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Babies Due October 2009 Rss

hello sunshine, im new to this site!!

my name is stephanie, im due on the 13th oct, il have 5weeks left on tuesday smile bubs head is dwn and my stomach keeps dropping everyday, but im not sure if bubs head is engaged, i dont have a antenatal apt with the hospital until the 19th of this month, because i do shared care with my doctor!! i have very low iron, im anemic, i take iron tablets but they make me feel a bit light headed!!
[Edited on 04/09/2009]
I feel like I drop a little eachday too, definitely lower than last time but I have a doc appt next week and I doubt very much he will tell me baby is the slightest bit engaged.
I was having BH every 3 minutes the other day, but they went away after a few hours. I rang the hospital and they said it is normal at this stage during a 3rd pregnancy.
I'm hoping this bub will come just a little early though because I am completely over it.

I dont get BH i have never had them, from what i can feel anyways!! bubs head seems to head butt me really hard it hurts like mad!!! sometimes feels like bubs could just drop out lol do you know what ur having?
Cassie - I know how you feel, I have 5 weeks to go now & can't wait for it to be over. I'm hoping this bub is a little early. Most days I feel like crap, I just want to feel normal again & to be skinny. Every night when I go to bed I'm so exhausted & over it I wonder how I'm going to get through another day. Not having a very good day today sad


Stef - nice to know i'm not the only one suffering with low iron! Saw GP today as kids and i have bad coughs, adn i'm on antibiotics now. He reckons i'll have more energy once the ABs kick in. What type of iron pills are you on?

Mel/Cassie - i'm the same. part of me would love bubby to come early cos its so tiring being preg esp with the little ones to care for, but i know its better to have a healthy full term bubs. Just taking it a day at a time. The odd scoop of choc ice cream helps me get thru the worst patches! Hope u both have better days today.
Posted by: baileysmummy05
Cassie - I know how you feel, I have 5 weeks to go now & can't wait for it to be over. I'm hoping this bub is a little early. Most days I feel like crap, I just want to feel normal again & to be skinny. Every night when I go to bed I'm so exhausted & over it I wonder how I'm going to get through another day. Not having a very good day today sad

sounds exactly the same as how im feeling. i cant wait til i can sleep comfortably again - even if im having to get up every couple of hours to feed the babies
Sounds like we're all getting towards the end and ready to meet babies!

We had a scan yesterday and SO excited - we are having our boy! DH and I had talked about it pre-san and decided regardless of the sex, three would be it and we'd both be happy with 3 girls, but both had a little bit of a tear when the sonographer said it was a boy - and we checked out the scan pics and it's DEFINITELY a little man! We're not telling anyone (except you girls - love online anonymity!) and I've really had to stop myself coming home yesterday and buying something blue!

But the scan also showed how massive he is!! DD2 was two weeks early and weighed 9lb 4oz (4190grams) so I was expecting a big baby but that just confirmed it (already weighing over 2100grams with 7 weeks to go!!) propbably more concerning is that the sonographer said 'how many weeks are you? that's a fairly sizeable head ..." lol

So I'm hoping for just a couple of weeks early to avoid a 10 pounder! Haven't made a due date yet (DD1 was a week early) so expecting to be a bit early.

Anyone else starting to puff up in the hands and feet? I really notice it driving to appointments - a 125km trip to town and then back again!

Sorry, big post but we are just SO excited and its killing me not to tell my friends!!

Isobel 19/7/06 Molly 14/2/08 Sam 4/10/09

sunshine- Im on Fefol, but i forget to take them sometimes, but when i do take them i get a bit of nausea so i dont know! then i feel light headed from low iron so i cant win either way! i also wish for bubs to come a bit early, im only small framed so bubs is taking her/his toll on me!
Hi Girls

I was low in iron with DD but OK this time around. I am starting to get really uncomfortable too. Finding it really hard bending down to pick up after DD and DP (trying to teach them both to pick up after themselves ARRRRGGGGHHH!!!!) LOL

I had a 34 week GP app on Wednesday (I do shared care with GP & Hosp) and I just mentioned to her that I have been having a bit of wetness down below. It has probably been going on now for a month or so but I have not been too concerned, even though I am wearing pads to make it more comfortable. Anyways, she was straight on the phone to the Birth Suite asking them for advice and they told her to send me straight there and to pack a bag just in case (SHOCK!!!!!). So not in my plans for the day. MIL, DD & I were off shoe shopping before all this drama. So off I go to the Hossy after dropping DD off at my sisters place and MIL came with me. 3hrs later I got to see midwife/OB. They put me on the machine to monitor bubs heart rate then I had an internal done by the cute, young male OB (they have got to be the worst thing ever)!!!!! They had the torch down there and everything!!! So cringe worthy. Anyway, he said that he could not see any excessive fluid and that he did not think my waters had broken so after checking with the specialist I was allowed to go home. I was so not ready to have bubs yet, way too early I think. I was a bit worried yesterday though as I had a little bit of really light coloured blood on pad. Help girls, do you think this is probably from the internal exam or would it be a show????? I had a show with DD and it was more mucous based. (Sorry if TMI)

So anyway, that has been my week. I am ready to have bubs as I am getting so big but when it almost came to the crunch I was SOOOO not ready as it is still too soon.

Sorry for the long post, but just had to share.

Take care everyone.
jazzys mum - after i had an internal done at about 20wks i had some light bleeding afterwards - the dr that did the internal told me before hand that it was normal but if you are concerned at all contact your hospital
Jazzys Mum I've had a bit of that too but I waited and it went away. I think if it were your show there would be quite a bit more blood. And Alana's right, often if they've been poking around down there you'll get a bit of blood.

So I found a new midwife, well my antenatal teacher did. And she sounds really good apart from the fact that she is actually away the weekend I am due. I'm seeing her tomorrow so hopefully it all works out. This will be my 3rd midwife this pregnancy.
Have finished writing birth plan, wanted to have it sorted in case bubba came a wee bit early. It's more a plan to let midwife etc know what we do and don't want, not really a plan for the way I'm expecting birth to happen as who knows what will happen at the time! Bubs is still a busy boy, which is surprising. I thought he'd be running outta room but it seems I'm just gonna keep getting bigger!

Matthew Edward Murphy 9/10/09

hello ladies,

i haven't posted from probably a week, but have been reading the posts. is it just me or does anybody else get errors or crying babies page when submitting a post and then finding your post didn't go through...aaarrgh it's giving me the sh%Ts..

well we just got back from our weekend away on the goldie. took advantage of the kids club and hubby and i went for a beautiful lunch and a gamble at the casino. so funny we haven't set foot in a casino for 5 years lol.. we forgot how to play some machines and i wasn't game to play roulette or black jack cos i thought i would probably embarass myself and forgotten most of the kids enjoyed it way too much and cried when it was time to leave the resort.

well 33 weeks today 7 weeks hoping 5 as usually go 2 weeks early. my tailbone is hurting i have to sit on really padded seats or a pillow. i have a mw appt on thursday night so i will mention it then.. also how are you supposed to sleep. i was told on your left hand side with a pillow in between your knee's? is this right? how do you sleep. i have been doing this but can feel all of bubs body on my left hand side and it's starting to worry me as i don't want another posterior baby. so i am thinking tonight i will try my right hand side. but what's with the pillow between your knee's? i feel that i need to keep it up as my pelvis hurts and so does my knee's when locked into together.

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