scans are not 100%. Our neighbour got a false result - her son was born with Downs but had ok NT scans. For most ppl its a nice way to see their baby and check things seem ok so far. If you are happy to wait til 20 weeks, esp if you are under 30 and lower risk, don't feel pushed into it. alot of women now have 6-8 week dating scans too, but its by no means required.

H Everyone

I'm starting to feel better now not feeling much sickness at all. I'm 12 weeks on Saturday Woo hoo here is hoping it all stops soon.
I'm not as tired either but I can see that not lasting.

DH left for the middle east today sad so things were a bit crazy here today. Poor DD#2 (2 years old) took it the worst and was screaming when he left. It broke my heart.

Well hope everyone is feeling better soon

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

Hi Everyone,

Well I am 9 weeks today and am starting to feel half normal but in saying that hubby is telling me not to stress so much but hard when you have 3 boys pushing all your buttons and your hormones running wild. I went to the doc on Friday and I only have the flu but they had to give me a shot of maxalon as I was very dehydrated and if it didn't work to help me keep fluids down the next step was off to the hospital for a drip was lucky enough that the maxalon kicked in still not 100% but am getting there.

Hope everyone is doing well
[Edited on 18/03/2009]

Hi All

well my sickness has gone from all day to just mornings which is great so now i can get things done during the day and feel normal. My tummy is getting big already I can't fit into my normal jeans anymore so I am living in trackpants at the moment. so far i haven't put on any weight which is great and the best part is just thinking about junk food makes me feel sick so its healthy eating for me. Well better go and get the house work done cause the boys knock off school at 1pm today. Have a great day all.

Hi all..

Congratulations to you all..
I got a BFP on 13 Feb.. was a great valentines day pressie for my DF... I'm due with baby # 2 on 21st October.. got my first antenatal on friday..

Got pretty bad all day sickness here.. but just trying to keep going for my DD!

Hope everyone else is doing well...
OMG i'm so excited to have the internet again, lol how sad is that.

My morning sickness seems to be very random. Yesterday it hit as soon as i got out of bed than again after eating a yummy stew. I was so dissapointed that stew was good. Before that i was feeling great for about a week. Today i'm feeling a bit ick but mostly I just cant stop eating, so different to hwat it was with DS, with him I had bad all day sickness. My head cold has improved thanks to putting vicks on my feet - go figure, i've no idea how that works.

Mostly i just tire easily and am in bed by 7pm if i don't nap when DS does. I don't think he will nap today he slept in by two hours.

Well om off to take DS to the park, I love it that we seem to be the only ones who use it.

- Naomi

Dean Alex 14/09/2007 ; Adrian James 08/10/2009

Hi girls.

Well my MS has been on and off with nauseous feelings any time I feel hungry, so needless to say I'm snacking on anything! I didn't have an ounce of queeziness with the girls so everyone who knows is already starting on the 'well it must be a boy' already!

I had no idea that the Nuchal scans were even optional - in both my other pregnancies they just measured the back of the neck at the 12 week scan as a matter of course. I didn't think they didn't do it.

I dont get to see the Dr until April 6 so I'm going to ring and book in a scan that same day because if I hve to wait 6 weeks to get in to see a dr, who knows how long it'll be for an US!

Isobel 19/7/06 Molly 14/2/08 Sam 4/10/09

Hi Ladies,
I'm hitting the 12 week mark, and feeling so much better this week. Still a little tired, and a small amount of MS.

I think I will only get about another 2 weeks out of my current work clothes, I will need to pull out the Mat ones.

We are heading over to Ireland for 4 weeks, in a couple of weeks, just wondering if any of you ladies have travelled with small children before and if so any advice.

Looking forward to seeing my Family, I haven't told them about this little one yet, so should be fun.

Keep safe everyone

Hi Everyone!! Just letting you all know that I havent had any bleeding or spotting for quite a few days now so thats a relief!! I now just wish that the 12 week mark will hurry up so I can tell everyone!! I havent been feeling too bad, a bit nauseous on and off. The same with my BBs, they have been sore on and off. Feeling a lot bigger in the belly already, havent put on any weight yet, actually lost a kilo. That happened with DS though so I am not concerned. Great to see everyone is going good and hope that the next week goes fast!!!

Rachel XX

Hi everyone!

First time mum here. 9 weeks along - all abit scary! Just wanted to say hi and hopefully meet some other new mums in the Auckland area <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>


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Morning everyone..

Well im off to my first appt at 1030 this morning.. hopefully all goes well and I hope they can give me something other than maxalon for the sickness... I've lost a bit over 5kg in 2 weeks from not being able to keep anything down.. Its killing me and very hard trying to look after a very active 18mth old DD while feeling so crappy!!...

Isobel's Mum - I wouldnt quite jump to the its a boy conclusion just yet.. I was severely sick the whole 9mths with my DD.. but hey.. that was just my experience and I could be wrong!! LOL..

Anyone got any suggestions out of the ordinary for helping with the constant sickness and headaches?! I feel like I have tried everything!?

speak soon ladies..

Wow, thats awful about such bad MS, to be honest I'm hanging out for my 12 week scan because I haven't really had any MS at all, and that worries me. This is exactly what it was like with my DD though and I didn't have all that much with DS.
What about ginger beer, the real stuff, you have to read the labels to make sure it has real ginger in it, or ginger cookies?
I think I'm having a boy because all I want to do all day is eat, just like when I was pregnant with DS.
Anyone else think they know what they are having? Who's finding out?

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