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Babies Due October 2009 Lock Rss

Posted by: Jazminsmum
I sent a request too Lana. I picked the two koalas with the little girls as the dp, goss hope i choose right lol.

belly shot taken last night at 31wks
looking good Alana!

I had my last scan yesterday and the good news is my placenta has moved so is no longer low lying. Bub is lying on it's back at the moement and we had a good look at the face. My partner reckons it looks like me but I think he is dreaming. No way could see an resemblance!

Does anyone else wake up in the morning feeling likee they have knocked off a bottle of tequila the night before? All week I have been waking up like I have a huge hangover! I am going ask the MF about it at the next appointment but just thouhgt I would as you guys smile

Have an awesome day!

Alana your belly looks great <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>

I took some more of mine last night!



Couldn't believe how much it has grown, I haven't taken any since 26 weeks lol.

Oh and if anyone else wants to add me to thier facebook I am Alissa Leslie <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span> Pic is of my 2 girls with face paint on <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>

Hope everyone has a good day xx

Morning ladies, How is everyone going?

I spent yesterday afternoon at my midwifes. Im 33 weeks pregnant and was having contractions. Checked my cervix and it was closed so after a good night sleep they have stopped but it looks like 7 weeks is going to be a very long 7 weeks no sure if im going to even make it to 40 weeks.

Im on bed rest for a few days which is a little hard with a 22 mth old toddler lol. Then im just to take it very easy.
I woke up this morning to a ver clean huse my parter and DS had been busy cleaning before he went to work this morning. smile

Hope everyone is doing well.

ive sent you a request alissa smile if anyone wants to add me im Alana Hartigan. profile pic is of my belly smile
morning ladies

I have no idea what to do with myself today DS is now in daycare of a Wed, so i'm home alone, untill about 2, and my bet is my lazy ass lil bro will ring me asking me to pick him up from work again. Its so nice and sunny i might see if i can manage a waddle along the foreshore.

I've sent ur facebook requests if anyone wants to add me search Naomi Wheeler my pic is of DS giving me a kiss

Dean Alex 14/09/2007 ; Adrian James 08/10/2009

The new belly shots are awesome.

I have another week until my midwife appt...i wish i had another scan to see bub & get an indication of her size.

I've also sent facebook requests. I'm Melissa Amundsen, profile pic is of pink at the moment smile


Wow finally home from work, thank god.

Well had my docs appt today everything looking good!! He wrote on my preggo card that i was 3/5 does this mean i've started to engage. This same thing was written the day before i gave birth to Jaz. I've still only put on 4 kilos but im measuring bigger then what i did with Jaz at the same time,I'm 34 cm. He said the baby is not too big and not too small, so thats good.

If anyone wants to add me, im Kerrie Williams and my dp is of Jaz in a fariy costume.

Nice belly pics girls!!!

Take care

[Edited on 27/08/2009]

hi girls,

i typed a post yesterday it was a biggie but when i clicked submit it came up with the crying babies page and obviously didn't go through which gave me the absolute sh#!s.. so i didn't bother to do it again..

to the girls who have added me thankyou and yes you all got it right!!! mine is my 2 babies with the Dreamworld Koalas.

not to much going on here now that i have the room set up i've started washing the babies clothes and putting a list together of what to pack in the bags for hospital. i think over the weekend i will be ironing bubs clothes i don't even iron our clothes. but bubs little bitty clothes are so cute, so clothes and wraps WILL BE IRONED!!! loll.

well gota get going get the kids ready to go shopping my brother put $300 in my account to buy our mum some clothes she is going away for a week in another 2 weeks with her parents and siblings to visit her brother who has been diagnosed with liver cancer he lives in gladstone and is pretty restricted of where he can go atm due to treatment so his family are going to travel the 5 hours up there to be with him.

better go the kids are going crazy, so i better go.

Some of you are getting organised early smile
I'm planning on packing my bag and washing new baby clothes after I officially finish work, my last day is the 2nd Oct so I'll get organised the following week smile
I know for a fact, that the next 8 weeks are going to go slow, but after bub is born I'll think it was all over so quick!

hi all

my bags are packed but the nursery isn't finished yet i wish my husband would hurry up and finish painting it since he won't let me and we are waiting for the wardrobe doors to arrive.

i have been feeling yucky the last few days and have had a few cramps in my tummy and back so i haven't been getting much sleep.

the last 7 weeks are going to go soooo slow just because i want to meet my little man and so i can bend over again without getting heart burn.

have a good day all

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