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Babies Due October 2009 Rss

morning girls,

Eva - lol we are both due for #3 on the same day, i have 2 girls and hoping this is a boy. what are your other babies?

i haven't got a car atm, hubby is borrowing it for work over the weekend as he usually has the company car but it's in getting serviced this weekend!! i miss it, so i can't got to the chemist to look at belly creams until monday.. hubby is picking us up after he finishes work at 10am to take us for lunch we celebrated our 8th year anniversary this week so it better be somewhere special and not the pub!!.

i'm not going for an ultrasound until 20 weeks either, would love to go for one earlier tho!! i might ask at my 12 week appt which seems like forever away....i don't want to know the sex but hubby does cos he's convinced it's another girl..No.... i got rid of all my girl baby clothes to get those vibes out of the house....

Mum knows now. My family are freaky lol
When I was pregnant with DS mum had a dream I was pregnant, when she had it I would have only just fallen. She had another dream this week that I am pregnant.
My aunty sent me a message last night saying how I looked different today was I pregnant by any chance I denied it then she told me not to lie to her. So to cut a long story short, mum comes in this morning and throws a maternity bra at me that I thought I had thrown out and said do you want to keep this now you will be needing it again. So I didn't need to tell her, which was a bit of a relief lol

My aunty is very much into I dunno what you call it, but she goes to Phsycics and she thinks that someone in our family who I was close to that has passed away is sending mum these dreams. I kind of believe in that stuff, so now I really want to go to her Pshycic. This lady has got so much stuff right, it's amazing. My Aunty seems to think that my cousin Matthew (who my DS is named after) is watching over me and telling mum my secrets in dreams lol
Does anyone else believe in that sort of stuff??

Hey, yes tatally believe in that stuff, gives me goose bumps just reading your post..... My mum also had been having dreams that i was pregnant before i told her too.. When i called to tell her we were expecting bub no 2 she just said "oh my god i know"!!!!!. My grandmother passed away 15 years ago and mum also believes gma tells her details about us kids in her dreams too. Some people just have an amazing gift i guess.

When my son was a tiny baby i thought i heard my gmas voice in his room watching over his cot one night. It sounded like her voice and all i heard was "sleep now little Lachlan, i love you" even hubby heard it... Soooooo amazing.

i recon You should def see a clairvoyant would be really interesting to see what has to be said, am thinking about it myself too.


Yay I'm 7 wks today!! Only 5 more to go til I hit the magic 12.

I'm not having my first scan till later I was tracking the doctor thinks it's unnecessary since I know for sure when my last period was and I was regular. We have an appointment at a Birth Centre that is attached to our Public hospital on Wednesday...can't wait to check it out as I've heard nothing but great things about it. My first antenatal appointment is not until I'm 16wks seems like such a long time.

I have been feeling pretty nauseous lately only vomited's worse in the morning right out of bed atm. Have to force myself to eat as it makes me feel better.

Hope everyone is doing well.

Hey Carolyn, so sorry to hear about your ectopic pregnancy, big hugs from everyone in the forum smile

Hi Karynne,
I'm in Mount Wellington smile myself, I'm due with my first on the 19th Oct.

We went to Birthcare on Saturday to check out their facilities, so we are signing up with their midwives hopefully, and planning to birth there, we've heard so many good things about Birthcare, they look after you postnatally, which is great, as most hospitals kick you out after a couple of hours of a normal birth.

So fingers crossed, and I must admitt, we've been really slack, we need to enrol in antanal classes asap too, sounds like they fill up fast.

Jewels smile

Jewels smile

Hi all,

The pregnancy dreams are very cool. A friend of mine used to get foot cramps when she was pregnant and last year she got them again and found out her daughter was pregnant and then she got them a week ago and found out I was pregnant, she thinks she's psychic now!lol
My dr is a big fan of scans, she sent me at six weeks even though I knew my dates as we'd been trying. I'll go again at 12 fingers crossed and again at 20.
I'm going to find out the sex, what's everyone else doing?
As for belly creams, should I start using something now? Or do I not worry until I start showing? I didn't really think of that until I read this! smile
hi girls, i have pregnancy dreams aswel. with my 1st i had a dream i was having a baby boy, 2 weeks later i done a test and then at 20weeks we found out he was a boy. 2 months ago i had the same dream, again in the dream its a boy, but we wont be able to find out for another 14weeks. i had a 6 weeks scan last wednesday just for a EDD. will be goin for 12 weeks scan and 20 week scan. with my 1st Baby i had a 4D scan done. there amazing. its so clear, u can see everything, taylor was sucking his thumb and usigng my placenta as a pillow, i had it done at 37 weeks was $140.00 and got a 10 min DVD with it, aswel as 10 photos. dont think we will bother getting 1 done this time round. my partner doesnt even want to no wat sex the baby is this time, he wants a suprise, i hate suprises so ive got to find out. i had morning sickness all week last wk. woke up today feeling normal again. had some cramp in my stomach but thats about it.
as for strectch marks. i had heaps with taylor so not really to bothered about them this time round as they faded within 3 months. was told bio oil was aload of nonsense, but buttercream is great. should start using it as soon as u can. if you moisturise your body daily u have less chance of getting strectch marks.. so i hear n e way.
well hope ur all doing great. better go do some washing, havent done any all weekend.

