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So funny girls. I can totally relate to clothes being left on the floor. It annoys me when I'm not pregnant so it is twice as bad now. I end up feeling like a nag when I ask him to pick up after himself. I just keep making a big song and dance about the fact that it is getting harder and harder for me to bend down and pick anything up, so I must admit he has been good lately (now that he can see how huge I am getting)!!!!!!! LOL. I have got him doing the vaccuming too which is great.

I had my sister visit on the weekend and she is like a fairy godmother who sweeps through my house with her magic wand. She motivated me to get the Nursery finished and we also had a big clean out of all the clothes I dont wear anymore (I think this was more so she could get her hands on some of it, HaHa)The nesting is cronic especially now that it is coming on to springtime too. I have a list as long as my arm on what I need to clean for bubs arrival. Sometimes I think I am being totally anal. DP had an icecream last night and as soon as he took the wrapper off I was there picking it up and putting it in the bin and then wiping the coffee table down. SO BAD!!!

I have OB appointment in 3wks time so looking forward to that.

Excited - great news for you YAY!

Take care everyone.
It must be a universal problem with men. My DH always leaves dirty clothes next to his side of the bed as well as he leaves shoes, jackets etc..all over the house all different places!
Yes all housework is getting really hard for me too so I'm not doing alot. I'm leaving alot for DH when he gets home and he is doing some:-)
Anyone else feel like their bub is really active and really strong and beating the hell out of you from the inside?

Posted by: Cassie71
Anyone else feel like their bub is really active and really strong and beating the hell out of you from the inside?

yes times 2 lol i wouldnt be surprised to find out my ribs are bruised plus one of them loves pushing on my hernia gggrrr... lol DP had his hand on my belly at one point last night and couldnt believe how strong they were kicking. its helped him understand (more) why im so exhausted at the end of the day

anyone know how to make the next few weeks go fast? i want these 2 out lol
Hi All,

Not sure if I am doing this right?

Havent been on for months with moving and work but now getting closer wanted to say hi!

My name is Belinda and I am from NSW Central Coast. Expecting first bub on 7th of oct.

Will try this lilypie thing too...

Talk soon,


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Sorry guys,
Trying the ticker again...


Last attempt, sorry!

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[Edited on 25/08/2009]

Zaralea - love the belly pic smile

It's good to know I'm not the only only struggling with the housework, I'd do anything to avoid the vacuuming. Df doesn't do a thing around the house, which is frustrating sometimes. He's also a pain when it comes to his dirty washing! I have moved the washing basket out of the spare room (soon to be nursery) and he still throws it in there on the floor..grr. He hangs his wet towels over our bedroom door, which is driving me completely insane!

Our nursery isn't started...still waiting for the internet cable to be moved. I'm just about ready to pay Optus to do it!

Th weather in Brisbane has been beautiful the past week also, i just wish i could enjoy it without dying from the heat.

I'm going to see Pink again tomorrow night!!! YAY!!!
I have standing tickets at the front next to the stage smile I have no idea how I'll handle it, but hoping the excitement gets me through wink


Yes its finally nice to have a belly to show!
You are very brave Mel, going to the Pink concert you might need to take a deckchair! At least your man hangs his wet towels somewhere, I have a hard enough job getting Dh to hang his full stop.
On the whole Dh has been very helpful, even if it has taken some friendly reminders!
Saw Midwife today, baby is head down so fingers crossed he can stay that way for a month.... I think not. Booked for scan this week to check growth and another in 2 weeks. So excited to see him!

Matthew Edward Murphy 9/10/09

Hi girls,

omg i hate qld weather.... i want to move!!!

if anyone has facebook add me Alana Zammit i have just put up my photo's of my belly and nursery which is pretty much complete now.. i just have to wash bubs clothes and start packing the!!

i will try and post up a link later hopefully it won't be too hard for me to figure out, is it just copy and paste?

i had my mw appt last thursday and a scan she is head down bum up woo hoo!! hopefully she will stay like this for another 9 weeks..

vaccum - lol my ocupation is a school cleaner. i vaccum 26 classrooms 3 days a week.. it is only starting to bother me now i find it hard to bend down to get under tables as well as using an industrial backpack which weighs 6 kilo's alone.. lucky i have only put on 4 kilos through this entire pregnancy.. but i think i will give it up in the next week or 2. it's our own contract and i have 2 others working for me so it's all good. i know i can trust them.

anyway going to leave the computer room and go back to the air con..

take care and belly rubs to all

I sent a request Lana smile Hope I got the right one there are 3 of you smile!

My Mum was a school cleaner too and done it right up until about 4 weeks before she was due to have my little brother! Must be hard on your body, you poor thing smile

I don't really know what I have gained! Was approx 11 kg last time I was weighed but that was a couple of months ago now! Will have to ask next visit lol.

I so want to be up in QLD it is freezing here in Tassie, we had snow really low last night and its rained ALL day! After a few nice days last week all the kids want to do is get outside and its like slush out there lol.

Off to do some cleaning! Had visitors all arvo and my house is trashed sad

just had another midwife appointment - i am now measuring in at 40cm. means i have grown about 4-5cm in 2 weeks (no wonder i have stretchies lol). blood pressure is a bit low but not low enough to be concerning and my midwife is pretty sure righty (#2) has got his head down and bum up now 2, yah!!

1 week til i get to see them again yipee lol
I sent a request too Lana. I picked the two koalas with the little girls as the dp, goss hope i choose right lol.


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