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Babies Due October 2009 Rss

Hi guys,
Well I been feeling a lot better for the past few days, I don't know if it is that I'm just getting use to feel this way.

I got my first appointment at the hospital in a few weeks, and I don't want to B/F so I don't know if I should tell them then or waite until it gets a bit closer to the time.

Any Ideas????

Hope everyone is keeping good, JSCnBump can you add me to the list due on the 2/10/09.

Hi Everyone! Good to see everyone is doing ok. Its been a while since I have been on. Last time I was on I wasnt sure if I was pregnant or not as I had some spotting. Well that went away, but had a blood test just in case. However, had a little bleeding today, not spotting so am very worried now. I am waiting for the blood test results which are available this arv. I dont know what is going on.......... If anyone else has had the same with a pregnancy, some advice would b great. Thanks. Have a great day everyone, I am trying to stay positive........

Rachel XX

Hi girls,

Well today I feel not too bad not all day sickness and not as tired so they are bonuses but in saying that the temp here has dropped dramatically so isn't as hot think is is why I was feeling so sick. Still have tonsilitis but I am dealing with that and will hopefully be over it real soon.

Belindabear- Congrats and welcome to the group hope to get to know you better ove the next 8 months

MarniT- Congrats on booking birth centre

Heidiljk- Sorry to hear you are still tired but glad the sickness has settled down

Tedebare- Glad to hear all is going well

Mcnamarababy- Just talk to them about it and I am sure it will all be fine

Rachel- Good luck with the doctors and let us know how you go.

I'm glad everyone is feeling a little better. I had an awesome day today, just felt on top of the world today! It's great to be pregnant.

But then in the back of my mind I worry that something may still go wrong...I know it's possible but trying not to dwell on it to much.

I'm wondering if anyone can help me I'm wondering how do I put a ticker in my signature.
[Edited on 05/03/2009]

Hi I just posted on another Subject as it was bubs due oct/nov.

So here I go again.
My EDD is the 2nd Oct. This will be my 4th child. I have boy, girl, boy. So dd would like a girl.
Am quite tired and feel sick in the evening. But am having a busy year anyway.

I can't believe there are so many bubs due in October.

hi ladies, how are you all? i'm feeling ok, am 6 weeks and feeling nausea and tiredness and funny pulling/swelling feelings in my belly. was same with DD and Ds. Its funny, i am so happy when i feel ill cos i know bub is growing well and hanging in there LOL! but will be nice to hit the 12/13 week mark.

congrat to all the new mums, esp those first time mums! and to the ladies with twins - what a blessing!

Like a few mums I'm finding my clothes are noticably tighter but i've only gained 0.5kg. i find i always gain a few kgs in the first 12 weeks cos i have to eat alot to avoid feeling sick. i'm already venturing into some of my old maternity clothes but the style of them is a dead giveaway and makes me look even more preg! I def won't be able to keep this secret for long.have now told 5 friends who i've seen recently.

rachel - i saw your post. i had 2 m'c before DD and the spotting didn't go away, it got alot worse and v quickly. I also had a lot of heavy bleeding when preg with DS (my 4th preg, 2nd child) and he hung in there, no probs. All i can suggest is ask your GP for an ultrasound scan. Blood tests are fine, but a scan will tell you immediately and put your mind at rest.
Hey all!! Been ages since I posted!!

Welcome to all the new Mums to be!!

I have been really sick ALL day and night but the last couple of days it has let up and is only nausea now THANK GOD!!

I woke this morning with a bit of spotting and some slight cramps, have been to Dr but unable to get in for an U/S until next week. Just hoping little bubba sticks it out smile

I also copped the judgemental Dr today which is NOT what I needed lol. Got the "OH you already have 2 children, Your so young (26) Is this baby wanted?" Just pissed me off lol.

Hope everyone else is doing well and feeling good smile

I am very sad to say that I will no longer be enjoying this journey with you all, but wish you all the very best! Erin could you please take me off the list.

I have experienced a Blighted Ovum at 8.5 weeks, which was picked up in an ultrasound after I had bleeding.

I just want to say that bleeding doesnt always mean something bad is going to happen, it just wasn't "meant to be" for me this time and I dont want to freak anyone out! My mum had bleeding through her pregnancy and had a healthy baby!

I am trying to stay positive and look forward to one day experiencing the joys of a healthy pregnancy.
mackbaby I am so very sorry to hear your sad news!! Do stay positive and it will happen for you one day. All the best xx

Princess Bubba.......... Please let us know how you go, I replied in your thread in General also and hopefully you may have been able to get to have a scan, i would just go to the ED. xx

was Bubbagirlsmama

Mackbaby sorry to here your news,all my good wishing are with you at this time.

Hi all,

I've been reading posts, but not getting around to contributing. I am really sad to read about the mums to be who have suffered losses... it is hard to imagine.

I have had about 3 weeks of feeling completely yuck now. Never actually vomited, though at times I thought that would be better. I'm also one of those people with a highly tuned sense of smell and have been turned off SO many things. Feel very grateful to have a DH to look after me.

I'm 10 weeks on Monday, so only 2 to go till the magical 12 week mark. Looking forward to being able to 'come out'. Need to see another scan too as the last couple of days I have been wondering if I am still pregnant.. apart from the slightly dodgy tummy I have no real signs. Was expecting a bigger stomach and BB but don't seem to. Hope everything is ok.

Mackbaby - Sorry to hear your sad news. Wishing you all the best with a future healthy pregnancy.

Princess Bubba - I hope everything is ok with bub. Stay positive and let us know how your scan goes.

I've been feeling not too bad lately. The dr gave me Pralin (maxalon) last week as I've been having all day ms since around 5 weeks. He assured me it was safe & i did a little research myself. With ds i wouldn't even take panadol when I was ill, I did everything by the book & he had heart defects. I feel a little more laid back this time (not that I'm doing anything stupid!).

I have booked my downs screening for 30th March!! Yay smile I also saw my sons cardiologist this week & was told to get a referral and have a scan at the mater at 18 weeks. They will do the usual testing, but thoroughly check bubs heart. I'm really hoping all is ok.

Hope everyone is having a good weeke end.


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