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Babies Due October 2009 Rss

Posted by: JSCnBump

Alissa - glad to hear no more bleeding. Did you get an ultrasound or leaving it for now?


I am just going to leave it now, I have to have my 11/12 week scan in a couple of weeks and with no other signs I think it can wait. I just panicked lol.

I did dream last night that I had triplets lmao, and DH mother has been telling everyone she thinks its twins even though there is no twins in either of our families!!! GRRRRRR Its annoying me so much, thank god we live 500k away smile

This week has really dragged! I think because I am so keen to have a scan and see this little one I just want the time to fly smile

Anyone else booked in for thier scans and 12 week tests? I never had 12 week scans with my girls, and someone told me its pretty in depth because they check for downs syndrome?? Is that correct or is it just a regular date/bub check?

Well I better stop rambling lol. Hope everyone else is doing well xx

Bubbagirlsmumma - You can just take iron/folate, the one I take is FGF that is all i was ever told to take, just thought being busy with 2 littlies already I would get more out of the vitamins. Only problem I have with the FGF is it makes me really constipated (TMI sorry). Where as the preg/BF tabs didn't do that smile

I booked in for my 13 week nuchal translucency scan today. I thought it was at 12 weeks but they are doing it at 13 weeks.

Alissa - It depends what your doctor has referred you for usually the reason you would go for a 12/13 week scan is to do the nuchal translucency which measures the nuchal fold (back of babies neck) to determine the chances of having downs syndrome, you should also get a blood test done which put together gives you a risk factor.

I strongly recommend getting it done unless you are 100% certain you would keep the baby no matter what. I didn't get it done last pregnancy due to timing and regretted it at the 21 week scan when DS nuchal fold was measuring thicker than it should have been and as we did not have the 12 week scan to go by ended up having an Amnio.

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

hi all

well my sickness is back and i am having sooo much trouble sleeping of a night. I am sooo tired during the day but as soon as i get into bed i am wide awake.

Hope you are all feeling and sleeping well.

I am also booked in for a 12 week scan and blood tests i didn't have one with #3 and it wasn't avalible with #1 and #2.

Hi Mummacow,
Good to see I'm not the only Sydney baby. I'm also having my 2nd my son is going to be 15th months tomorrow. Where does the time go.

I'm having this little one at Campbelltown, I had the first there and it was fine, then moved to Camden for a great rest.

Better head, I hope everyone is keep safe.

Nearly at the 12 week mark.

Hey everyone,

I met with my midwife for the first time yesterday!!! Shes soo lovely, great sense of humour and firm at the same time smile Exactly what I need hehe.

She said everything looks like its going great, bloods and all. I couldn't believe how much paperwork there is to begin with!! I've also booked in for my antenal classes jul-sep and breastfeeding class for Sep too. I'm so glad things are getting underway, it makes the experience soo much nicer grin

My morning sickness has improved too, so thank goodness for that, but boy am I getting a dry mouth, anyone else feel like they are eating cotton balls? I have a waterbottle with me all the time now.

Sorry for the long feed, just felt like a bit of a chat grin and hubby is busy with extra work, the poor thing.

Hope everyone is well... October is not long away now grin I still can't believe its March!!!!!!

Talk soon everyone grin


Jewels smile

Erin, I thought the Nuchal Scan was at 12 weeks aswell but its at 13 weeks as i found out when I called them. The lady told me off though, almost yelling at me not to forget to have my blood tests done atleast 4 days before LOL So booked that for 6 April WOO HOO

Work is going to be a bit annoyed at me next month, I have to take about 5 or 6 days off hehehe

We have our first hospital appointment on the 1st April, thats exciting, soo not looking forward to being weighed though LOL

Have a great day everyone!

was Bubbagirlsmama

Hey everyone,
Congats to all on the babies!
I have a 2 yr old daughter Kiarna
and am due with number two on October 25th smile
We are over the moon!!

Well hope all goes well for everyone

Hi girls,

Sorry I have been MIA but my DH has given me the flu or I hope that is all it is as I can't keep anything down so I am off to the doctors today to see if they can help me in any way I hope they can as I don't know how much more I can handle plus DS#3 got up this morning with a runny nose poor little mite is so sad.

Sorry for lack of personals will do some when I am feeling better

Take care and talk soon


My scan is 2 weeks away on monday smile
I always thought it was required at 11-12 weeks. The lady told me they didn't do it any later than 12w4d, I will be 12w3d. I was lucky they had a cancellation or wouldn't have gotten in.

MS is easing a little. It's more in the arvo and night now instead of all day. Some days are better than others.

Only 2 more weeks until I hit the 12 week mark!!! smile


Hi everyone!

I was told by my obstetrican & the radiologist that the nuchal scan must be done between 12 & 13 weeks + 6 days and the blood test 3 days before the scan....this was the same for my last pregnancy and we are using a different radiologist this time around. Maybe it's different from state to state??? It really makes it hard to make informed decisions when you get such conflicting information from everywhere!! I guess you can only trust what the healthcare professionals who are looking after you advise. How exciting we all get to see our bubbas soon!


Hi everyone. Glad to hear things are going well with everyone.

I went and seen my Dr the other day and she gave me the referral for the nuchal scan. I can't wait. I have that in about 2 weeks on Monday, I still have to book in so that is a rough date I will get it done, I'll be 12 weeks, I can't believe that I am 10 weeks tomorrow Will anyone be taking any of their kids to the scan? I'm thinking about taking my DS. He knows mummy has a baby in her belly and walks around all the time going baby in mummy belly, it's so cute. If I can;t get in on a monday or friday I will have to take him with me.

I have been feeling ok, nauseas most of the day but not too much vomiting, which is a relief as I was vomiting everyday for 9 months with DS. Has anyone had tightening already? The other day my stomach was so hard for about a minute. It was strange.

Well I better go and do some stuff. I hope everyone has a great weekend.

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