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Babies Due October 2009 Lock Rss

Hey everyone, sorry I have not been around much but am so tired after work I just vege out on the couch and can't be bothered with much atm.

Just thought I'd update you on where I am at....

We had a 32 wk scan on Thursday to check on my placenta and the technician said that it was probably still 5mm to low....I mean 5 freakin seems like such a cruel joke....bub is well and sooo adorable, he or she has the most beautiful chin.

After the scan I then had an appointment at the birth centre and when they heard that placenta was still low they wanted to transfer me right away....I burst out in tears and after a bit of discussion we decided as it was only 5mm I would see a specialist at the hospital and talk to them some more about what they think and if they think it will move.

So we are in a state of limbo at the moment, not really sure it bub will be able to be born naturally or if I will need to have a c-section...I really don't want to go down the c-section road but have to do what's best for bub and I....should know more on Monday as I have an appointment with specialist.

Will keep you informed.

MarniT - i am wishing you all the best for monday and hope that you will not require a c-sect.

my friend who is due 4 days after me had her 4d scan yesterday at the place i wanted to go to. she wasn't very happy about the shots that she got because he was moving to much they come out quite blurry and wishes that she only had the 3d one now. poor bugger it cost her $200 and she only got 5 decent photo's, so i think i will definatly pass the ultrasound and leave it all the more surprise when she comes.. she did say also that she could tell who he looked like already..

woo hoo 32 weeks today 8 to go.. i finally feel like the countdown is on and not so long to go...

i packed bubs hospital bag yesterday, i just need to get formula. and go shopping for things for my bag..

hope your all having a good weekend.

Cant believe how close it's getting!! Im loving reading everyone's updates. we will have to start a new thread once a new babies are born.?

Enjoy these last few weeks ladies before we know it they well running around the house saying mum lol..

take care xxx
Hi all, starting to have a bit of a panic now. It's all very real. I've got just over 4 weeks to go and I'm nervous about bringing him home and being responsible for a little person. Can't wait to breastfeed though. Bags are packed so I'm all ready if he comes early.
Weeks are going to quickly!

Matthew Edward Murphy 9/10/09

Hi Jazzy'sMum,
We had our 1st son circumcised when he was 5wks old and had no problems at all.The hardest thing i found was i could hear him crying when it was being done and this made me cry aswell. On saying that all we did for pain releif after was panadole for 24hrs after and he was fine. We are also having another boy and will be getting it done again. This time my husband will be coming with me. I recomend you dont go on your own. Your hormones are allover the place and thats when it was hard.
It is a personal choice for you and your hubby to decide. Everyone will have there pros and cons but its up to you.
For those interested I have updated my blog with baby news and lots of photos of scan and our nursery.

Hi everyone,
Hope all is going well...
I was just reading the other messages and noticed one of them mentioned about circumsision...
We had our littleboy done also when he was only a few weeks old. I was nervous at first because our doctor had tried to talk us out of the procedure and said that it was very traumatic for the baby. Our son barely cried, and stopped as soon as i put him on the boob!! And as for pain relief i too used panadol, but we noticed no unsettled behaviour or sleep pattern...
We had to go to another doctor that was not our usual doctor to get the procedure done. It was a really hard decision to make, lots of pro's and con's. But we thought we made the right decision and would do it again.

Out of all the mum's at my local mum's group i was the only one to get my little boy done... and it was really hard to deal with the 'looks' and comments from other mum's when they found out. But now (my little man is just over 2) i have alot of them asking for the doctor's number because they would like more info about the procedure or to get it done.

Whatever decision we make as mothers... it is the right one for our children.

Morning ladies.

Hope everyone is having a nice monday morning so fair. Well i have not stopped leaking all morning a it's driving me crazy gone though to many pads already, dont think ill have any trouble with milk well didn't with my first.

Circumsion hmm i wont say to much on this as im strongly against it and i believe it's not our choice to amke for our boys. Unless there is a medical reason for doing i see no reason. Why change something that god gave us.

Anyway i hope everyone is doing great. Cant believe we all well be holding our babies soon.
xoxo take care.
Circumcision seems to be a bit of a hot topic. I'm having a boy and hadn't really thought about it until we were given a print-out on it at our antenatal class. My husband read it avidly and we both found it very informative. My only advice to any one curious or considering this procedure would be to inform yourself. Majority of the time it's performed without anaesthetic. And from the pics I saw it would be quite painful or at the least very uncomfortable, and how do we know what our babies are feeling. And I'm pretty sure fathers and sons won't be comparing their ..... so the issue of looking the same shouldn't really matter. But each to their own.

Matthew Edward Murphy 9/10/09

Under 8 weeks to go for me now, definitely counting down!

About circumcision, I didn't get DS done. He can always get it done when he is a old enough to understand and make the decision himself.
I'm also vegetarian but feed my kids meat, another thing that they can make their own educated decision on when they are ready, should they choose to follow mum's steps. If they don't, that is fine too.
I'm seeing the midwife today then seeing the obst next week because he recommended a c section for any future pregnancies. I had an emergency c section last time. Fingers crossed he will still let me try for VBAC! I'd like the opportunity to at least try smile

I am so wrecked today after commentating all weekend at the race track. Thank-god I finished my "normal" job a few weeks ago as it means I can lie in my trackies and watch crap movies all day!

Only 6 weeks to go I cant beleive it! I go to partner the other night "Guess what happens in 6 weeks.." he goes "The baby comes" I say "Yes, but it also my birthday" HE HAD TOTALLY FORGOTTEN MY BIRTHDAY!!!! My birthday is the 9th and the baby's due date is the 10th so no Moet for my dirty 30ith this year sad

Hi Girls

Welcome to any new mums.

It is interesting to read posts on circumcision. We are expecting a boy and are leaning more towards getting it done for our son. Like PP said it is a personal choice, and try to be as informed as possible. My sister had her 3 boys done. Her 1st born is 10 now and back then they actually cut the skin, but with the other 2 they put a bell type ring on the tip on the penis, tie it off and then the skin falls off after about a week. (Sorry if TMI for some).
She mentioned that they give you cream to numb the area before the procudeure as well. Believe I have totally grilled her on every step on the process!!!!!

I did heaps of work around the house on Saturday and paid for it early Sunday morning. I thought I was going to go into labour!!!! Had a lot of lower back pain that reminded me of early labour with DD. I probably did way too much, so I will be taking it easy from now on. Just had to get stuff done that was playing on my mind. (That nesting thing again, driving me crazy).

A previous post mentioned about leaking. I can totally relate and it is driving me crazy as well. I am so paranoid that it is amniotic fluid but I am sure if it was I would know about it. I had to have waters broken with DD so I reckon that might be the case again this time but who knows??? I am having a GP checkup on Thursday so I will mention it to her then.

Anyway, hope everyone is feeling well. Not long to go now!

Take care

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