take care
talk soon

hey girls,

wow all these dreams!! i've never been to a pyshic or know of anybody going to them, so i don't know to believe in them probably until myself or someone i know goes to them it might change my thought of it. But it saying that, we hadn't told anyone that we were trying with this baby but the day that i was due for af we were having dinner with pil's and mil has cancer and receiving rapid chemotherapy for the last 3 months, she said to my nearly 4 yr old daughter while i was in ear shot "i have a feeling that your mummy is going to have a baby soon" needles to say as soon as we found out we told her straight away..

belly creams - the only reason why i'm using it now and probably sounds silly but this is my 3rd pregnancy and feel that my body never went totally back to normal as my first did, i do have 2 faint stretchmarks but this time i'm quite concerned about my body image afterwards, i'm doing light exercise atm just to keep me toned up for as long as possible..i'm not fat, but trying to stay alot healthier (i wanna look like a hot mama afterhaving 3

Morning Ladies

Carolynn I am very sorry to hear of your loss. Stay strong. xx

I can't believe how many are due in October, its great.

We had our other scan on Friday and Bumbles heart beat is very normal now so there is no more concern at this stage. Very cute.

Everything is starting to get tight now grrrr, its only early and already I wore my maternity shorts yesterday LOL they were more comfy than everything cutting in. Last time I was addicted to everything sweet, seems the same is happening again.

I am not feeling as sick or tired anymore which is good, hopefully it will still last!

Is everyone planning on having the 13week Nuchal scan and tests? With DD we didn't, but this time we have been told to by our doctor so we will this time.

was Bubbagirlsmama

Hi Ladies,
Welcome to all new mummies to be.....

Carrolyn - Im so sorry to hear about your ectopic, i know exactly what your going through, i went through this last thoughts are with you..xxoo

Lana - when my sis was preg with both her bub she used a soap from Lush that is for stretch marks when going to try this..

Had my u/s last thursday, heard little peanuts heartbeat (166bpm) for the first time, oh what a wonderful sound...the doc is happy with the hb and the measurment (8w5d) which is such a relief. waiting till 12w scan to do bloods and test % for downs..... I told the family on the weekend, now i have 2 big bags of maternity clothes from the sisters, and more eldest sister guest i was preggers even before i knew myself....well better go have some lunch.

Have a great day to you all very soon..
My mum also has weird dreams all the time...she is into phychics & was told a few years back she has a phychic aura (??) and should embrace it. I went to one b4 I had my son & everything she predicted happened! Down to the prediction of having a baby around the 3rd (conceived March) when we thought df couldn't. I'd love to go back to her. Mum has been told to expect up to 8 grandchildren & had a dream about 2 months ago that I was pregnant with a girl.

Bubbagirlsmumma & Nat - Good to hear your ultrasounds went well, I am dying to hear my babys heartbeat for the first time. I'll be having the 13 week scan too.

Has anyone else been getting a sore lower back? The last 2 days it has been a little painful. I've had the worse sleep...back is sore then when I roll over my bbs are painful sad I've also noticed a few strands of my hair are breaking. I have short pieces around my forehead, may have to be more careful tieing it back.


Hi Everyone

Haven't been in a while so much to catch up on, anyway went for my scan today and showed our little pumpkin heart rate of 146 which they said was within normal. They also measured bubs to be only 6 weeks & 5 days,(EDD 21.10) but i think i will stay with mine as bubs was squished right down the bottom making it hard to measure properly.

Anyone else feeling like absolute rubbish all i day on my days off is rest it feels like i am never our of my pjs and its even an effort to get ready in the morning. Its depressing usually i am a very active person, i can't even seem to get motivation to exercise but i think i am going to have to start feel the weight piling on already smile

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