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Babies Due October 2009 Rss

What a great idea!..... Having an arrival shower a few weeks after the birth and after your at settled at home..
I think i will suggest it to my family also..
Whoa!!! Where is everyone??? Its so quiet on here.

Nothing much to say from my end except 6weeks to go woot!! Can't wait to get these little feet out of my ribs.

Anyhow hope everyone is well


I must admit that I get bored staying in hospital. I've always rushed home early and got a gift package. This time I told DH that I may stay for longer, because if everything goes well I will go to the Hyatt and stay there for a couple of nights. The hospital has an agreement with the Hyatt. Well, we'll see.

Finally the baby has turned around with head down, with 4 weeks to go. My OB was threatening to book me in for a c-section. Something I want to avoid as DH doesn't have as much leave left as we'd like, due to having to use it for his mum's passing.

Have been getting braxton hicks contractions and backache this week. Never had this with my first 2 kids, but did with the last. Any one else?

I can't believe that the baby is due in 4 weeks. We haven't had time to set up the bassinet or the room. But I have officially finished work now, so may have more time hopefully to do things. But with 3 kids, school run, kinder run, swimming, dancing, school holidays etc not sure when I will get it done. I remember with my first, the baby room was ready at 30 weeks. Hehe!

Wow!! Looks like all the breech bubbys are finally finding the right way lol. Mine is still breech but have a MW app on Tuesday so hoping it has turned by then! It did turn last week but has now turned back sad

Just curious if bub stays breech and they cannot turn it do you get booked in for an early c-section or just around your due date?

We are going to my parents shack for the weekend, hoping the weather stays nice as we have friends coming and they are bringing their 2 kids + another kid so 5 kids and 4 adults stuck inside with crappy weather will not be good lol.

Well hope everyone has a great weekend smile

I've been so busy this week,I haven't even been on to read whats happening. The computer is downstairs now, so I can't just jump on anytime when ds is home.

I'm 35 weeks today smile I had a midwife appointment yesterday, got my anti-d and another blood test. Bub has turned and is 5/5 decended...does that mean she is fully engaged??

I finished setting up the nursery yesterday!! It is so pretty, I love it. I just have to organise all my towels, manchester ect. Here's a link if anyone wants to see some pics:

Marni - Your nursery is gorgeous! It looks like you have put alot of time & effort into it smile
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Wow Mish that's great about the hospital & the hyatt. Even the gift package is nice. geez can't imagine my hospital doing any of that.

Well seriously thought bubs was just going to fall out last night at work. Was going to the loo about every 10mins and having heaps of BH's. Had this weird feeling in my fanny, so instead of working till 2am came home about 8pm. So went to bed early but then ended up being awake from about 1am to 4am, just couldn't sleep. So annoying.

Have a great weekend everyone, got 2 friends both having their child's birthday parties tomorrow, one in the morning then another after lunch, so I'd say by night my kids will be ferel and I'll be buggered! and then sunday hopefully lunch & the park for hubby

Posted by: Naomi87
Sarah what birth center are you using? I'm using one as well, I had DS there, it was great i labored there for 23 hours in the birth pool and my midwife didn't hassle me to get out but i don't think i would have managed to step over the edge anyway.

I plan on going home within a few hours after birth depending on how tired I am, (both my support people are able to stay in my birthing room the whole time i'm there), with DS I passed out after the birth and went home within 2 hours of waking back up, even tho DS never attached but he was tongue tied and i refused to let them cut his tongue, i managed just fine expressing instead, it took him 12 weeks to learn to attach to a bottle properly but we managed just fine, i ended up having to formula feed anyway coz i'm not able to produce enough milk

Also i'm banning all visitors for two weeks after the birth, my mum is going to host an arrival shower two weeks after bub is born so everyone can just wait till then, if someone shows at my front door unannounced i'll just shut it in their face i don't care if its rude of me but i want those two weeks for myself and the bub and for DS to all adjust together.

enough rambling for me DS is at daycare today so i'm gonna go back to bed before i have to start making these damn icing roses for mums birthday cake.

- Naomi

Hi Naomi
Im in Canberra Hospital the birth center is apart of it, they are great. Im got the same midwife that delivered my son nearly 2 years ago. I think that is so amazing. I feel really comfortable with expect for the other day she seemed so vague. But i think she was just having a bad day i guess we all have them.
I believe nothing is better then coming home to a place where you are so relaxed no one walking in and out no another babies crying eyc. Just you your partner and children. If people come over they are more then welcome to stay but ill be in bed sleeping with bubs lol.
Spring cleaning! I have been washing walls folding and throwing clothes out. DS jsut went down for a nap but when he wakes up ill be going though his clothes. His into size 2 now my gosh what happened to that little baby. smile

I have ahouse inspection on wednesday, err couldn't come at a worse time i have so much on my plate, but i think at the end time is flying by before i know it im going to have a newborn adn no time at all to sit down and read over huggies.

I hope everyone is having a lovely Friday.

Take care
Hi girls,

Well I saw the OB on Wednesday and all is well with bub she is head down and is 4/5 so I am guessing she has just dropped into my pelvis not really sure. I have managed to finishe washing all her clothes and blankets which is nice as I know it is done. I am nesting really bad at the moment and I never had this with my boys.

Hope everyone is well and will chat again soon


i had a specialist appointment this morning and i left feeling extremely angry.

the registrar i saw was very pushy about me having an epidural put in as soon as i got to the hospital and when i said i wasn't going to have one unless it was necessary she tried using scare tactics - she said that the last couple of women who had tried giving birth to twins without the epi ended up having to have a c/s under GA. i pretty much told her i didnt care as long as both babies were ok

im going to talk to my midwife about my birth plan next time i see her - hopefully she is happy to allow me to do it the way i want - with as little intervention as possible unless it becomes necessary
Alana - That was pretty rude of her, don't let it get to you. I don't see how the choice to have an epidural would be any different with twins. I usually hear the complete opposite...midwives during birth who try to refuse them.

I am going in with an open mind this time, i don't have any plans. With my son I was determined to go with no drugs...but ended up having an epidural, after 3 days of no sleep trying to be induced it was either that (to get some rest) or a c-section.

I am hoping to spend as much time in labour at home & go home asap afterwards as well. We spent so much time in hospital when ds was a baby, I hate being there.


Hello ladies! I've not been on here for months, but thought i'd see how everyone is doing. I'm due 26th Oct, and like many of you already have kids (DD is 3 in Nov and DS is 17mths).

Bub is doing ok, he's head down but still v high. I'm nearly 33 weeks so still lots of time for him to drop down or change position. Last one was posterior...I'm seeing a chiro soon who can hopefully help me achieve an anterior birth this time!

Anyone else with v low iron (my ferritin level is 15)?

Good luck to all for next 4-8 weeks!

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