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yay it worked!!! the post was successful that is.

Hey Lana, regards sleeping positions. The left side is recommended as I think the best position for birth is LOA. It's best for baby's blood supply etc. The pillow between the legs thing is meant to be for comfort, but I'm the same and find it more annoying then anything else. I still find myself ending up on my right side but so long as you are aware to spen a good amount of time on your left it's fine. Just no lying on ya back!

Matthew Edward Murphy 9/10/09

Thanks Alana & Zaralea, that makes me feel heaps better.
I have had no more bleeding since so it must be from the internal.
The OB said I could request another scan if I was still concerned about the possibility that it is amniotic fluid that I am losing so I dont know what to do now?????!!!!
Posted by: JazzysMum
Thanks Alana & Zaralea, that makes me feel heaps better.
I have had no more bleeding since so it must be from the internal.
The OB said I could request another scan if I was still concerned about the possibility that it is amniotic fluid that I am losing so I dont know what to do now?????!!!!

There is no harm in having a scan done. I had one at 35 weeks just to double check baby's size and I get to have another at about 37 weeks too. Just a wee hint apparently fluid smells a little bit like semen sooo....... But I have to say I feel as though I'm leaking too. I have had the worst discharge (sorry if tmi) I keep thinking it's thrush but tests are always clear so then I thought, well it must be fluid as sometimes it's a tad green but nothing has happened so I guess I should just look at buying shares in the panty liner company!

Matthew Edward Murphy 9/10/09

Lana - I think sleeping on your right side can restrict blood flow from the placenta, I try to sleep on my left & sometimes put a pillow between my legs or just under my tummy....I find it offers more support sometimes. I'm more comfortable on my left as bub seems to have her bum on the right side of my belly. I've been having the crappiest sleep the past few nights tho, waking up all night tossing & turning or needing to go to the toilet....df has been sleeping on the couch.

I've been getting some major braxton hicks lately.

JazzysMum - glad to hear you have not had any more bleeding, it must have just been from the examination. If you are still concerned, take your obs advice & book an couldn't hurt & you will get to see bub again smile


Hey All

Lana, some times the pillow between the knees helps alieviate sore hips. I tried doing it, but found it way too annoying.
I have a BellyBean pillow and absolutely love it as its small enough that it doesn't interfere with DH's sleep or cuddles - one cushion stops me from sleeping on my back whilst the other support my bump!

7 weeks to go. 3 and a half weeks before we get to the city... not looking forward to the drive that's for sure!

Neets x

Thank god im not the only one having trouble sleeping! I have got 5 weeks to go. I feel very small compared to my other pregnancy i do believe im having a little bub. Nothing wrong with that.

I had a 3 hour sleep today crazy but i think i truly needed it, DS slept that long too. His got some really nasty growing pains poor thing.

Im going shopping tomorrow after i do the housework which i was going to do today but put it off. ANd get some more thigns for bub. singlets and socks!!

Hope everyone had a nice weekend and is enjoying there monday.

i am also sleeping poorly and also have low iron i was taking fefol but they said it didn't have a very high iron content so the told me to take ferro-grad c. i am also hoping that i go early my last 2 were 3 and a half weeks so fingers crossed. i am feeling so large and uncomfortable i am only 5ft so there isn't much room for a baby in there. i find when i sleep on my left side i can;t breath very well so i end up sleeping on my right side.

well enjoy your day ladies.

Hi everyone,
I'm trying for a VBAC so have done alot of reading about position and LOA is definitely the best position for baby, heading into labour, so lying on your left side to sleep is the best. Also if you can keep your hips balanced that encourages bub to come down the birth canal in a good position so thats why the pillow between the knees. It's annoying for sure but I get horrid hip pain if I don't have the pillow between the knees.
My 1st bub was posterior and my 2nd was facing sideways and got stuck and ended up with an emergency c section, so I've read everything I can, in order to get bub in a good position so I can hopefully have a VBAC and not another c section. She is currently LOA so fingers crossed she stays there!

Hi All,

Had my 34 week check yesterday with doc, and bub is finally head down!!! woohoo!!

I feel so much bigger this pregnancy than my last two, but my measurements are still small. I don't mind though, i'm not very big myself, so a small baby suits me fine.

i have extrememly bad lower back and hip pain. It is aparently caused by the relaxin in our body, and the pelvis getting ready for birth and stretching. It is more common in 2nd and 3rd pregnancies. My doc suggested trying not to cross legs or sit on an angle....

Hope everyone is feeling as well as can be expected
taek care
haii, i am also having trouble sleeping, i wake up between 4-6am every morning and find it hard to get back to sleep! i use a pillow between my legs and lie on my left side, but still cant seem to get as comfortable as i would like to! Im 35weeks today, smile only 5weeks left, on the count down!
I didn't know sleeping on your left side was better than right. I knew that you shouldn't sleep on your back but I kinda preferred sleeping on my right so must make sure I sleep on left from now.

Anyone having nosebleeds? I seem to be having one every day know and it's a pain because I can't even blow my nose without it starting to bleed.

I'm also taking ferro-grad c for low iron only every second day so far just to make sure I didn't get too clogged up but since taking them I haven't had any problems. For those with low iron are you taking anything else? I was taking Blackmores Preg & Breastfeeding but the midwife told me to stop taking these and just take the ferro-grad. I just feel like I am more tired since stopping these. Not sure if its related or not.

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