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Babies Due October 2009 Rss

just curious how many mums that are expecting are around the brisbane area? i am from fernvale near the wivenhoe dam. so therefore am having this baby at ipswich hospital however would love to have it at the mater

Hi ladies,

Sorry to hear about those who have had losses. I haven't been through that but I am sorry to hear you have and I hope everyone is doing okay.

I am now 8w 5days and got 1st Obstetrician appt this Wednesday. Will be good to meet him and his midwife and get a few questions answered.

I am paranoid aboutt his pregnancy as I had to use IVF and will be having a 12 week and 20 week scan just to keep checking progress.

I am hoping to find out what I am having at the 20 week scan.

I also bleed a couple of times and thought i wa slosing the baby but luckily I didn't As others have said sometimes bleeding is not a bad sign but it sure is scary!!!!!!!!!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend.



Lana- I am in South Brisbane, in Boronia Heights. I'll be having this bub at the Mater.


Hi Lana

I am in South Brisbane, Shailer Park and having Bumble at Redlands Hospital.

Have you looked at trying to book into the Mater??

was Bubbagirlsmama

Also, hope everyone else had a nice weeekend and is feeling well.

Princess Bubba... How did everything go? Hope you are well. x

was Bubbagirlsmama

Hi Girls,

Sorry to hear about the ladies who have lost their little ones.

I am doing well this morning but had a very busy weekend and ended up in be with a migraine yesterday thankfully it went away by last night. I am feeling quite well and not too tired which is good as I need all my energy to chase my 3.5 year old& 16 month old around.

Hope everyone else is doing well


Morning mummies!

Well I spoke to soon about the morning sickness and have been really nauseous the last 5 days! I didn't have a day of it with Jonah so maybe it's a girl! I feel alright this morning so hopefully that will be the end of it.

I am a Brissy girl too living in the northern suburbs, we will be having this one at North West Private again and can't recommend them enough, everyone we came into contact with was brilliant.

Hope everyone has a great sick free day!!


Morning Ladys,
Well I had a good weekend, not much MS, and not feeling as tired. Just hit the 11th week, so hoping this might be the end of just feeling bland.

It looks like there is going to be a lot of little one born in Brissy this Oct-09.

Do we have many from Sydney????? I'm a Sydney girl, living in Campbelltown.

Better head, must look like I'm doing some work.

Keep safe everyone.

Hi ladies,

I am pregnant with my first baby and due on 24 October!! very excited , by terrified as well. I have my first midwife appointment this afternoon, very much looking forward to it. Have severe morning sickness, i'm lucky my husband is supportive - he can't wipe the smile off his face.
I am based in Upper Hutt - it would be great to hear from other mums to be up here.
bris girls - i want' to have this one at mater as i had the previous 2 in ipswich and found the midwifes to pushy and ended up nearly PND. i was with my sis when she had her baby at the materdecember of last year, it was such a great experience even for me as a support person. rooms were massive, and midwifes very supportive. but my doctor doesn't think my labor will even be 3 hours this time, so i'd be pushing it for time to get there (my house is about an hour from the mater). but a friend who is also due 2 weeks after me was telling me about a program that ipswich does "early release" like if you have bubs natural no drugs or no intervention (that was me with both bubs) you can go home straight afterwards without even going into the maternity ward.
i'm going to mention this at my first midwifes appt - which is 9th April yay can't wait!!!!

Hi Everyone,

This is my first post and my first pregnancy! Came off the pill in Sept 08 just to 'see what happened'... tested positive on Valentine's Day!
I'm due Oct 13th and have first appointment with obst. on Friday. I'm in Brissie.

Looking forward to the journey with you all. Have been a bit queasy most days since Week 6 but I don't mind!


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Hello all, hope everyone is doing well. I'm still trying to get the hang of the site and I accidently started a new thread when I didn't mean too!
Anyways, I've now had spotting for two days and I am very worried. I had blood tests today and was given Anti D and will have a scan tomorrow. I don't have any cramps or pain but two days seems a long time to be spotting. Has anyone experienced spotting for more than just "one wipe"?


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